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Info you'll find here.

I just wanted to update information on some of the postings I will be adding to my website. I have done ALOT of research projects since 2018. Most of my content has been created via thread writing. It's my goal to migrate these threads over here-to my new website, as I don't want to lose the many hours and weeks of research that went into them.

I'm a President Trump Supporter, even though I'm a Canadian Citizen. I've followed his presidential campaign since the day he came down that escalator in 2015 to announce he was running for President. He is fighting against incredible odds-Globalism, and the Deep State which is World Wide and the mainstream media apparatus. That's why his Presidency matters on a World Wide Scale, not just for American's but for all citizens who know how damaging Globalism has become-and will be.

I'm also a QAnon Follower, and have followed since the very first QAnon Post. There's an information war taking place as we speak, and a spiritual war of good vs. evil. I will also focus on Canadian Politics and the challenges we are facing due to Globalism and how we got into this mess in the first place-history matters! Some of my work contains QAnon Posts, proofs, theories, and some does not. Most of my work has been prompted by supporting President Trump and QAnon, which is the mechanism I learned how to be an effective researcher, or "digger" of open source information. I have been "woke" for many years, and have always been an avid reader, writer and researcher but this didn't become a passion until I began researching QAnon Posts.

Once all of my digs have been migrated over, I will begin creating up to date articles. As a guide, for each Thread added, it will come with a title, date written, graphics and links wherever possible to verify the information yourself. Eventually, my writing will not be from past threads-but up to date research.


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