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Beirut Explosion and the Deep State in Lebanon

The Secretary General of the Kataeb Party Nazar Najarian was killed in the Beirut Port explosion. President Michel Aoun said the blast was caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored unsafely in a warehouse.

In a stunning video, it can clearly be seen, a drone dropped a Bomb on the site.

Hi-res satellite imagery can be seen of the explosion-Before and after pics.

Israel claimed responsibility for the bombing, however it is still being investigated.

The Beirut Port that bombed is quite close to a Rothschild Bank the Central Bank of Lebanon. Surprise, the central bank will now approve interest-free loans for 5 years to individuals and companies who had property destroyed, a central bank official told CNBC's Hadley Gamble.

“It will also sell dollars to all importers of aluminum, wood or glass at the rate of 3,900 Lebanese pounds per dollar, well below the black market rate of more than 8,000 pounds to the dollar.” How generous of those Rothchilds!

Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh runs the Central Bank in Lebanon. He’s definitely a Rothschild Puppet, and a Jesuit.

A lawsuit was just filed in June against the Central Bank of Lebanon’s Govenor Riad Salameh.

The site bombed in Beirut was a confirmed Hezbollah arms store.

A large cache of explosive material seized by the government years ago was stored where the explosions occurred, according to top Lebanese officials — specifically ammonium nitrate, commonly used in both fertilizer and bombs. The chemical has also been the primary ingredient in bombs used in several terrorist attacks, including the destruction of the federal office building in Oklahoma City in 1995, which killed 168 people.

At the same time the incident in Beirut happened, there were FBI raids in Florida and Ohio connected to Burisma and Hunter Biden.

The MSM also reported same day, that it’s been discovered Chinese companies recently helped Saudi Arabia construct a secret uranium extraction facility.

In Ajman, United Arab Emirates a large fire is believed to have started at the Iranian souq in the emirate. The site is near to Ajman Speciality Hospital and to a fruit and vegetable market in the industrial area.

It was confirmed Montrealer Najarian was killed in the explosion. He moved back to Lebanon 2 yrs ago. His wife and 2 kids still live in Montreal. His death was confirmed by Aref Salem, a city councillor for the Montreal borough of Saint-Laurent.

Nazar Nijairan moved away from Lebanon to Qatar and stayed there until 2003, after which he went to Montreal. He moved back to Beirut 2 years ago. Qatar, the same country that gave Bill Clinton 1 million dollars for his birthday.

In addition to being a prominent Armenian Politician in Lebanon, Nazar Najarian was also a Montreal businessman who operated a company called Tetran Holdings Inc.

There’s very little information that can be found online in relation to this Import/Export company. The company was mentioned in the Panama Papers.

Tetran Retail Inc is another company owned by Najarian.

Other Past Companies include-Darwish Holding, Consultancy, Malia Group, NCR Corporation

Among other projects, Najarian became a franchisee owner of La Cure Gourmande, the Provence-inspired gourmet food shop. Chocolate.

According to its website, "La Cure Gourmande will bring you back to childhood - you'll feel like you stepped into Hansel and Gretel's candy house.” There’s also a location in New York City.

Although Mr. Najarian followed President Trump on his twitter account, he also followed prominent Liberal or Democratic Politicials. Globalist.

He made a curious tweet following the Decision for the Canadian Government to award Omar Khadr 10 million dollars. Instructive?

Nazar Najarian’s political party in Lebanon has very informative information. For instance, there appears to be an Interesting symbol representing the Party and is widely used in Lebanon. They state it’s a Cedar, I personally think it looks more like Evergreen.

Lebanon has an VERY interesting history. IMO, this is the real reason the Cabal wants all of this territory, including Syria. It was never about the oil.

Canaanites, Hivites, Phoenicians, Babylon.

As far back as January 28, 1984 Nizar Najarian Christians teamed up with the Israeli’s. Is he CIA, MOSSAD or both?

There’s a huge population of Armenian’s in Lebanon. As Q mentioned in post 1242 & 1244/45Armenia was a major CIA black site. It was freed in 2018, just like NK. But the question I have ATM, were the string cut for the Armenians in Lebanon, or are they under MOS control?

QAnon also provided us with interesting information about laundered money from the Bush Administration. Barack Obama thought he’d attempt the same with the Iran deal. Missing Iraqi cash ended up in Lebanon bunker.

Obama thought he’d attempt the same op with Iran.

“If it worked in IRAQ, why not replicate in IRAN?

How much money (CASH) was sent to IRAN?”

Q Post 2807

So, why was no action taken in 2018, when Netanyahu warned the UN there were missile stockpiles in Beirut back in 2018?

Did it have something to do with the heavy CIA presence in Lebanon? One only has to take a look at the University Nazar Nijairan attended. Clown college. Haigazian University.

The main funder of the University is in California-The Armenian Missionary Association of America.

”The university is named after Yale graduate Dr. Armenag Haigazian (1879-1921) A respected educator and community leader, Haigazian died on the road to exile in Kharpert. His family in the US donated the seed money for the establishment of the school.”

Looks like Haigazian University churned out two prominent assets. Nazar Nijairan, and Tammam Salam on opposing sides. Remember, (((they))) always back both sides, that way it’s a win-win.

Salam was Prime Minister of Lebanon from 2014-2016. Important years for the Iran Deal. Interesting funders of the University.

Anons on 8 Kun questioned whether Najarian was a relative of FBI’s Lisa Page, who's mother was Iranian. I guess time will tell. I’d say, there’s a high probability, especially considering all the CIA cash pouring into Beirut’s Armenian Universities. Time will tell!

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