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NXIVM and Justin Trudeau

Article written July 13, 2019

Justin Trudeau was born December 25, 1971. He’s the son of Pierre Trudeau (15th PM of Canada) and Margaret Sinclair Trudeau. He had two brothers, Alexandre & Michel (deceased). He is married to Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau. They have 3 children.

Justin and his brother Alexandre were both born on December 25-2 years apart. For Canaanites, this is a day of worship to the Sun God, also known as Baal or Moloch. Justin was chosen to be Prime Minister, and a part of the New World Order. What you have to realize, is the Elite worship a different God then you or I. They believe they come from the bloodline of Cain, brother to Abel. Whether you or I believe in this, is insignificant. It's what THEY believe!

It gives new meaning to Trudeau’s “sunny ways” campaign during the 2015 election, which has now turned into “shady ways.”

Trudeau was raised in the spotlight, being part of the Laurentian “Elite.” He was surrounded by family friends like the Bronfman’s, Mulroney’s, and world leaders like Fidel Castro and Aga Khan. Link to a previous thread I did on the Trudeau’s Hollywood Lifestyle.

Justin attended Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf and graduated from McGill University in 1994 and University of British Columbia in 1998. He has a bachelor of arts, and a bachelor of education. He taught math, and drama at the Elite Vancouver private school, West Point Grey Academy.

His brother Alexandre or “Sacha” as he is called (after former ambassador of the USSR to Canada and family friend Alexander Yakovlev.) studied at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf. He graduated with a philosophy degree from McGill University 1997. He’s an author and filmmaker.

Alexandre introduced Justin to classmate Sophie Grégoire, who he would later marry. Alexandre is described as a “revolutionary” having traveled extensively to war torn regions creating documentaries. The two are very different, but yet, quite similar.

At McGill University, Justin met his best friend (cough handler) and debate partner Gerald Butts. Butts is behind pretty much all of Justins foreign policy decisions. The brains behind the operation, which should tell you all you need to know about Gerald.

The Trudeau family had tragedy, when Justin’s youngest brother Michel died in an Avalanche while skiing in British Columbia. He passed on Friday, November 13, 1998 at Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park at age 23.

I will never forget the red handkerchief Justin held at his brothers funeral. A Cabal Ritual.

Justin’s mother, Margaret, married Pierre at the age of 23 in 1971. The marriage only lasted 13 years. Michel passed at age of 23 on Friday the 13th. Justin Trudeau is 23rd Prime Minister. The Cabal loves their symbolic dates, and goes through great lengths to incorporate them into their lives. They will often display numbers backwards. 23=32

322 is the number of Skull and Bones, Yales Secret Society.

When Trudeau Sr. passed away in 2000, Alexandre or “Sacha” continued to live in his very famous residence Cormier House in Montreal.

Pierre Trudeau’s Funeral had some interesting guests, including Aga Khan and Fidel Castro. It is speculated that Fidel Castro is Justin’s real father.

With Pierre’s passing in 2000, the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation was established in 2001 to honor the former PM. It was set up by “supporters of the late Liberal leader in 2001.” In 2002, Chretien provided $125 million Cdn tax dollars to the foundation as start up.

The first president and CEO of the Trudeau foundation, was Dr. Stephen J. Toope, also a Graduate of McGill, and Harvard. He also just happened to be the Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto. (Peter Munk of Barrister Gold-think 9/11).

This article gives an overview of the Bush family, Barrister Gold-Peter Munk and connection to 9/11.

To determine Trudeau’s ties to NXIVM, and IMO, Jeffrey Epstein we have to start by following the money. The Foundations and LLC companies are the method they pay each other, and siphon off the proceeds to off-shore accounts.

If you’d like to see what a tangled web Canada weaves, here is a list of Largest Canadian Donations by Foundations in Canada. It was last updated in 2016. List of foundations:

Justin attended University in BC, where he met roommate Christopher Charles Ingvaldson. Once they graduated, both went on to teach at West Point Grey Academy. They became lifelong friends.

