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Hunter Biden Tied to Human Trafficking. How Many Hands in the Russia/Ukraine Cookie Jar?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

On September 23, 2020 a report from the Senate Homeland Security Committee was released. It indicated Hunter Biden’s private equity firm received $3.5 million from one of Russia’s most “powerful” female oligarchs in 2014. Hunter was linked to a ‘prostitution or human trafficking ring' in the report.

The report, which was made public on Wednesday, shows that Rosemont Seneca Thornton, LLC, a firm that Biden incorporated with his longtime business associate Devon Archer in May 2013, had a previously unknown financial relationship with Elena Baturina, a Russian businesswoman now living in the United Kingdom. According to bank documents reviewed by the Homeland Security Committee, Baturina wired $3.5 million to a bank account controlled by Rosemont Seneca Thornton as part of a “consultancy agreement.

The nature of Baturina’s “agreement” with Rosemont Seneca Thornton remains unclear. The Homeland Security Committee’s report stems from an investigation into Biden’s ties to Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas conglomerate whose founder has been accused of public corruption, embezzlement, and bribery. Biden served on the company’s board of directors between 2014 and 2019, earning somewhere in the range of $83,000 per month, despite having no experience working with a natural gas company, or in the Ukraine.

This Russian Oligarch Elena Baturina is the wife of the former mayor of Moscow, Yury Luzkhkov. Elena Baturina owned construction and cement companies in Moscow.

During Luzhkov's time as Mayor, Moscow's economy expanded and he presided over large construction projects in the city, including the building of a new financial district. At the same time, he was accused of corruption, bulldozing historic buildings, and poor handling of traffic, as well as the city's smog crisis during the 2010 Russian wildfires. He would direct city contracts to his wife, Elena Baturina who became the first female Billionaire in Russia. On September 28, 2010, Luzhkov was fired from his post by President Dmitry Medvedev.

What I found most interesting, is Yury was known for "seeding the clouds" to prevent rain at popular sporting events. Weather modification is very real.

"Luzhkov (seen here swimming in an icy lake) was notable for quixotic initiatives, such as a campaign against foreign words in advertising and his seeding of the clouds to prevent rainfall during major outdoor events."

After Yury was ousted in 2010 as Mayor of Moscow, his wife Elena Baturina sold almost all of her assets in Russia including a construction company called Inteko and cement factories. In an interview, Luzhkov stated he was sending his daughters to study in London "to protect them from possible persecution". He said that a house had been bought in the West of the city for them. They moved to London in 2011.

Yury Luzhkov’s also expressed his longtime support for uniting the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula of Crimea with Russia. In 2014, Russia annexed Crimea. Is it a coincidence in 2012 then President Barack Obama was caught on a hot mic telling Dmitry Medvedev he'd have "more flexibility after the election? I believe the reason Obama sent pillows and blankets instead of weapons to the Ukrainian troops who were desperately trying to defend against the Crimea Invasion. President Obama allowed Russia to take back Crimea-for their own personal enrichment.

Yury Luzhkov died December 19, 2019 in Germany.

Baturina, now owns hotels in cities like Vienna and Dublin, real estate in Europe and the USA, and invests in renewable energy companies. Baturina bought two commercial properties in Brooklyn, NY near the Barclays Center in 2015. Baturina owns Baturina Investment Group, and is the founder of the Be Open Foundation in London.

Elena Baturina sat as a Trustee on Sadiq Khan's Foundation the Mayor's Fund For London. Of course, Sadiq Khan claims she was introduced to the Mayor's office under Boris Johnson's office, despite being appointed to the Mayor's Foundation a year after Khan became mayor. A director of Baturina's Be Open Foundation Domingo Plazas Ruiz, is being prosecuted for alleged money laundering and tax crimes in Spain. Not only did Elena Baturina work for Sadiq Khan's foundation, he also accepted £138,000 from her. Those who scream the loudest!

