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NXIVM The "Self-Help Group"

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Article written June 23, 2019

Branded as a "cult" over the past few years, it's become very apparent how these organizations were able to weaponize the very virtue of everyday common people. Self-help, philanthropy, and charity work is the mechanism by which these organizations operate, and fortunately is make them increasingly easy to spot.

Globalist Organizations use the same money-laundering scheme's. As a result, we’re becoming increasingly aware of the Globalist “buzzwords” they've claimed over the years to garner the support of unaware citizens. They definitely know how to appeal to our sense of humanity, and desire to make this world a better place, and have managed to weaponize it against us. "Sustainability, Global Citizens, and Acts of Kindness" are just one small example.

It’s important to see how they successfully branded human trafficking, illegal drug and gun running World Wide. This can NOT be allowed to happen again in our society. To ensure this, we must learn the Cabal's symbolism, and communications. Recognize it, so we can end it. As QAnon has stated over and over again, “Symbolism will be their downfall.”

The NXIVM website is the best example of how they play on people's good nature, while sprinkling in their symbolism because they have to let you know what they're doing. Their buzzwords appeal to the masses-after all, who doesn’t want the very best for themselves, or their children? The group is so detached from reality, this is the message they provided to members when the website was brought down due to the arrests.

Here are the main programs that made up the NXIVM Corporation. I will not decode the symbolism-my hope it that YOU my friends will do some decoding of the symbols. I'll post some of them to get you started, but there are so many video's out there with which to learn. The Cabal comms need to be learned, and I highly encourage this to be an exercise for you to understand and begin to research! Not everybody-but many have forgotten critical thinking, and researching for yourself, instead of being spoon-fed by the mainstream media.

Ethical Science Foundation

Executive Success Program

Rainbow Cultural Garden (This one breaks my heart)

In Lak’Ekh


Society of Protectors

Ethical Humanitarian Foundation

The Foundations “Legend” is incredibly predictable. As above, so below. Think mirror…

They even had the nerve to quote Helen Keller on their website. That's how incredibly sick they are!

This is the face of the company, but I assure you he was NOT the leader. He was psychotic, a narcissist-and more! But not the brains behind the operation.

This is the face of the company, but I assure you he was NOT the leader. He was psychotic, a narcissist-and more! But not the brains behind the operation, but a puppet who’s taking the fall for the bigger players.

This organization branded their members, performed human experimentation and kept women as sex slaves. Keep that in mind, when recognizing the symbology. This is the best indicator for these organizations-most are morphed into their company logo's. There are many other symbols that are used, but these are most common.

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