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Ghislaine Maxwell's Secret Husband Scott Borgerson

It's been discovered that Ghislaine Maxwell, who's been dubbed "Jeffrey Epstein’s Madam" is in fact married. Ghislaine refuses to disclose her new spouse's identity, financial circumstances, or assets.  

It’s speculated her new husband is Scott Borgerson, CEO and Founder of CargoMetrics.

In 2019, Borgerson was confronted by media asking if Ghislaine Maxwell was living with him at his Manchester by the Sea property.  He denied the allegation, stating he was away on business for the week, and that no one had been staying at his Massachusetts home. “Ghislaine Maxwell is not at my home and I don't know where she is. I'm passionate about ocean policy and wish people were as interested in Jones Act reform, joining the law of the sea, and funding icebreakers."

A day later, Maxwell was spotted at an In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles.

Borgerson's company raised nearly $23 million from investors, including former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Schmidt led a $10 million funding round for CargoMetrics in August 2017. Cargo Metrics has business ties with Maersk Tankers, FedNav, Western Bulk and True Freight.

Eric Schmidt also assisted the Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign in 2016, providing monetary assistance, as well as the use of Google’s Private Jet.  Now why would he be banking on Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 election?  

Some very big names have backed the company CargoMetrics. In addition to Eric Schmidt from Google, other prominent investors include Howard Morgan, co-founder of quant investing giant Renaissance Technologies; famed hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones; Israeli shipping magnate Idan Ofer; shipping services leader Clarksons PLC; and Maersk Tankers.

CargoMetrics is also backed by Blackstone, the hedge fund, which also owns a significant stake in Engineer's Gate, the hedge fund which has significant connections to... Jeffrey Epstein.

Scott Borgerson has several Patents for the technology his hedge fund company created to be able to MAP global trade in real time. "The technology is achieved through processing hundreds of millions of AIS [automatic identification system] positions from dozens of satellites and thousands of land-based antennas. CargoMetrix has also geo-tagged hundreds of thousands of [terminal] berths as well as a dynamic registry of ships. They claim to also integrate data on pipeline flows, refinery runs, and the weather."

Patent 5 (Unavailable)

Given China’s influence over Google, and Silicon Valley, this is incredibly disturbing. If used legitimately, this would be a great technology, as it would capture much of the crime being committed on the high seas. In the wrong hands, this technology can be used to cover for illegal shipping of drugs, human trafficking and weapons. Given Scott Borgerson’s marriage to Ghislaine Maxwell, I’d say this technology is definitely not in the right hands, and the Deep State Cabal would profit immensely from this enterprise. It would provide them with the perfect cover!

In fact, Scott Borgerson has referred to CargoMetrics as the NSA of Global Trade.  Very dangerous, considering this a private corporation, and not US intelligence.  Unless this company is a CIA/MOSSAD front.  It seems very likely it is an intelligence front, and likely associated with MOSSAD given Ghislaine Maxwell’s relationship with Borgerson, as well as the financial backing received by Israeli shipping magnate Idan Ofer, who has some questionable parties, at the very least.  

Google earth has already been caught modifying images of Epstein's Island Little St. James.  What else can google “modify” by using this technology to cover nefarious activity?

Drone footage from Epstein Island:

Borgerson stated “What I’m trying to build is the ‘NSA of global trade’,” referring to America’s information intelligence agency, the National Security Agency. “We have a real-time digital map of the global economy. But more importantly, we have a data archive. More than the patent and the first-mover advantage and the dozens of rocket scientists [on staff], this is the biggest barrier to entry [for a competitor]. We save all the data we receive. We have hundreds of billions of historical records in a searchable database. Think of it as a Google search for trade – except it’s secret.”

How did Borgerson become involved with Ghislaine Maxwell?  By their “love of the ocean.” Borgerson, graduated with honors from the Coast Guard Academy and got a Ph.D. in international relations from Tufts’ Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

After Maxwell’s arrest this month on child sex trafficking crimes, multiple plaintiffs have connected her to highly evolved pedophile and human trafficking rings. After the death of Robert Maxwell, her father, in 1991 she moved to a Manhattan Property owned by Lynn Foreseter de Rothschild, who’s husband is the British mega banker Evelyn Robert de Rothschild. The property is also listed as the base for TerraMar.  It should be noted, Maxwell has a submarine license.  She seems to love the ocean, for some inexplicable reason.

Maxwell also spoke at the United Nations as the founder of the TerraMar Project.  She accompanied Stuart Beck, a 2013 TerraMar board member, to two United Nations meetings to discuss the project. Maxwell presented at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik Iceland in 2013.

Scott Borgerson, listed on TerraMar's board of directors for 2013, appeared with Maxwell at the Arctic Circle conference. In June 2014, Maxwell and Borgerson spoke at an event in Washington, DC sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations, titled “Governing the Ocean Commons: Growing Challenges, New Approaches”.  What exactly makes Maxwell an expert on the high seas, other then her association with sex trafficking and Little St. James Island?  

Borgerson and Maxwell reportedly met through The Arctic Circle, a global NGO headquartered in Iceland through various speaking engagements.

Following the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein on July 6, 2019, the TerraMar Project announced its closure six days later on July 12, 2019 via Twitter and a statement on the TerraMar Project's website.

And, a scandal wouldn't be complete without Clinton Foundation Involvement.

