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Epstein's Death

Article written August 10, 2019

With the mysterious death of Epstein, I'm guessing this will break things WIDE open, at a massive pace. Nobody to contest taking over all properties to thoroughly search all locations, including Little St. James.

There are so many conflicting reports...more questions than answers. One thing I do know-if this was a Deep State hit, they just messed up royally! The other possibility, Epstein is ready to talk, and he's in Witness Protection.

So far, these are the possibilities:

Epstein may have been switched out and transferred to another location. GITMO for quick execution? Witness Protection? This nugget was posted on the chan.

So many physical discrepencies between pics of Epstein and the body that was transferred to the hospital.

How does a person die by suicide while under suicide watch? Reports of camera malfunction while it happened. Keep in mind while on suicide watch, the prisoner has zero access to strings, shoe laces, NOTHING. It is literally a bare cell.

The ears are NOT the same at all…ears don't lie.

Neither is the nose-and the person on the gurney’s head is MASSIVE compared to Epstein. I guess we'll find out more information in the days ahead.

Another possibility-he's in Israel on an Island someplace comfy. That's an ending to this story I could not accept!

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