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Jeffrey Epstein, MIT and The Lifeboat Foundation

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Article written September 8, 2019

A new Epstein scandal has emerged involving MIT, and Joi Ito who submitted his resignation for accepting very large donations from Jeffrey Epstein. “MIT President Calls for Independent Investigation Into Media Lab’s Ties to Jeffrey Epstein.”

To understand how massive Epstein’s arrest was, we must start to peel back the layers of this scandal. He surrounded himself with scientists, and scholars. Epstein sat on Advisory Boards, and funded many scientific initiatives in return. A man with no scientific credentials?

A darker picture is beginning to emerge. One, where Epstein earned his wealth through blackmail, placating the Cabal through child trafficking, gun and drug running, organ trafficking. Clearly, this was a revenue stream to fund his more disturbing projects and tastes.

With his association with the CIA and MOSSAD, we are beginning to see why Epstein was allowed to escape conviction with sweetheart deals in the past. When the extent of this is known, it will shock the world.

We’re starting to see Epstein’s sick fascination with Eugenics, and his ties with the Transhumanism Movement. We’ve all been investigating Little St. James for years, but little attention’s been focused on Zorro Ranch, which I believe a much sicker picture is starting to emerge, one involving human experimentation.

Think of Little St. James as a Cabal playground, where they were able to meet in relative privacy, and indulge in their sick, perverse fantasies. Enact their demented rituals. Think Blackmail.

Zorro Ranch is not being reported on as much as Little St. James, barely at all despite being located in the United States. The most shocking news learned to date about Zorro Ranch was in relation to Epstein trying to impregnate 20 women at a time, dubbing the Zorro Ranch as “baby ranch.”

Was this simply a display of narcissism, or would it give the Cabal a continual supply of babies to experiment on, with no record of them ever being born? To my knowledge, Epstein had no children-yet was trying to impregnate women en mass? If successful, what happened to all of the babies? The Cabal does have a sick fascination with bloodlines, and genetic research. Who else is seeding 100's of women?

An important video was created by the talented @coreysdigs. Corey Digs is the most informed researcher and has completed an extraordinary amount of research on Jeffrey Epstein. Her website is

This is a great video outlining Zorro Ranch, it’s potential underground tunnels, owners of surrounding property, how it’s insulated by government and the relevance of it’s location.

There’s a slow leak of information on Colleges, Universities and Think Tanks associated with Epstein. Harvard, Rockefeller U, Santa Fe and now MIT to name a few. “MIT President Calls for Independent Investigation Into Media Lab’s Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

The Epstein scandal at MIT shows the moral bankruptcy of the Technocrats that are attempting to change the trajectory of the human condition through Transhumanism.

I think what they’re NOT saying about MIT is even more fascinating. I’ve done extensive research into Memorial Sloan-Kettering, it’s dark history, and ties to Eugenics. No coincidence given what we’re learning. MIT is home to the Sloan School of Management, established in 1914. Alfred P Sloan was a graduate himself of MIT.

Other notable MIT Alumni-Benjamin Netanyahu, Patrick M Shanahan, Koffi Anann, Buzz Aldrin, and one that interests me most-Physicist John G Trump. The White Hats have been active for a VERY long time. Other notable alumni-James Woods.

I’d be doing an injustice if I didn’t mention Aaron Schwartz, a computer programmer, and political hacktivist who broke into MIT and hacked MIT’s computer systems. He was found dead by “suicide”, given the red scarf treatment. What did he find?

Of course, MIT was cleared of any wrongdoing.

What these connections to prominent Colleges, and those in the Scientific community is giving us, is a clearer picture of Epstein’s interests, and particularly his underground bases and tunnel systems. MIT and it's connections to Epstein led me to the discovery of the Lifeboat Foundation. Here is a video introduction to their Foundation.

In fact, the Transhumanism Community including Lifeboat is attempting to disassociate themselves from Epstein, in an effort to separate themselves from him.

Epstein sat on the Advisory Board of the Lifeboat Foundation. He was a member of the Finance and Futurists Board. Lifeboat also has a LifeShields Bunkers Program.

The LifeShields Bunkers Program explains so much, and gives credibility to the theory that Epstein had underground tunnel systems on his Little St. James Island, and Zorro Ranch.

Lifeboat Foundation is described as:

It has many prominent donors, who ostensibly donate to be guaranteed a spot in a bunker close to their residence should Doomsday Arrive. Those with money will be protected, but those without, will be "left behind." Lifeboat donors

It seems 100’s if not 1000’s of the worlds most prominent Scientists, Mathematicians, Astronauts, Physicists have come together to ensure their survival. This shouldn't come as a shock. It’s the content of the activities they're engaged in, and preparing for that should be most shocking. In fact, NASA has accepted project proposals from Lifeboat.

Not only are the rich and powerful creating the technology, and engaging in experimentation with live human subjects, they’re also safeguarding themselves, should their technology turn rogue.

They were very excited when Stephen Wolfram, a computing and mathematics legend joined Lifeboat Foundation. He’s also more concerned about Singularity, or when man and machine merge.

So instead of not creating these technologies, due to the unethical nature of the tech, we’re supposed to believe the very people creating it, and preparing for the worst, aren't psychopaths? Preparing for an end to humanity, and saving themselves in the process. Add this to their plans for a New World Order.

Not only will they save themselves in underground bunkers, they’ve taken their plan to outer space, which shouldn't be a surprise.

They’ve even taken it upon themselves to make plans for first contact with other beings and planetary systems. How very kind of them.

How many more Lifeboat Foundation Proposal’s have been accepted by NASA? Where is Ghislaine Maxwell, and Jean Luc Brunel? Nobody just “disappears, unless.... 

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