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New Photo's of Ghislaine Maxwell, and Jean-Luc Brunel-Tunnel?

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Never seen before photo's have surfaced of Ghislaine Maxwell, and Jean-Luc Brunel who is the owner of M2 Modeling Agency and Alleged Child Procurer. At first glance, it appears Mainstream Media is attempting to glorify these two. They gush over the 2003 photo's stating in captions that Ghislaine Maxwell and Jean-Luc Brunel were cavorting "laughing, play-fighting and relaxing in the Caribbean sunshine." I find it incredibly disturbing the way they portray these monsters.

After reading many years of court documents, viewing footage of Epstein's Pedophile Island, and perusing through their associates disturbing social media posts, foundations and properties, I can say this goes WAY deeper. There is much more to this operation than the horrific sexual assault of minor's and sex trafficking if that isn't bad enough. For instance, why isn't Mainstream Media investigating the fact Jeffrey Epstein was trying to impregnate 400 women with his Superior DNA, or his connection with famous Scientists, his Harvard Office....and much more.

It's my hope they are setting the stage for Jean-Luc Brunel's pending arrest, as he's been in hiding since Epstein's arrest. Rachel Chandler was employed by Jean-Luc Brunel's M2 Modeling agency, and was Epstein and Maxwell's C-(Child) Handler.

Rachel Chandler was a photographer for Midland Agency or MC2, and it's very clear these "16 Models to Watch in 2017" look like captives instead of models. What happened to them?

There's a reason many of the Elite are fighting to keep the Epstein/Maxwell documents under seal, and I'm certain Rachel Chandler is among those fighting to keep those documents under lock and key. Especially since marrying Tom Guinness in 2013. I'm sure everybody has a white furry rabbit at their wedding-totally normal. Follow the white rabbit....

The picture's of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jean-Luc Brunel seem normal enough at first glance. However when you take a close up look at the photo's there is more than meets the eye.

We know in the past Maxwell staged a photo op where she was photographed at In and Out Burger, while trying to fool the masses about her location. It wouldn't be out of the norm for these Elite to send messages through news articles and photo's.

In this photo, I don't feel this is Ghislaine's hand. Her arm would be too long to be placed in that unnatural position. I do recognize she's wearing a white shirt, however that's not what that looks like to me.

What do we have here? We know there's an underground tunnel system on Pedophile Island.

Such a lovely picture of Jean-Luc Brunel! In an effort to humanize these monsters, I think things are getting progressively worst for them...Israel Army. Interesting gear....

It appears to me, the dog has been photoshopped into the photo. If you look closely at the bottom portion of Brunel's foot, this appears to be the case. I believe these photo's are meant to send a message to Brunel. He'd better remain a "Very Good Boy" and not talk. The photo's appear to be from the Mega Group created by Les Wexner and the Bronfman's. MOSSAD.

Ghislaine's watch reads 9:25. Perhaps this is of significance. Time is running out....

Jean-Luc Brunel appears to be in the infamous red shoe club. Interesting he's wearing them going to Pedophile Island.

This photo was inserted in the group of released photo's. Taken by a guest going to Epstein's Island. What does this appear to be? A tunnel system underneath the water!

Could this be where Jean-Luc Brunel is hiding? I hope there are more photo's released in the coming days. These comms...whether they're white hat, or black hat, Jean-Luc Brunel's time may be up! Nothing can stop what is coming!

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