In 2015, Maxwell was battling Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of Epstein’s accusers, in federal court. The case was finally settled out of court two years later. By then, Maxwell was allegedly involved with Borgerson and had moved to Massachusetts. In 2016, she sold her Upper East Side mansion for a little more than $15 million. That year, Tidewood LLC, a limited-liability corporation, bought a parcel of land in Manchester-by-the-Sea, a scenic town about 35 miles outside of Boston, for $2,450,000. Minutes from a Manchester-by-the-Sea zoning-board meeting two years later would identify the homeowner behind Tidewood as Scott Borgerson.

"According to official documents, the manager of Granite is Boston lawyer, Jeffrey W. Roberts, and the company was set up on November 18, 2019, just weeks before its purchase of Tuckedaway, Maxwell’s mountaintop home. Note: Granite Reality is a different LLC to Granite Realty, another New Hampshire LLC."

In a book written by Rachel Slade titled “Into the Raging Sea” she refers to the shipping trade industry as the “the Wild West.” The laws that govern international waters are antiquated and arcane. Ships are routinely registered in small, corruptible countries like Liberia and Panama, the better to avoid oversight and regulation from more fastidious governments. When ships are lost at sea—which happens much more than you think—it can be difficult even to determine who ultimately owns the vessel, as ships are purchased by shell companies owned by shell companies, and so on to oblivion. It’s anarchy.  What better way for the Cabal to conduct it’s illegal Black ops by sea.

“But unlike the Antarctic Treaty, which came into force in 1961 and set aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve, banned territorial claims and prohibited military activities, ownership of the Arctic and ice caps remains contentious because it was never decided. In 1925, based upon the Sector Principle, Canada became the first country to unilaterally extend its boundaries, 478 miles northward, to the North Pole. In 1926, Russia set out a similar claim as since has Norway and the US.

As a result of global warming and the retreat of the once impenetrable ice sheets, the Arctic is the subject of new political, legal, social and economic claims. Despite it being predominantly ice and water, the Arctic is nonetheless up for grabs. ‘The status of certain portions of the Arctic Sea region is in dispute for various reasons. One is that under international law no country currently owns the North Pole or the region of the ocean surrounding it” explains Peter Appel, partner with Copenhagen’s Gorrissen Federspiel and Chair of the IBA’s Maritime and Transport Law Committee.

Due to the fact no country currently owns the Arctic Region, and no treaty exists,  it became clear to me why President Trump would want to purchase Greenland.  

Who helped Ghislaine Maxwell purchase the property “Tucked Away?” where she eluded authorities for at least a year? In the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds in Massachusetts regarding an LLC named "Angara, LCC." The 3 trustees named are Christine Maxwell (Ghislaine's older sister), Scott Borgerson, and Jeffrey W. Roberts. Roberts also is the registered agent for a second company, Hopley Yeaton, whose manager is named as “Scott Borgerson.”  Why would Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister Christine be involved in a Trust with Scott Borgerson?  

Christine Maxwell, Ghislaine's sister has a computer background, and co-founded Chiliad, a software company involved in the advance of on-demand, massively scalable, intelligent mining of structured and unstructured data through the use of natural language search technologies. The firm's software was behind the data search technology used by the FBI's counterterrorism data warehouse. As of August 2019, Maxwell served as the board director of Chiliad, Inc. Very useful when blackmail can be used on the FBI to ensure investigations into their alleged illegal activities could be snuffed.

Another interesting connection to Scott Borgerson, and Ghislaine Maxwell has come to light.  They are connected to Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.  

A 2008 biographical document from CF suggests that to be the year Borgerson joined the CFR, with the document noting “He serves on the boards of The Arctic Circle, the Kostas Homeland Security Institute, Catalyst Maritime and the Institute for Global Maritime Studies. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Here are some of the speaking engagements Senator Lisa Murkowski did, along with Scott Borgerson and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Lisa Murkowski gave a very interesting speech, on the same day she was supposed to join Secretary of State Mark Pompeo as he gave remarks on the US-Arctic Policy in Finland at an Arctic Council Ministerial meeting-in China.

Here is Lisa Murkowski's speech in Shanghai. VERY interesting.

It’s clear Lisa Murkowski was born into the Cabal.  She replaced her father as Senator of Alaska, and seems to have been groomed for this life.

Given this connection, the exchange between Chinese owned Senator Feinstein and Lisa Murkowski during the Kavanaugh hearings, make so much sense in light of Murkowski’s role in the Arctic, and China’s influence in the territory.   

Lisa Murkowski is married to Verne Martell.  He owns a restaurant called the Alaska Pasta Company.  It has a staff of one, Verne Martell. He has since sold the company to his son.

This, I believe requires more scrutiny.  In 2007, Lisa Murkowski also became involved in a scandal involving a house purchase. She received an incredible deal on prime property on the banks of the Alaska's Kenai River, a purchase she illegally failed to report on her annual financial disclosures filed in May. They have many ways of enriching themselves.

“Real estate developers say the land could sell today for nearly $120,000 more than the $179,400 she paid for it. Senate ethics rules prohibit senators from receiving gifts from personal friends if the value is over $250. Murkowski bought the riverfront property from Bob Penney, a real estate developer, who has claimed ignorance to the value of the land he sold to Murkowski last year."

"Word of honor, I did not know what the assessed value was. I thought it was still $120,000."

Of course, nothing ever came of this, with Murkowski selling back the property to Penney for the same amount she purchased it for.  

There is much more disclosure that's going to shed light on this whole Deep State web of corruption in the days to come.  One thing is certain, America has been sold to the highest bidder, by foreign entities, who managed to infiltrate from the inside of America. It’s not surprise it’s taking so long for the White Hats and President Trump to bring down the Deep State. The connections are endless, and the swamp runs deep.  

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