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Jeffrey Epstein's Mysterious "Funeral"

Article written September 13, 2019

There's been much speculation about Jeffrey Epstein, and his funeral. According to the Mainstream Media, he’s buried alongside his parents, Seymour and Paula Epstein at IJ Morris Star of David Cemetery. There's just one small problem with this claim. This is not actually where his parents were buried. They were buried at Menorah Gardens. The fakenews media first reported Epstein’s body was claimed by an unidentified associate.

I speculated at the time of his death, that Jeffrey Epstein's body would likely be donated to science, or was frozen through cryogenics, given his strange science fascinations. After all, he was obsessed with Eugenics and Trans-humanism.

Here’s Epstein’s Death Transcript, with the location of where he will be buried-redacted of course.

Some speculated perhaps the “temple” on Epstein Island was the resting place of his parents. This writer actually phoned Menorah Gardens, who confirmed his parents were in fact resting there, in a mausoleum.

So, why is the Mainstream Media claiming Epstein was buried with his “parents at IJ Morris Star of David?

“The notorious financier has reportedly been buried at the IJ Morris Star of David Cemetery in West Palm Beach, according to the Mirror.”

“To make it harder for vandals to defile his grave, Epstein was placed in an unmarked grave. Also, the names of his parents were removed from their tombstones.”

“The August 22/19 Mirror article also reported Epstein was “entombed” the day after his funeral, held at the Frank E Campbell chapel in Manhattan.”

The funeral home is known for staging many celebrity funerals including that of John Lennon, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Judy Garland, Joan Crawford, Heath Ledger and many more.

"High-profile families always have specific things they want, and we have to work with their handlers, planners, attorneys, their publicists, and we’ve got to be sure we’re coordinating all of that with the family’s wishes.

Interesting they would agree to hold a Memorial for the disgraced Pedophile. I guess money really can buy just about anything. There’s no information to confirm or deny a service actually took place at this establishment, except for Mainstream Media reports.

So, the Mainstream Media reported the Epstein Family are resting in a Mausoleum at IJ Morris Star of David Cemetery.

Menorah Gardens Address: 21100 West, Griffin Rd,

Southwest Ranches, FL 33332

United States IJ Morgan Star of David Cemetery 9321 Memorial Park Rd,

West Palm Beach, FL 33412

Then I found out in May 2008, the Menorah Gardens name was changed to IJ Morgan Star of David Cemetery as part of a settlement against Menorah Gardens.

So that explains things right? Wrong. The Mainstream Media's photo displayed Paul and Seymour Epstein's plots, along with Jeffrey Epstein at the IJ Morgan Cemetery location, and not Menorah Gardens. I began to research the photo’s posted by the MSM.

They posted one displaying Epstein’s parents plots, with an empty space presumably for Jeffrey Epstein.

Then they claimed both sites were replaced with blank front faces to avoid Vandalism.

Something about these photo’s didn’t sit well with me, so I began researching the names and dates surrounding their plots in the photo’s. These people do not exist! No obituaries. These photo’s were photoshopped! Bogus.

I went on the Menorah Gardens website, where it states Paula and Seymour Epstein are buried. There are no niches that even look like this. In fact, this is what their niches look like. Very different decor, style etc. And none that resemble the one’s shown above.

I went on a site I’d used before, when looking into my own Geneology, thinking that may settle things. Find a Grave takes live photo’s of many cemetery plots all over the world. It’s helped me alot with finding connections. What I found was pretty unbelievable.

Here is Paula Epstein’s information.

Here is Seymour Epstein’s information:

And Jeffrey Epstein's Obituary on the site:

All recently added. One photo was added on August 15, 2019! Virtual flowers added September 1/19. What exactly is happening here?

So, at this point, it was clear to me that we have no idea what really happened to Jeffrey Epstein’s remains which is fine, but why the cover up and fake information? If it were up to his brother Mark, we would never know.

“Jeffrey Epstein has been laid to rest in unmarked tomb besides his parents at a Jewish mausoleum in Florida arranged by his brother, who raged "it's 'nobody's f**king business' to know where the pedophile had been buried”

The Mainstream Media coordinated to make it appear the Epstein family is buried in one spot, when in fact, this is fabricated. It bothered me that Menorah’s Garden’s had some legal difficulties causing its name to change, so I wanted to know what the issue was.

“Class action lawsuit against the operator of two troubled Menorah Gardens cemeteries in Broward and Palm Beach counties reached a $100 million settlement in the case late Tuesday.” BROWARD COUNTY, a cesspool for CIA Operations and operatives.

“The settlement came after an intense day of back-and-forth negotiations over the widespread burial problems at the two cemeteries, operated by Service Corporation International, the largest provider of funeral services in the country.

“SCI employees are accused of routinely burying people in the wrong places, breaking open vaults to squeeze in other burials, and, in a few instances, removing scattered bones from broken vaults and tossing them into a maintenance yard or in the woods.”

In Broward County-you don’t say! SCI also has 15 affiliates in the Washington area, including Joseph Gawler's Sons, the prestigious home that conducted John F. Kennedy's funeral-another Home accused of mishandling bodies.

Service Corporation International, or SCI Corp, operates 3,188 funeral service locations, 485 cemeteries & 78 crematoriums worldwide. The corp owns 406 cemeteries of different denominations in the United States, including Menorah Gardens, and IJ Morris Star of David Cemetery.

Service Corporation International (SCI) is North America’s largest provider of funeral and cemetery services, with shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol SCI. Top 10 Shareholders.

It was founded in 1962 by Robert L. Waltrip, a licensed funeral director who grew up in his family’s funeral business and who still serves as chairman of the Company’s board of directors.

In fact, SCI-Corp also owns Dignity Memorials, the website everybody uses when attempting to find an Obituary. Here are all their “brands.”

There is no record of Jeffrey Epstein having had a service of any kind at the Frank E Campbell Funeral Home in Manhattan.

The person that founded SCI-Corp, was Robert L Waltrip. “How Did Heights Funeral Home Grow Into the World’s Largest Death-Care Company?”

Robert L Waltrip was best friends with George HW Bush, and later donated to George Bush Jr’s campaigns. There was quite the scandal during the Bush Years with Robert L Waltrip and SCI-Corp in 1999. SCI-Corp Embalming Scandal Bush Family

In fact, the scandal’s kept rolling. “Waltrip was already a political player in the 1960s, when the elder Bush first moved to Texas as an ambitious politician. Bush sought out Waltrip and the two became friends.”

Waltrip is now a trustee at the elder Bush's presidential library, which reports he donated btw $100,000 and $250,000--in accordance with its practice, the library provides only a range. SCI also donated $45,000 to younger Bush's political campaigns.

Does anybody else feel comforted by the fact a Bush’ family friend is responsible for burying 1 in 9 Americans? The Bush Family has such a strange macabre fascination with the dead.

What disturbs me most about the Cabal, is the fact they're in charge of the majority of crematoriums and funeral homes in North America-let that sink in! If an organization was up to no good, what would be the best investment?

Who is on the Board of Directors at SCI-Corp? Jakki L. Haussler Founder, Opus Capital Management, Dr. Ellen Ochoa, and Former Director, NASA Johnson Space Center to name a couple. Not the typical Board Members I would expect from a Corporation that deals with Funerals and Cremation. Many Scientists and bankers.

So where is Epstein? Who really knows? Witness Protection? In a freezer? In outer space? We’ll likely never know. My guess, comfortably frozen waiting for that day 500 years from now to make his comeback!

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