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NXIVM, Stephen Bronfman and the Canadian Connection

Article written July 10, 2019

Stephen Bronfman, son of Charles and Brother to Ellen, was born and raised in Montreal. He married Claudine Blondin Bronfman. They have 4 kids.

He purchased the long time Bronfman family home, in Westmount Montreal, renovating to make it a “greener” home.

Stephen, a trust fund kid raised in Montreal, attended Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. He returned to Montreal where he worked in the marketing department of the Montreal Expos, then owned by his late father.

In 1990, Stephen studied geology at Concordia University in Montreal. On campus, there’s a Samuel Bronfman building, and annual fellowship awards presented by Stephen Bronfman and his wife Claudine. I suppose the geology degree came in handy for future “dealings."

Stephen joined his father Charles’ private equity firm Claridge in 1990.

The firm invested in artist tours by the Rolling Stones, Madonna, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Their “partners” span from Real Estate, Entertainment, and Food Production.

Stephen Bronfman’s first deal made through Claridge was Canadian Broadcasting Assets, Canadian brewer Labatt, which included sports networks. In 1999 the company, renamed Netstar, was sold to Canadian broadcaster CTV which gained 90% profit.

The “Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Foundation” operates under Claridge. It allocates about $5-million annually to “select projects” related to the environment, culture, entrepreneurship, Jewish identity, Israel advocacy, with a focus on Quebec and Montreal.

The Foundation contributes to major capital campaigns, such as those for the McGill University Health Centre, the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal super-hospitals, as well as Centraide. Stephen Bronfman was the Chair for Centraide.

The “Foundation” is a “flow-through,” meaning that it has no assets. It’s budget is drawn up each year often in partnership with government or non-profit organizations. The organization also has a relationship with the David Suzuki Foundation.

Stephen Bronfman’s Foundation has also partnered with Canada C3 Antartica. Students on Ice (SOI) has led educational expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic.

The Bronfmans established a complicated ownership structure with family trusts, much like the Trudeau’s. They eventually built the TD Centre in Toronto, owned the Montreal Expos, the Bank of Montreal, funded Liberal causes in Canada and Israel.

Brian Mulroney, best friend of George HW Bush, was being roasted at an event in his honor by long time family friend Leo Kolber. The same Leo Kolber that moved all the Elite wealth to Cayman Ilsand offshore accounts. Of course, Bronfman’s in attendence.

The Bronfman family has pulled Canada’s Political Strings decade after decade since the 1920's. Pierre Trudeau, John Turner, Paul Martin, Jean Chretien, Brian Mulroney and now Stephen’s own personal puppet Justin Trudeau.

Stephen Bronfman and Justin Trudeau are childhood friends. The Trudeau and Bronfman families have been friends for decades. Stephen attended Trudeau’s wedding, and the Trudeaus have been Bronfman’s guest at the family’s farmhouse near Mont Tremblant, Quebec.

Charles Bronfman’s money was instrumental in founding Canada 2020. Stephen was given the reins to his father’s legacy, and was a driving force behind Justin Trudeau’s rise to power, through such organizations as Canada 2020.

For decades, the Bronfman’s came to prominence within Canada as key fundraisers for the Liberal Party of Canada and filled cabinets with their Laurentian Elite friends.

In 2013, Stephen Bronfman was named chief fundraiser and senior adviser for the Trudeau Liberals. Mr. Bronfman “exuded confidence at the Liberal summer caucus over what he had to do to fill Liberal coffers.”

Gerald Butts, Trudeau’s other lifelong friend was also a founder for Canada 2020, which is registered as a non-profit. In 2014, Canada 2020 hosted Hillary Clinton in Ottawa, and a personal meeting with Justin Trudeau was being arranged. They were pretty confident Trudeau would be the next Prime Minister well in advance of the election.

In 2017, Stephen Bronfman in the Paradise Papers indicated Liberal fundraiser Stephen Bronfman was linked to offshore Cayman Islands trusts. It took less than a day for Trudeau to state that the CRA had looked into Bronfmans case and found no problems.

After all, how could that possibly be, considering long time family friend and confident Leo Kolber had been investing in off-shore accounts for the Bronfman’s and their elite friends for decades.

Under pressure from so-called cash-for-access fundraisers, the Liberals have started reporting details about all fundraisers. Those rules came in after Bronfman held big fundraisers at the Westmount mansion—the most expensive house in Montreal.

It seems Stephen Bronfman’s involvement with Justin Trudeau spelled nothing but trouble for the lad, although much of Trudeau’s corruption was done all on his own.  Seems illegal donations were taken from SNC Lavalin.

It was discovered Stephen Bronfman employed SNC Lavalin CEO’s wife Emma Griffen. Their Montreal home sold for more than $3.3 million. The sale states that “she will become a non-resident of Canada”. Bronfman stated she will remain in his employ.

Coincidentally, Sara Bronfman became “passionately” involved in Libya, having visited the eastern city of Benghazi for what she calls "a few very intense days" in November 2011. 

Sound familiar? Cousin Sara Bronfman of NXIVM had married Basit Igtet who fled to Switzerland. In 2010 Igtet founded the Independent Libya Foundation (ILF), an organization supporting the fledgling rebel movement. In 2011, Sara Bronfman met Basit, a native of Benghazi.

Was SNC Lavalin part of Sara and her husbands new plan for a “liberated Libya?” Or were they a liability to the Bronfman’s?

Of course, Trudeau publicly denies that his office ever discussed the SNC Lavalin case with Stephen Bronfman, although SNC Lavalin happened to make illegal donations to Liberal Party. 

It seems to me, either way-it is a win, win for the Bronfman’s, and the Political puppets they paid off to take control of Libya from Ghaddafi. SNC Lavalin has decided on a corruption trial in relation to accusations of money laundering and bribes from 2001-2011 with Ghaddafi. SNC-Lavalin corruption trial could prove more scandalous than Wilson-Raybould affair.

With all if this scandal surrounding Justin Trudeau, his popularity in rapid decline, Stephen Bronfman has his eye set on another candidate for the 2019 Canadian Election. Chrystia Freeland. Looks like the Honeymoon is over!

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