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Antifa and Black Lives Matter in Canada-Who's Paying?

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Canadians have been watching with horror as extreme far-left radical groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter have been causing destruction and mayhem since the killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. They've been burning down cities, killing civilians, and destroying statues and property all under the guise of fighting "racism" and "neo-nazi's." All the while, they are using the very techniques and tactics of fascist groups, and those used during the revolution of Maoist China and World War 2.

Antifaschistische Aktion was created in Germany by the Communists in 1932. There is no coincidence the same flag is used today by Antifa.

In major Canadian cities, Antifa and Black Lives Matter seem to be operating in numbers. Their main goal is to Defund the Police, and abolish Capitalism. While they have the right to peacefully protest, they do not have the right to cause destruction, and abuse people. In addition, this does not appear to be an organic movement.

While attempting to make it to a venue to hear Maxime Bernier speak during the 2019 election, Antifa refused to let this elderly woman cross the street to attend the venue. They were grossly unaware that her family had fought against the Nazis in World War Two. She knows what tyranny looks like.

These groups have weaponized racism in order to create division and violence amongst the population. For instance, the far-left MSM outlets insist protester's are not being flown to cities to incite the violence, however that is not what was released by the Kenosha Police Department.

The agitator's are being flown into these locations, and being put up in hotels. They have massive troves of weapons, bricks, flamethrowers and are tearing down statues, erasing history. Who is funding this chaos? Sadly, it would appear many citizens are donating to these groups believing it is going to a good cause, and not to radical organizations burning down cities. However, there would be no way to tell who is donating, as most are anonymous.

Funds supporting these radical organizations are being funneled through public donations, and funneled through foundations. Many have received Coronavirus Funds. While fighting racism and nazi's may sound very honorable, understand that is not their goal. Division and destruction is the goal.

Here is what I found regarding Canadian Organizations:

The Owner of BLM Canada is Janaya Khan. Khan currently resides in Los Angeles serving as program director for Color Of Change and as a speaker with Keppler Speakers Bureau. Color of Change was co-founded in 2005 by James Rucker and CNN Commentator Van Jones to replicate the email list model among African American Internet users. Rucker had previously worked for the Far-Left Democrat PAC that backed Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Election. Jones was the founder of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

Here is the LIST of charities providing donations to the Black Solidarity Fund. Of course, it doesn't list the monetary value. But, it did announce that P & G donated $1 Million Dollars to the cause.

Who owns P & G? David S. Taylor is the current chairman and CEO of P&G. Earlier in his career, Taylor was vice chair of the Greater China Quality Brand Protection Committee, a collaboration between top companies and the Chinese government. He has also served as a director of P&G's joint venture with Clorox. Taylor served on the Board of Directors for Feeding America for eight years, including two years as board chair. He is a member of the Cincinnati Business Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

The company's top shareholder is Jon R. Moeller—the company's CFO, COO, and vice chairman. He sits on the board of directors of Monsanto.

$160,819 raised

The Website Refinery29 Canada supports Black Lives Matter, and provides links to multiple Go Fund Me Accounts and charitable organizations. The amount of links to Go Fund Me Pages, and organizations is quite overwhelming.

Who owns the website Refinery29? VICE Media which is owned by Shane Smith (20%), The Walt Disney Company (16%), A&E Networks (20%), TPG Capital (44%), and James Murdoch (minority stake).

The website also provides 25 different was to donate to Black Lives Matter Canada.

Action Antifasciste Montréal, also provides, many links to organizations that support Antifa.

The publication Anti Hate supports Antifa, through a donation page.

And, of course the Trudeau government gave 500 million dollars in Coronavirus Aid to groups that promote Antifa and other radical social justice causes. Funding bodies such as the Canada Council for the Arts and the Canadian Book Fund provide grants for projects such as "The Antifa Comic Book," a visual manual that endorses far-left political violence. CBC praised "The Antifa Comic Book," and its author: "Gord Hill documents these powerful moments of conflict and confrontation with a perceptive eye and a powerful sense of resolve."

Anti-Trump and anti-American sentiment makes up a significant portion of artistic projects funded by the Trudeau government. Another recent project is "Bronx Heroes in Trumpland"—a comic book depicting President Trump as a super-villain who can only be defeated by progressive heroes of social justice.

As the leader of Action Antifasciste Montreal Coraline Le Moyne stated, “Antifa is not a group,“It is an objective.”

That objective is to bring in Communism, Anarchy, Division and Destruction to Canada.

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