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Biden's COVID19 Mandate Causes Global Supply Chain Crisis

Yesterday, the Biden administration announced measures to address global supply-chain problems that are clogging up US ports and sounding the alarm bell that retailers will not be able to fill holiday shopping orders on time.

The port of LA, one of the busiest in the US will now move cargo off container ships 24/7, nearly doubling its hours of operation. The adjacent Port of Long Beach similarly expanded its hours of operation in September.

Some are pointing fingers at the pandemic as being the main cause of the clog, stating consumer demand slowed down dramatically and container ships around the world sat anchored and idle. But demand came roaring back quicker than supply in the second half of 2020, as shoppers flush with extra income from lockdowns and stimulus checks started placing orders for everything from clothing to gaming consoles.

This surge allegedly caused record numbers of container ships waiting to unload cargo to pile up at ports like Los Angeles and Long Beach. The number of vessels anchored or docked in both ports reached a record high of 100 on Sept. 19. Recent reports site there being approximately 66 still waiting.

The volume of cargo on these ships has grown much larger, too. As of Sept. 28 the average ship at the Port of Long Beach was bringing in 7,000 containers at a time, up 70% from a pre-pandemic average of around 4,000.

Given the dismal jobs report from last month which showed the Biden Administration fell way short, gaining only 194,000 jobs for September, as opposed to the Dow Jones projection of a gain of 500,000 jobs. It was abysmal, and with inflation skyrocketing, unemployment increasing, it is very difficult to imagine the cause being a pandemic frenzy of online spending, which is where the Mainstream Media is placing blame on the increase of imports.

One of the many things the Pandemic has exposed is the volatility of Globalism itself. It is never a good idea to shut down manufacturing in individual countries around the world, while relying on imports from China and other countries which provide cheap goods, and labor. In Canada, shortly after the pandemic was declared, there was a major drug shortage, as most ingredients for Canada's medications come from China.

Relying on 70% of consumer items to come from China has the potential to become catastrophic. Not only has it accounted for mass unemployment in Western Nations, it makes the population vulnerable.

The White House announcement on Oct. 13 also included commitments from a number of big companies—including Walmart, UPS, and Samsung—to expand their hours in order to unload cargo faster from US ports.

Congestion at major ports is just one headache of the supply-chain crisis. Anything from scant warehouse space to trucker shortages can slow down cargo once it makes its way onto land. Biden believes telling global companies like Walmart to step up will solve this complex issue which lies on Globalism itself.

Many US companies are already telling shoppers it’s too late to ship goods that will arrive in time for the holiday. Not just the US is being impacted by this. It is being felt in Canada as well. People are panicked.

Not only did Biden, who is being compared to as the Grinch, steal the 2020 Election from the American people, he is now planning on giving the American people a lump of coal for Christmas.

Biden's already made a point of placing the blame on big box stores like Walmart, which are largely outside of Biden's control, meaning Biden faces the blame from unhappy shoppers while also lacking the power to fix this mess. Biden has difficulty remembering where he is from day to day, never mind fixing a global supply chain issue.

Last month President Joe Biden announced in an Executive Order, new requirements in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to these new requirements and mandates, Biden directed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to develop an emergency rule requiring all businesses with 100 or more employees to ensure workers are vaccinated or else tested once a week. These new measures have created a staffing shortage in the trucking industry. A major part of the supply chain.

Biden's restrictive COVID19 mandates have also created a transportation crisis by imposing mandates on Airline Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, and other staff responsible for the smooth operations of the flight industry. Over last weekend, there was 1800 flight cancelations. The mainstream media blamed the mass cancelation of flights on the weather. Meanwhile, Pilots were making it known they are using sick or vacation time to run out the mandate in protest.

One look at the weather network showed this was an outright lie. Of course, Southwest Airlines CEO outright denied the "pilot walkout" as just a rumor. Staffers were walking off the job in a “sick-out” to protest the looming Biden vaccination mandate, which Southwest planned to implement in order to comply with the federal executive order requiring all employees at large businesses and federal contractors to be vaccinated.

In the meantime, Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA) filed a motion on October 8/21 for temporary and preliminary injunctive relief in its ongoing lawsuit with Southwest Airlines, Co., initially filed on Aug. 30, 2021 against COVID19 mandates.

Southwest Airlines is most definitely not experiencing a crisis due to the mandatory vaccination policy according to "fact checkers."

Yesterday, it was announced American Airlines have also joined the fight against the Biden Administrations mandatory vaccines policy, stating to get ready for more flight disruptions. In a letter to lawmakers, the Allied Pilots Association (APA), the union representing pilots from American Airlines, objected to the new vaccine mandate.

You be the judge. The Biden Administrations Mandatory Covid19 Vaccine Policy is causing the most damage to the Global Supply Chain, yet it is not being spoken about as an issue by the radical left, mainstream media news outlets.

In addition to the crisis, the cost of goods and services under the Biden Administration have skyrocketed. Consumers are now paying 5.4% more for goods and services compared to a year ago. This is the highest rate in more than a decade.

The supply-chain crisis has caused shortages of everything from food and household goods to computer chips, cars, furniture, and electronics. Automakers have repeatedly slashed production goals, while companies like Nike have warned customers products will be harder to find over the holiday season due to the bottlenecks.

In a report this month, the bank analyzed the 22 most influential ports in the world and gauges how long it takes for cargo ships to enter and unload.

They found that 77% of ports have experienced above-average wait times this year. Of the 22 ports, the ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach (which are often accounted for as a single port due to their proximity) had the most inefficient wait times of any other top port in the world. Globalism.

Will President Biden miraculously solve this crisis prior to Christmas? My guess-we'll see if he can fit it into his busy schedule, which are blank most day!

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