Who founded West Point Grey Academy? 4 partners from China. Meet Dr. Peter Wong. He co-founded the school with 3 other prominent Chinese Businessmen. He was awarded the Order of BC.

Remember Justin’s scandal in 2016? Justin was caught at a Chinese Fundraiser in Toronto and after receiving donations to his foundation, was accused of Pay for Play. West Point Buddies!

Ingvaldson even announced his desire to be the Liberal MP candidate in the district of Vancouver-Kingsway, and developed social media pages announcing his plans after encouragment from Justin.

“His arrest and imprisonment on child porn and pedophilia charges have ended any chance Ingvaldson had of entering politics, even in Trudeau’s liberal Canada.”

Ingvaldon was found guilty of child pornography charges after being caught directing an international pedophile ring. (Arrested 2010, not sentenced until 2018.)

I’ll bet Justin wanted him to be in charge of that district! So much corruption including Gastown, and a huge Asian community. Look what else is in that riding-BB Studio’s. Think NXIVM and Alison Mack. Frank Guistra owns BB Studio's and Lionsgate.

Frank Guistra, Canadian Billionaire, also has heavy ties to Bill Clinton and involved with NXIVM/Epstein, Haiti, and Uranium 1.

Guistra seems upset about the scrutiny he’s receiving with being associated with the Clinton’s. There is a reason for it.

Guistra also founded a company called Elpida, which Justin praised at the UN, as well as the Radcliffe Foundation.

Another Frank Guistra Foundation-the Radcliffe Foundation, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau just felt a need to become involved, and praised by Trudeau.

Note the symbol used in Elpida's Logo.

Same symbol as the Trudeau Foundation.

How does Frank Guistra connect to Hollywood, and the Bronfman’s? He purchased Liongate in 1997, which also owns Summit (think Twilight Series). They film in Vancouver. The first film he did-the remake of the movie Lolita! Who's plane was nicknamed the Lolita Express? Jeffrey Epstein.

Guistra sold Lionsgate in 2006 to Bosa Corp. Guistra decided to keep Head Office in Vancouver as most of the Board is located in Canada. Guistra is of course connected to Robert Bosa through mutual foundations.

Frank Guistra is a partner with Bill Clinton in the Clinton-Guistra Enterprise Partnership. Guistra has donated $66 million to the Clinton Foundation. He “assisted” the Clinton’s after the Haiti Earthquake, and with U1.

Here’s the list of Productions made in Vancouver courtesy of the Bronfman & Guistra Hollywood Machine. If you think NXIVM was the only operation running, guess again. This goes WAY deeper, and not just sex trafficking-think drugs, human and organ.

Now, how does Justin and his brother Alexandre connect to the Clinton Foundation? To start, through THEIR foundation of course! Alexandre took over the Trudeau Foundation when Justin became Prime Minister of Canada in 2015. Since his election, money to his foundation has POURED in.

Meet Farah Mohamed, who is part of the Trudeau Foundation. She works on Malala Fund, served as founder and CEO of G(irls)20, She also oversaw the Foundation’s work in Liberia, and lead a 1Million Dollar humanitarian relief effort in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

The PET Foundation conveniently left out her work with the Clinton Global Initiative. “Co-anchor, The Clinton Global Initiative’s Network. Investing in Girls & Women, and Virgin Unite Canada (Richard Branson’s foundation). G(irls)20-CGI

Also meet Adelle Blacket, another McGill Alumni with the Trudeau Foundation. Former official of the ILO in Geneva, an expert on international standard on decent work for domestic workers leading to the adoption of ILO Convention No. 189, No. 201; HAITI (2011-2014).

If we studied each Board Member, and Associate, I guarantee all will connect to players for the Clintons, Bronfmans and United Nations. Now, can you understand Trudeau’s massive donations of Canadian tax payer dollars to these causes, including donations to the Clinton Foundation. It's how the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation got it's start. They never use their own money, they just steal ours. One.big.machine.

