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Carl Djerassi, The Maxwell Family and Eugenics

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

With the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, British Socialite and handler of Jeffrey Epstein, many connections with the Maxwell Family have come to light. The connection to the Djerassi family confirms their interest in Eugenics, Human Experimentation and Artificial Intelligence.

While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she hired Ghislaine Maxwell's nephew Alexander Djerassi in a very high level position, despite the fact he had no experience to be hired into such a position. In 1984, Isabel Maxwell, Ghislaine's sister married filmmaker Dale Djerassi. She met him in the early 80's when she moved to San Francisco to pursue her film making career. Dale Djerassi developed the Djerassi Resident Artists Program.

Dale Djerassi was considered an "artist." In 2000, there was controversy, after he donated to Hillary Clinton's Senate Campaign run, and the Roman Catholic Church was pressuring Clinton to return the funds, due to Djerassi's controversial artwork.

The performance art piece he created was a re-enactment of the crucifixion of Jesus, featuring a naked man wearing a Batman medallion and mask being tied to a giant cross by Djerassi and another man.

Isabel and Dale had a son together, Alexander Djerassi. Isabel and Dale divorced in 1989. The marriage is interesting, as Dale is a controversial artist, but his father Carl Djerassi has a much darker history. He was the inventor of the birth control pill.

Carl Djerassi was born October 29, 1923 in Vienna, Austria. His father was Bulgarian, both were Jewish medical doctors. Djerassi fled Vienna in 1938 due to the Nazi Anschluss, and in December 1939 arrived in New York with his divorced mother aged 16 and almost penniless. A personal request to Eleanor Roosevelt for a higher education scholarship was successful: he graduated in chemistry within 3 years and the thesis for his doctoral degree at the University of Wisconsin in 1945 was on the synthesis of estrogens from androgens.

Samuel Djerassi, Carl's father was a dermatologist and specialist in sexually transmitted diseases. His mother was Alice Friedmann, a Viennese dentist and physician. His parent's divorced. Until the age of 14, he attended the same realgymnasium that Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology had attended many years earlier.

In December 1939 shortly after arriving in New York, a personal request was sent to Eleanor Roosevelt for a higher education scholarship was successful: he graduated in chemistry within 3 years and the thesis for his doctoral degree at the University of Wisconsin in 1945 was on the synthesis of estrogens from androgens.

With the Eugenics Movement in full swing in California, funded by the Rockefellers and Carnegies, I can't help but wonder if Carl Djerassi was one such candidate. After all, his father was a doctor that specialized in sexually transmitted diseases, and Carl's education came directly from a grant paid for by Eleanor Roosavelt.

In 1949, Djerassi joined a company called Syntex in Mexico City, a company that wanted to produce cortisone from diosgenin found in Mexican wild yam roots. He seized the opportunity to work in Mexico City on the synthesis of steroid hormones, which then was cutting-edge research. He synthesized a plant-derived progestin that could be taken in convenient oral form.

It is claimed the research activities of Djerassi's original team were not specifically focused on oral contraception. This was being investigated simultaneously and independently in Massachusetts by the biologist Gregory Pincus in collaboration with John Rock, a Catholic gynaecologist. These “big three males” have, at one time or another, each been perceived as being the ‘father of the pill’. Djerassi seems to attempt to separate himself from Pincus, but I believe they were all partners with similar beliefs.

In 1951, the same year that Djerassi’s group at Syntex synthesized cortisone, it also synthesized the first effective oral-contraceptive substance.

In 1953, Dr. Gregory Pincus was being supported by Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood along with wealthy benefactor Katharine Dexter McCormick both heavily involved in the Eugenics Movement, and racial hygiene.

"In 1934, Dr. Pincus came under fire when he made national headlines by achieving in-vitro fertilization of rabbits. Pincus was decades ahead of his time. But instead of fame, the accomplishment brought notoriety. Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World had just been published, and the nightmarish story of "fatherless" test tube babies born with no humanity or spirit had captured the public's imagination. Pincus was vilified in the press for his discovery. In the New York Times and Colliers magazine, he was depicted as a "Dr. Frankenstein" who was turning science fiction into reality." 1934...

When Sanger and McCormick approached Pincus in 1953 about developing a new form of contraception, he was confident he could deliver. Pincus was aware of a study showing that progesterone could work as an effective anti-ovulent, and he had a hunch it would prove to be a good contraceptive drug. With funding from McCormick, in a matter of months Pincus and his colleague Min-Chueh Chang proved that repeated injections of progesterone stopped ovulation in animals.

Although both pharmaceutical companies were wary of using their new compounds for contraceptive purposes, both Syntex and Searle allowed Pincus to use the formulations in his preliminary human studies.

Pincus began collaborating with the well known fertility specialist, Dr. John Rock on human trials in Massachusetts. After initial success with small trials, Rock and Pincus launched large-scale human trials for the Pill in Puerto Rico in 1956, using Searle's formulation. Many were forced into sterilization as a result.

Djerassi sought to raise consciousness about the global need for population control and spearheaded efforts to encourage science in developing countries. Indeed...this is how long the Global Elite have been planning this.

Key inventor Carl Djerassi wrote in 2015, after the invention of the birth control pill, ‘sex became separated from its reproductive consequences’ and ‘changed the realities of human reproduction’. In fact, Carl Djerassi was quoted as saying 'No one expected that women would accept oral contraceptives in the manner in which they did in the Sixties,' reflects Djerassi. 'The explosion was much faster than anyone expected.'

Who expected the Pill would produce decades of promiscuity, and a degradation of the family structure? Seems INCREDIBLY socially engineered.

In the 60's and 70's, Carl Djerassi worked as a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Stanford University. He founded an artists’ colony in Woodside, California, that has provided residencies and studio space for more than 2,000 artists since it began.

In July 1978, Djerassi's only daughter, Pamela, committed suicide. He spoke in an article from the Guardian about his relationship with his daughter, which sounded strange to say the least.

While Dr. Djerassi speaks about the fact she was suffering from Clinical Depression, he also reveals the fact his daughter at the age of 25 years decided to go through sterilization.

There's clearly something more to this story. In addition, it's interesting Pamela married a doctor, Dr. Stephen Bush. Although it appears there is not a familial relation to the Bush family, we know how the Elite has a habit of changing up geneological information.

Djerassi's scientific interests were wide-ranging, and his technological achievements include work in pharmaceuticals, insect control, the application of artificial intelligence in biomedical research, and the biology and chemistry of marine organisms. Sound familiar? In fact, he founded biomedical companies, although there is no trace of them, or the company names found online.

In relation to Ghislaine Maxwell's father Robert Maxwell, it seems Carl Djerassi knew him prior to the marriage between Isabel and Dale even though he claims little knowledge. In this video, he speaks about his history with Robert Maxwell.

What I find most interesting about Carl Djerassi, and Robert Maxwell is the similarities of their backgrounds. Both were Jewish, and escaped from Nazi occupation during World War 2. Cardboard cutout backgrounds.

Considering his colleague Dr. Pincus had an affinity for human experimentation, as Dr. Djerassi became a Philanthropist, I'm quite certain this type of experimentation continued, and was part of his interest in Artificial Intelligence. Perhaps he, and the Maxwell family had more in common than is being portrayed, particularly given their connection to Silicon Valley. They seem to have a marked interest in Artificial Intelligence, the scientific community, and eugenics. There's a reason Epstein wanted to "impregnate 400 women." Human experimentation.

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