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Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Day 12 Eva Dubin Testifies!

On Day 12 of the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, it started with 2 special agents testifying First Special Agent Jason Richards, then Agent Young.

The third witness to testify is Eva Dubin. Eva Andersson Dubin and her husband Glenn are at the center of Virginia Giuffre's allegations against Jeffrey Epstein, and claims they were her "starter couple." She performed a massage on Eva Dubin, and when Eva fell asleep, was forced to have sexual relations with Glenn.

Jeffrey Epstein dated Eva Andersson Dubin, who was Miss Sweden for 11 years, until the early 90's. Her daughter Celina, called him “Uncle Jeff." They remained friends, even after marrying Glenn Dubin. Eva Andersson, is a doctor and cancer philanthropist, which Virginia Giuffre claims has a fake doctor certificate to practice, and that Epstein bought it for her.

The Dubins, are prominent socialites in Epstein’s main hangouts of New York City and Palm Beach, Florida. They defended Epstein when he was released from a Florida jail in 2009 on his earlier child sex conviction,

In an article by the New York Post, it stated “Eva and Celina Dubin accepted less than a handful of invitations to gatherings that included the founder of Microsoft (Bill Gates) and a DNA pioneer.

On April 19, 2012, Dubin and his wife Eva signed The Giving Pledge, created by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. The commitment of the pledge is to give away at least 50% of their wealth to charity within their lifetime.

“The Dubins are horrified by Jeffrey Epstein’s despicable conduct. Had they been aware of it, they would have cut off all ties instantly,” the spokesman insisted.

Yet here is Eva testifying in Defense of Ghislaine Maxwell. I wonder if she will be asked about the disgusting photo of Celina with her bottom naked, hanging on the wall of Epstein's Palm Beach Mansion? In addition, Epstein took Celina and her older sister Maya to Disneyworld on the Lolita Express. Why would the Dubin's make a pervert/pedophile godfather to their 3 children?

The Dubin's were part of the trafficking operation with Epstein and Maxwell. Is this the name of one of Epstein's Co-Conspirator? If so, this is not new, and has been under a microscope for many years. Glenn Dubin is a Billionaire Philanthropist, and Hedge Fund Manager. He was also Lesley Wexner's "number one guy." In September 2020 the Attorney General of the British Virgin Islands subpoenaed the Dubin's as part of their probe into the dealings of Jeffrey Epstein.

Glenn Dubin is coincidentally retiring from his hedge fund. The 62-year-old money manager who, along with his wife Eva Andersson-Dubin, insisted in a memo to staff that he was leaving his fund Engineers Gate in a pre-planned transition to enable his younger partner Greg Eisner to grow the fund more aggressively.

“I intend to step down as Chairman of Engineers Gate at the end of this month to focus all of my attention and energies on the businesses and philanthropic activities of my family office,” Dubin wrote to his staff. I'm sure it had nothing to do with his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

The fund, operates out of Dubin’s brand-new family office space at 55 Hudson Yards, has about $1 billion under management and turned a profit every year since its founding. Look at how close this is to the Ports. Perfect trafficking op.

Bloomberg reported that Engineers Gate had five total investors, and at least one of them was not happy. The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board was reportedly “scrutinizing its investment” amid lackluster returns, according to the report.

Wait, The Canadian Government's Pension Plan invests Canadian's tax payer dollars, which are deducted directly off our hard earned paycheque's with Epstein's buddy Glenn Dubin? This is SHOCKING! What on earth did they get in return???? How did I miss this information in 2020?!?

What will we learn in the afternoon's proceedings, other than the fact almost everything of significance is sealed or redacted, including the flight logs that show the flights Eva and Glenn Dubin were on.

The Defense is expected to rest by the end of today, or Monday.

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