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Jeffrey Epstein and Rockefeller Eugenics

Article written July 30, 2019

The arrest of Jeffrey Epstein has given me hope. Will this monster and others finally pay for crimes against humanity? Epstein was involved in much more than just blackmail, human trafficking, drug and arms running. How much more we will find out in the coming months? There is a dark side to what Jeffrey Epstein was involved in, and hope this will come to light with his arrest.

For instance, what is Epstein really doing with the children and humans being trafficked? We’ve seen some very disturbing images and footage of Little St. James. We can speculate at this point, but every place I turn is leading me to-well sickening, bizarre conclusions.

The Cabal has used Secret Societies through time to act as “Guardians of Secrets” for bloodline families. They know secrets that effect humanity. They’re obsessed with their bloodlines, and keeping their bloodline reproducing and in positions of power.

Epstein’s had a fascination in Science, and the type of research he contributes to included human consciousness, and Artifical Intelligence.

To understand what’s happening today, we need to go back to 1927. The eugenics movement was established in the US. It quickly spread to Germany. California eugenicists began promoting eugenics & sterilization and sent it to German scientists and medical professionals.

By 1933, California had subjected more people to forceful sterilization than all other U.S. states combined. The forced sterilization program engineered by the Nazis were inspired by California's program.

The Rockefeller Foundation helped found the German eugenics program and even funded the program that Josef Mengele, the Nazi Angel of Death, worked on before he went to Auschwitz.

Mengele saw the opportunity to conduct genetic research on human subjects. His subsequent experiments focused primarily on twins, with little regard for the health or safety of the victims. Most died.

Mengele had an obsession with twins, and had 1500 sets to experiment on in Auschwitz.

Mengele also engaged in many other disturbing experiments on humans at Auschwitz, most to do with women’s reproduction, and eugenics-all barbaric. It would seem this war had another sinister purpose, other then making money for the Cabal. The World Wars supplied the Rockefellers, and Eugenicists with countless human subjects to experiment on. The “Angel of Death” as Mengele was called, was funded by the Rockefeller family. Why the focus on twins? Think mirror.

The Nazi’s called their Eugenics program Racial Hygiene. California’s Eugenics researcher Harry H. Laughlin often bragged that his Model Eugenic Sterilization laws had been implemented in the 1935 Nuremberg racial hygiene laws.

Would you be shocked to know that Harry Laughlin was part of Margaret Sanger’s elite circle of friends? Eugenics program, and Planned Parenthood?

During the 1930s, a Scientist by the name of Cornelius Packard Rhoads with the Rockefeller Institute, specialized in anemia and leukemia, working for six months in Puerto Rico in 1932 as part of the Rockefeller Foundation International Health Board contingent. During World War II, Cornelius worked for the United States Army helping to develop chemical weapons and set up research centers. Research on mustard gas led to developments for its use in chemotherapy at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC.

Following WWII, the US took in 1600 German Scientists under the CIA program Operation Paperclip. Ex-Scientist Wernher von Braun and his V-2 rocket team, between 1945 and 1959. Many were former members, and some were former leaders, of the Nazi Regime.

It was a covert program through the CIA and US government under the guise of advancing space and military technology. It would give the US advantage over the Soviet Union who had also taken in 2200 German “Specialists”

Another medical investment the Rockefellers started was the Memorial Hospital, founded on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in 1884 - the first cancer research fund in the country.

The first fellowship training program in the US was created at Memorial in 1927, funded by the Rockefellers. In 1931 the powerful 900k V X-ray tube was put into use in radiation-based cancer treatment at Memorial; the tube had been built by GE over several years.

In 1934, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. donated land on York Avenue for a new location. Two years later, he granted Memorial Hospital $3,000,000 and the hospital began their move across town in 1939.

In 1945, the chairman of GM, Alfred P. Sloan, donated $4,000,000 to create the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research through his Sloan Foundation, and Charles F. Kettering, GM's VP agreed to oversee the cancer research program using industrial techniques.

In 1948 Cornelius P. Rhoads became the director of Memorial. Rhoads had run chemical weapons programs for the US army in World War II, and had been involved in the work that led to the discovery that nitrogen mustards could potentially be used as cancer drugs.

In 1964, Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital, a facility known for serving elderly and disabled population, was “conducting cancer experiments on unsuspecting non-cancerous patients.” The experiments were the idea of Dr. Chester Southam, a noted immunologist at Sloan-Kettering Hospital.

By 1980 Memorial Hospital and the Sloan-Kettering Institute formally merged into a singular entity under the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center name.

Vice President George Bush Sr. spoke at the official groundbreaking ceremonies for the Sloan Kettering laboratories on June 24, 1986.

Questions emerged over the years about Memorial Sloan’s ethics when it came to research. MSK was caught selling tissue samples and patient data to Paige AI unknown to patients.

In addition to AI research, cloning of cells, and DNA, one can only imagine what other kind of covert programs have been developed since the Rockefeller’s started their research a century ago.

The Rockefeller's had the assistance of Nazi’s performing human experimentation during and after WWII with Operation Paperclip.

To understand how much technology has been suppressed, let’s focus on what we do know about Sloan Kettering medical breakthroughs using cloning technology.