Elena Baturina also has many "shell companies" in the British Virgin Islands. There's a huge mystery in London, for many years about who owns the second largest home in Britain, Witanhurst. Buckingham Palace being the largest home in Britain. After many have investigated, it was determined the home belonged to Elena Baturina. She has denied this claim vociferously. She even went so far as to sue the publications that asserted this notion. The Baturina lawsuit and the continued secrecy surrounding Witanhurst have intensified the guessing game. In 2012, it was renovated, making neighbor's furious. Generally, the names of homeowners in Britain are listed in the Land Registry, which can be read for a small fee. But listings for properties owned by offshore companies do not disclose individual beneficiaries. In the British Virgin Islands, records reveal merely the name of the “registered agent” of Safran Holdings—Equity Trust Limited, a local agency that holds several such positions and is connected to the company by name only—and the company’s post-office box, on the island of Tortola. Seems to be a hotspot for "shell companies." It is still not known for certain if she is the true owner.

Of interest, the Island of Tortola, is a skip away from Joe Biden's Water Island, and Jeffrey Epstein's Little St. James Pedo Island. Interesting money laundering location.

Nancy Pelosi's Son Paul Pelosi Jr. was also an Executive at a Ukraine-Based Gas Company Viscoil similar to Hunter Biden. In fact, the children of Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney and John Kerry were working for “Ukrainian gas companies” or sitting “on the board of directors for energy companies doing business in Ukraine and receiving large sums of money in return.

Bill and Hillary Clinton also received large sums of money directly and indirectly from Russian officials while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.  Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 (well above his normal fee) for a speech in Moscow in 2010.  Who footed the bill?  An investment firm in Moscow called Renaissance Capital, which boasts deep ties to Russian intelligence.  The Clinton Foundation itself took money from Russian officials and Putin-connected oligarchs including donations from Victor Vekselberg, a Putin confidant who gave through his company, Renova Group, Andrey Vavilov, a former Russian government official who was Chairman of SuperOx, a research company that was part of the “nuclear Cluster” at the Russian government’s Skolkovo research facility, and Elena Baturina who gave the Clinton Foundation money through JSC Inteco. Who was REALLY colluding with Russia?

Beyond the Clintons themselves, there is also John Podesta. He served as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman. Podesta didn’t just have conversations with Russian officials. He went into business with the Russian government while he was advising Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

In 2011, John Podesta joined the executive board of a small energy company called Joule Unlimited.  Two months after he joined the board, the Russian government invested one billion rubles (approximately $35 million) into the company. The money came from a Russian government investment fund called Rusnano. What is Rusnano? It is a fund started in 2007 by Vladimir Putin.

John Podesta was basically business partners with the Russian government and Vladimir Putin.  When John Podesta went to the White House in January 2014 to serve as counselor to President Obama, he failed to disclose his board membership in one of the Joule entities on his financial disclosure form. According to the Podesta emails, Podesta transferred his 75,000 shares in the company to an LLC controlled by his family. But as the Wall Street Journal notes, the Podesta emails reveal he remained actively engaged in company business after that fact.

Other questionable transactions include Paul Manafort who was put in jail during the Mueller Special Counsel Investigation. Manafort's business partner Tony Podesta is still roaming free. Tony Podesta represented the Brussels based European Centre for Modern Ukraine (ECFMU), a front organization for former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. The ECFMU was founded to "enhance EU-Ukrainian relations." The ECFMU is linked with the Ukrainian Party of Regions. The Podesta Group was paid $900,000.

The firm went defunct as a result of the Mueller probe and the firm's unregistered lobbying for the European Centre for Modern Ukraine (ECFMU). Podesta Group did not file as an agent of a foreign power under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), but somehow got a pass.

Baturina is one of many "Russian oligarchs" named in the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, CAATSA, signed into law by President Donald Trump in 2017. The report was "not a sanctions list," the US administration pointed out though. The US Treasury report just listed every senior member of the political administration at the Kremlin, and every wealthy Russian with a net worth of $1 billion or more. So it did not impose sanctions on Baturina-but it's a sign they're keeping track.

With Hunter Biden's questionable ties to human trafficking, more attention should be paid to Joe Biden's Foundation the Beau Biden Foundation, which claims to be "Protector's of Children." Hunter is on the Board of Directors. Foundations are the keystone of the Globalist Cabal for washing illicit funds. It is downright scary this foundation is involved with protecting children. Those you trust the most...

I'm sure we'll discover more connections in the days to come. Where is Hunter?! How long will it take for Joe Biden to address the Senate Report? Mainstream Media has been all but silent about these recent revelations. They can't remain silent forever...

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