In addition to the work brother Alexandre’s does with the Foundation, he also works for Maclean’s, & owns the company JuJuFilms, which operates in Montreal and NY. There seems to be film companies world wide with the JUJU Films company name, but Alexandre's name is not listed on said companies.

In 2013, Trudeau brought childhood friend Stephen Bronfman into the fold to become Chief Fundraiser for his candidacy for Prime Minister.

He also hired friend Gerald Butts to be his Advisor. Butts is co-founder of Canada 2020. Butts, became CEO of Prince Philip’s genocidal World Wildlife Fund of Canada in 2008. Butts attended 2007 Bilderberg & supports World Depopulation.

Gerald Butts is mentioned in John Podesta’s Wikileaks. He appeared when trying to set up a one on one meeting with Hillary Clinton as Canada 2020 arranged for her to speak.

While the Trudeau Team was at an "apolitical" event in Washington, DC, the Bronfman’s were so arrogant, with zero moral compass, they led fundraising efforts at a Canada 2020 event. It even upset the Hillary Clinton Team. That means, it must have been pretty bad. 

In 2015, shortly after Justin Trudeau was elected, he went on a trip to Aga Khan’s private Island with Stephen Bronfman. They flew on Aga Khan’s private helicopter-a clear ethics violation while Prime Minister. Aga Khan has huge business interests and foundations in Canada. The "Elite" sure enjoys their islands!

And let’s not forget Justin’s close personal friend Peter Daglish-Senior UN Official. He was arrested on pedophilia charges in Nepal. He had worked in Nepal, and Africa.

Remember Liberia, I’m developing a theory.

Dalglish, co-founded a Canadian charity called Street Kids International in 1988.

In December 2016, Dalglish was named member of the Order of Canada for his humanitarian work. Daglish also worked with the World Health Organization and the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response in Liberia, although I’m unable to locate the exact date.

Interesting, how Liberia was such a focus for the Clinton’s and the UN a decade prior to the Ebola outbreak? Now all the Humanitarian Charities are rolling in, the Clinton’s, and Trudeau’s brother to do a documentary film? And, a crisis wouldn't be complete without this Joker caught in the middle. Positively frightening!

Young Alexandre Trudeau went to Liberia in 1998 to film his documentary. Same time “President Clinton” made his visit.

Of note, Alexandre also did films in Chad, Sudan, China, Iraq and Afghanastan and Syria. “Sacha,” spends his time glorifying China, Cuba and Nations of Islam. He also made a propaganda video for Iran.

Sacha created JuJuFilms with a school friend Matthew Hearn. Matthew Hearn co-founded JuJuFilms, and moved to New York with some VERY interesting connections. Interestingly, the website is down. Thank goodness for screenshots! It went down, right around the time the NXIVM scandal was breaking.

Matthew Hearne was excited about their film being considered at the Tribeca Film Festival (Robert DeNiro’s Film Company)

JuJuNYC also helped with producing this video for a band. The acronym for Minor Attracted Person is MAP.

In addition to Matthew Hearne, Booker Sims also does work with JuJu Films, and close friend of Alexandre. They do photography, artwork, editing, directing, producing. They have done work with a famous photographer named Patrick McMullan. Here’s his bio.

How does he relate to the Trudeau’s? He extensively photographed Margaret Trudeau during her Studio 54 days! You can see just how big this web is!

Most photo's of Jeffery Epstein were taken by Patrick McMullan. Here’s a sampling of McMullan’s Photo’s of Jeffrey Epstein:

Just to give a sampling of the event, which was really creepy:

So, in closing I think it’s safe to say all of Justin Trudeau’s finances, family friends and income definitely prove he has some legal troubles ahead, to say the least. I’ll end this series with a quote from Alexandre Trudeau:

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