Research led by investigators at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) has shown that therapeutic cloning, also known as somatic-cell nuclear transfer (SCNT), can be used to treat Parkinson’s disease in mice.

Transforming Sloan-Kettering viruses generated from the cloned v-ski oncogene by in vitro and in vivo recombinations.

What programs are reserved for just the elite but not us feeders, or sheep? Does the Cabal still perform live human experimentation? Where would they get their live human test subjects? Did it end after WW2, or did they just have to become more creative?

WaPo put out a piece some years ago to discredit human cloning, after rumors swirled about a fanatic group claiming to have successfully cloned the first human. WaPo received commentary from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institite.

"This is a chance to educate the audience about the nature of credible evidence," said Harold Varmus, president of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and a vocal proponent of full disclosure of scientific data. Yep, they’re doing it!

Many famous people have been “treated” for cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering. -Former President Carter -Ruth Bader Ginsburg treated at MSK-with a Miracle Recovery.

How do these elite live to be over 70 and barely look a day over 30?

The other famous person treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering? George HW and Barbara Bush’s daughter Pauline Robinson Bush. This is where things will take an odd turn.

The Bush Family is a family with deep, dark secrets. Members of the Secret Society Skull and Bones, which also had a fascination with Eugenics and Nazism.

There are plenty of actual Bush family/Nazi Connections.

This is a great video, and provides a quick run down of the Bush Family and the Occult, including Barbara Bush/Aleister Crowley connection, and many more bizarre things about the Bush Family.

What does all this have to do with Jeffrey Epstein? Now that we have a foundation for what I’m about to theorize, grab your popcorn, this ride is about to get bumpy!

While digging, I didn’t see alot of information directly tying Epstein to the Bush Family. There are indirect ties to the Bush Family through Les Wexner-MOSSAD. Epstein operated in Florida on Jeb’s watch, and through Poppy Bush, and George W Bush terms.

The evidence provided so far suggests Epstein is Mossad. There’s also been evidence he is affiliated with CIA/MOS/MI6. What if he is affiliated with ALL? An asset-but of what sort? The cabal is clearly in charge of all 3 letter agencies-they work collectively. All 3 have the same Cabal NWO goal.

We know of Poppy Bush’s CIA history. He’s committed unimaginable crimes against humanity. We also know of the Cabal’s obsession with Bloodlines. We’ve seen their tactics to reproduce, and place offspring into families as Manchurian Candidates.

With learning more about NXIVM, there seems to be a common theme-Human experimentation. “Dr. Brandon Porter” was conducting many disturbing human experiments. Can you begin to see the 40,000ft view?

Marina Abramavic is also involved heavily in the Occult, Human Consciousness and Rituals. Do clones have souls? If not, how would they get them? What about test tube babies? Replicated DNA?

Coincidentally, Marina Abramavic owns a house in Malden Bridge, New York. In the shape of a 6 pointed star called “Star House.” What is spirit cooking really all about? A 6 pointed star also symbolizes Satan or Saturn (Moloch) in Canaanite times.

Marina’s Star Home is a 25 minute drive from Albany, New York the headquarters for NXIVM. Also not far from Manhatten. When mapping it out on Google Maps, it’s also close to a town called Canaan.

Jeffrey Epstein was born January 20, 1953 in Brooklyn NY to Jewish parents Pauline and Seymour Epstein. He has a brother named Mark. Pauline was a homemaker and school aid. Seymour worked for the NYC Dept of Parks and Rec a groundskeeper.

This is a photo of Mark Epstein.  Who does he remind you of?


It’s about to get stranger.…

While looking into the Bush family, I began researching each of the Bush children. I came across the child that George and Barbara lost to Leukemia.

Her full name was Pauline Robinson "Robin" Bush. Her birthdate was December 20, 1949. She passed on October 11, 1953. The Bush family stated her body was donated to science.

On the advice of George’s uncle, John M. Walker, president of Memorial Hospital in NYC, they brought Robin to the Sloan Kettering Institute. He told George and Barbara that "you could never live with yourselves unless you treat her."

A letter from George HW Bush to Robin.

If this isn’t odd enough, Robin passed in 1953. Epstein was born in 1953 in the same city. Robin’s full name is Pauline Robinson Bush, Epstein’s mother’s name is Pauline. When speaking about Robin, George HW commented she was good with math-a 3 year old? 

All coincidences, I’m sure. In addition, there have been some odd things about Epstein’s physique. The internet claims he is 6’ tall. Really?

He has other wierd attributes, like his teeth. And something else, shaped like an "egg." Warning-please don’t listen to this video with young ones present.

Reconstruction? Something else? Regardless of your opinion on this topic, it’s clear we’re being deceived in some fashion.

Other bizarre coincidences with “doppelgängers”

If you're not a believer in clones, that’s ok. At the very least, there’s no denying these individuals come from the same gene pool, or bloodline, however that’s accomplished. The Elite are obsessed with bloodlines and eugenics.  

Aleister Crowley, and Barbara Bush

Justin Trudeau, and Fidel Castro. Many claim Fidel is Justin's Father. The timelines add up, real possibility.

Rod Rosenstein and Nazi SS Heinrich Himmler

Robert Mueller and Heinrich Müller

Angele Merkel and Adolf Hitler

I will end this with a quote from George HW Bush:

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