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Ghislaine Maxwell and Fiji Water Comms

During the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, Maxwell seems to have befriended the sketch artist, Jane Rosenberg who has worked for 40 years covering high profile trials. How close have they become? Close enough to provide comms to Maxwell's Elite Friends? In a very odd sketch, Maxwell is portrayed with a bottle of Fiji Water. Who, while being tried for Sex Trafficking is allowed to drink a bottle of Fiji?

If you've been paying attention to Elite Comms for the past 5 years, as I have you will know the significance of FIJI Water. If not, I will explain it here, and what it signifies.

There is no other President in History who has taken on the plague of Child Sex Trafficking. It is no coincidence that Backpage, NXIVM, and Epstein/Maxwell trials occurred under his watch. No President even came close to shoring up the US Border, which is a main trafficking hub into, and out of the US. The Border Wall was more significant than can be imagined. It was not as much a deterrent against illegal border crossings, as it was about eliminating human and child smuggling.

The media reported on this exchange as a gaff, and laughed at President Trump drinking from a Fiji Water bottle with two hands, which they described as "awkward." For those of us following President Trump, and his every move, we knew President Trump was telling us to dig into the significance of Fiji. And boy, did we!

President Trump had just flown back from his Asia trip and was recounting the trip. Not only did he fly over FIJI on his way home, but it was the start of ALOT of Fiji references.

Not only did President Trump bring attention to Fiji, but so did a woman who became famous for photobombing the Golden Globe Awards in 2019. It brought even more attention to FIJI Water, who was a sponsor of the Golden Globe Awards.

Twitter users were quick to notice the brunette in a deep violet gown, who photobombed several celebrity red carpet photo-ops. The Fiji water girl was seen with Dakota Fanning, Jim Carrey, Cody Fern and Judy Greer, to name a few.

FIJI Island became central to the NXIVM Sex Cult case. For those of us digging into the child trafficking rings of the Elite, including myself-the significance of FIJI could not be clearer.

Canadian businessman David Gilmour founded Fiji Water under the name Natural Waters of Viti Ltd. When digging into David Gilmour, many links to human sex trafficking were found-including ties to the Trafficking Cult NXIVM. In addition to FIJI water, Gilmour owned Wakaya Island in Fiji. The Island was previously uninhabited until it was bought by Wakaya Ltd David and Jillian Gilmour in 1973. David Gilmour, in addition to owning FIJI water, also was in the Gold-mining business. He developed the island, building 22 kilometers of roads, a fresh water reservoir, an airstrip, villa, church, gym and school.

Gilmour also developed the Wakaya Club & Spa, an exclusive resort with ten luxury bungalows with a staff of 300. It also showcased a large private villa and four private beaches. Gilmour also started a business in 2009 called Wakaya Perfection which sources a range of organic wellness products from the island.

David Gilmour then made a deal with Seagram Heiress Claire Bronfman, who then owned 80% of Wakaya's interests. As part of the sales agreement, between Bronfman and Gilmour agreed that Gilmour could continue to retain his business interests on the island.

Bronfman already owned a private home on Wakaya prior to purchasing Wakaya Ltd, from David and Jillian Gilmour.

Miss Bronfman is the financier of Keith Raniere’s business and teaching enterprises.

When Bronfman was arrested in the NXIVM Trial, it was disclosed she was 80% owner of Wakaya, which prosecutors said made her a flight risk. She had to post a $100 million dollar bail to be released from custody while charges were laid against her.

Under Gilmour's reign, Wakaya Island was where "big name celebrities" such as Bill Gates, Spain's Crown Prince, Michelle Pfeiffer, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman, Jim Carrey and Tom Cruise came to enjoy some private island paradise. Sound familiar? Cough-Epstein Island, cough-Peter Nygard's Island, cough Richard Branson's Island.

Speaking of Islands, Sir Richard Branson allowed NXIVM to hold at least two multi-day seminars on Necker Island. NXVIM members, including Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt, and others went to Necker Island. Seminars were held in 2007 and 2010. Keith Raniere did not attend either Necker Island seminar.

Bronfman reportedly paid Branson around $250,000 per visit to rent the island for about a week each time. Branson was residing on the island, and reportedly attended classes. Photos show he partied with NXIVM members. Of course, he denied association thereafter.

Further digging exposed that Richard Branson's mother Eve Branson founded the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and was launched in April 1999 by then First Lady Hillary Clinton. That is a much bigger project, as the Clinton Foundation seems to be the Epi-Center for all these human trafficking pipelines.

Now, to see the sketch of Ghislaine Maxwell, with FIJI Water in the background was pretty stunning. This is how far back these sex trafficking operations have been going on for. The connection between Ghislaine Maxwell and the Bronfman's goes back generationally. Maxwell's father Robert Maxwell was an associate of Charles Bronfman. They both made a bid to take controlling interest in The Jerusalem Post.

The Maxwell's, Bronfman's, Wexner's were all associates back in the day-all Intelligence.

NXIVM and the Maxell/Epstein operation is connected.

Understand, the Foundation for this massive world wide corrupt enterprise was created decades ago-literally by foundations, which is how they wash the money. Here is another link I found between FIJI owner David Gilmour, Charles Bronfman, in Palm Beach Florida-where Epstein owned property and was accused of child sex trafficking. Always about the children.

Of course, the one organization that threads the needle to all of this would be the Mega Group, established in 1991 by Charles Bronfman and connects the Bronfman's with Les Wexner. Mega Group members include Edgar Bronfman Sr, Michael Steinhardt, Ronald Lauder, Robert Maxwell, Les Wexner, Charles Schusterman, Harvey Meyerhoff, Laurence Tisch, Max Fisher, Max Lender, Leonard Abramson, among others. Membership was by invitation only. Steven Spielberg would also join this group in 1998. This is such a massive topic, I hope to dig into in the near future. Make no mistake, NXIVM and Epstein/Maxwell are connected. To see the FIJI comms appear in the Maxwell Sex Trafficking crime was not surprising-all in the name of Philanthropy!

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