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Ghislaine Maxwell Trial-Day 5

On Friday, December 3, 2021, officially Day 5 of the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, there were several witnesses who testified, including 2 Palm Beach Police Officers who were present when Epstein's Palm Beach Home was raided. Epstein's housekeeper Juan Alessi took the stand to be cross-examined by the Defense.

Maxwell's defense kept identifying the victim with the pseudonym "Jane" with her real name. This was supposed to be kept confidential, yet the defense did this several times, putting her in danger of being identified which she does not want. More victimization on display, and Judge Nathan doesn't seem interested in doing something to make them stop.

The Defense proceeded to cross-examine Juan Alessi in an effort to discredit him. Epstein had once called police on Alessi. He had left Epstein's employ, and reportedly stole $6500.00 in cash from Epstein's office. Epstein showed the video of Alessi walking in through a sliding patio door and taking it (Epstein has every inch of his property's monitored by video including bathrooms). Once confronted, Alessi returned the money. There was some back and forth about a gun located in Jeffrey Epstein's top drawer in his office, claiming Alessi had stolen that too. Officer Parkinson had dealt with Epstein's Civil complaint against Alessi, in addition to being involved in the raid of Epstein's Palm Beach Mansion.

Day 5 saw more items being shown to jury under "seal." This is why the public is so distrustful of the law, and of this case in particular. Epstein and Maxwell were both Intelligence who belonged to the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD. The public doesn't need to see gory details, but a description of what is being shown to the jury would be helpful. Of course, we will never be provided with full transparency.

There was a 58-page manual submitted by the prosecution as evidence, and Alessi verified this handbook was similar to the one he was given while he worked at Epstein's home between 1991 and 2002. It provided all the "rules" and protocol for Epstein's staff to follow. Maxwell gave him orders to "see nothing" when guests came. Alessi said he took the order as "a kind of warning that I was supposed to be blind, deaf, and dumb."

The manual instructed staff to "never disclose" what the late convicted sex offender or his longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell were doing. "Unless otherwise instructed, NEVER disclose Mr. Epstein or Ms. Maxwell's activities or whereabouts to anyone."

Alessi claimed on Friday that none of the many young women who visited the Florida home alerted him to any misconduct.

“I wish they would have because I would have done something,” he said. If only there were clues? (Insert massive eyeroll)

When Michael Dawson, Police Officer from the Palm Beach PD was being questioned by the Prosecution, he was asked what they were looking for during the search when Epstein's home was raided. This is where the evidence was introduced including a massage table, sex toys--one being called the torpedo, and other evidence introduced under seal.

The Government Exhibit 278, called "the master bathroom" is under seal. Thanks to already posted video and released online for many years, (I will post the best video I found of the raid of the Epstein Palm Beach home. Epstein had a dental chair set up in his Master Bathroom. Knowing Epstein was CIA/MOSSAD operative, you can let your mind go wild as to why he had this in his bathroom.

In the video, just outside the estate’s pool was a cluttered gym and a small office area that shows a photo of a baby girl and an image of Epstein with three young women in what appears to be a chain massage. The photo shows Epstein sitting in a chair with three women behind him, all touching each other’s shoulders or heads.

On another wall, hangs a crudely drawn picture depicting a baby and a skull contains quotes from both Ralph Waldo Emerson and Star Trek's Mr. Spock: 'Live long and prosper' while in another guest bathroom hangs the photo of a child. The blurred out picture, right beside Epstein's bedroom is a photo of a child's naked bottom, since identified as Eva and Glenn Dubin's child.

Another room has a teddy bear on the night stand. I would love to know what the numbered ribbon around it's neck signifies.

The video is age restricted, due to photo's of naked, or bound women and children. Do not watch if you are sensitive to watching disturbing images.

There was another photo shown during the trial on Day 5. A disturbing photo of Eva and Glenn Durbin's daughter Celina...Jeffrey Epstein's Godchild.

One courageous reporter has it right. He questioned Ghislaine's sister Isabel Maxwell about whether she is a MOSSAD agent. Spoiler alert-she is!

What will Week 2 bring? We still have not heard any testimony about Rachel Chandler, very little of Les Wexner, Jean-Luc Brunel, or who Maxwell's co-conspirators are. That is the sad part-this is so much bigger then just Ghislaine Maxwell!

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