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Mark Middleton-Clinton Aid, Epstein Associate Ties to Heifer International And Haiti

Former Clinton aide Mark Middleton’s death has been ruled a suicide this week, nine months after the fact, according to a sherrif’s report.

On May 7, 2022 Mark Middleton was found hanging from a tree with an extension cord wrapped around his neck, and body with a gunshot wound to the chest. At the time, it was reported there was no gun found at the scene. Middleton's body was found in Perryville, Arkansas by an anti-poverty nonprofit called Heifer International.

Now, a new set of documents revealed that a shotgun was found 30 feet from Mark Middleton’s body.

Middleton was a special advisor to former President Bill Clinton in the 1990s. Around the time of his death, he had been working for his family’s HVAC business in Little Rock, Arkansas. Jeffrey Epstein made at least 17 trips to the White House between 1993 and 1995, seven of which were authorized by Middleton.

Middleton’s name appears in Epstein’s “black book,” on Page 76.

Authorities have not accused Middleton of any involvement in Epstein’s crimes, but anybody connected to both Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton should be scrutinized.

The Arkansas Times reported that his family said he suffered from depression. The Clinton's seem to leave a lot of "depressed" people in their circle.

Sheriff Scott Montgomery who was in charge of the investigation into Mark Middleton's death stated, “I don’t know the man, and I don’t why he picked our county or picked that location to commit suicide. To our knowledge, he had never been there before, and we have no record of him being there before,” Heifer Ranch is located 30 miles away from his home.

If indeed he committed suicide, why did he pick that location to end his life? Not only was Heifer Ranch about an hour away from his home, located on 1 World Avenue it is also located right next door to the William J Clinton Presidential Library & Museum.

Middleton was heavily involved in foundations, investment firms, real estate and raising large sums of money for the community.

According to Arkansas Money and Politics, his obituary stated "Middleton was also the President of MidCorp Capital in Bryant, a member of the UAMS Foundation Fund board of advisors and the CHI St. Vincent Foundation board of directors, and a University of Arkansas alum."

Was Mark Middleton involved with Heifer International, the ranch where his body was found, in an apparent "suicide?" After all, it isn't exactly a remote site in the woods? It's a massive property.

It didn't take long to discover that Heifer International is heavily connected to the Clinton Global Initiative. In fact, Heifer was heavily involved in Haiti following the earthquake in 2010.

In 2011, it was announced that "Heifer International has committed to help rebuild rural communities and to improve economic opportunities through livestock inputs and management in Haiti as part of the 2011 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting. Founded by former President Bill Clinton in 2005, CGI brings world leaders from a variety of backgrounds together to create partnerships that provide innovative and measurable solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges."

In March 2013, former President Clinton and Heifer International President and CEO Pierre Ferrari visited Heifer Haiti projects to view and discuss recent agricultural development. Heifer Haiti is working to establish goat breeding centers to easily access goat products such as dairy and meat. Clinton thanked Heifer International for its work in Haiti and stressed the importance of smallholder farmers.

What did Mark Middleton know about Haiti?

Many notable public figures and celebrities have offered their support and "donations" to Heifer International. This is a small sampling-there are many more including Jimmy Carter.

Mark Middleton's brother Larry is executive vice president at financial services firm Stephens Inc., his sister Sandy is co-owner of real estate developer Coastal Partners and Mark was president of investment firm MidCorp Capital.

One thing is clear, Mark Middleton was part of Arkansas Elite, and very involved with charities, foundations, Investment firms and Real Estate. It's curious the mainstream media focused solely on the fact that he worked at his families HVAC company when he was the President of an investment firm, and connected to the charity circuit.

In 2019, Larry Middleton, Mark Middleton and Sandy Middleton Marshall, chaired the Arkansas Children's Hospital's black-tie fundraiser, with a James Bond Theme. The Miracle Ball was set to raise $1 million for the hospital.

One thing to me is clear. Mark Middleton was NOT just a small time business owner in Arkansas for his families HVAC business.

The other bizarre part of this story that is getting very little attention, is about model Ashley Haynes, who was found drowned in the Arkansas River with an extension chord tied to her ankle and attached to a massive block of concrete. A few months after, former US President Bill Clinton's moneyman Mark Middleton's body was found hanging from a tree with a similar electrical-chord around his neck and had a shotgun blast through his chest.

A forensic expert having come across some photographs of Haynes from the death scene stated that there was something that did not feel right. He also pointed towards some stark similarities in Haynes and Middleton's death stating that he can't rule out the "foul play".

Both the deaths seem directly related to the dark secrets that both Haynes and Middleton knew about the former president. "Chords" have emerged as a common object used to kill both Haynes and Middleton, and this can't be dubbed as a coincidence for it seems like well thought of and "planned" murders.

It's been alleged the 47-year-old model was once seen by a witness meeting Middleton to discuss a financial matter. A stunned business associate who knew Middleton and is calling for an independent investigation into his May 7th death told, that it’s beyond coincidence that Haynes, 47, had visited Clinton’s now-dead pal’s office to discuss a financial matter.

“I saw her in Mark’s office!” the business associate told “I was leaving and he (Middleton) was telling me that he had a very important financial meeting – and that’s the woman who came in!”

Haynes disappeared months before Mark Middleton "committed suicide." The Maumelle, Arkansas, married mother of two disappeared while paddle boarding on the Arkansas River. It was said she suffered from depression, although her family has denied this, stating they don't believe she would ever take her own life. Hayes was also heavily involved in charity work. She modelled for the Sculp Agency, a Little Rock talent company.

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