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President Trump, Coronavirus and the Cleveland Medical Clinic.

After it was revealed the early morning of October 2, 2020 that President Trump, and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for Corona Virus, there's been a lot of speculation on behalf of mainstream media about where they were exposed to the virus. The President's Advisor Hope Hicks was the first to test positive, and there are approximately 12 others close to the President that has tested positive since.

Many news outlets questioned where the President contracted the virus, and are trying to tie the transmission to the event at the Rose Garden, where President Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court on September 28, 2020. Seven who tested positive attended the event at the White House in the Rose Garden. Some infected were wearing masks at the event. In addition, all needed to test negative to a COVID19 test prior to entering.

In my opinion, it seems more likely the President and First Lady would have caught the virus at the Presidential Debate at the Cleveland Medical Clinic in Ohio. Those who tested positive all assisted the President that day with Debate Preparation. It is incredibly suspect IMO that ONLY Republicans have tested positive for COVID19, and no Democrats have been affected.

The media has played, at nauseam the President's family declining masks from the Cleveland Clinic which was a rule in the Debate hall.

Is there a reason President Trumps' family declined masks from the Cleveland Clinic debate? 

The words of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, cause me a great amount of concern in this very bizarre video. In addition to speaking about having lots of arrows left in her quiver, she also discussed nothing being off the table. This was also the interview where she seemed to short circuit. How far would they go to delay the Supreme Court Nominee from being sworn in prior to the election? How far would they go to ensure President Trump is not re-elected?

This lead me to take a look at the Cleveland Medical Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio where the Presidential Debate was held on September 29, 2020. The Cleveland Medical Clinic had hosted a DNC townhall in 2016 for Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas, Nevada .

The Cleveland Medical Clinic also gained some attention on May 14, 2020 when the US accused a Chinese-born researcher at Cleveland Medical Clinic of ties to Chinese spying. Dr. Qing Wang is a Chinese-born U.S. citizen specializing in genetics and cardiovascular disease who had been affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic since 1997. The FBI claims Dr. Qing Wang received more than $3.6 million in grants from the NIH while also collecting money for the same research from the Chinese government. Very suspect.

A little bit of history on the Cleveland Medical Clinic, which is an American academic medical center based in Cleveland, Ohio. It is owned and operated by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, an Ohio nonprofit corporation established in 1921. It runs 11 affiliated hospitals, 19 family health centers in Northeast Ohio, and hospitals in Florida and Nevada. Outside the United States, Cleveland Clinic also operates the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi hospital and a outpatient sports medicine clinic in Toronto. A Cleveland Clinic hospital campus in London, England is scheduled to open in 2021.

In 2008, the same year Barack Obama was elected President, Cleveland Clinic became the first healthcare provider in the United States to become a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and the second in the world.

It seems the Cleveland Clinic is quite cozy with the Democrat Party. Hillary and Bill Clinton's doctor is with the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Mark Hyman. In fact, he had lots to say when President Trump signed an executive order aimed at rolling back Obamacare, with plans for a possible repeal. The doctor, and medical adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton stated "a re-do on the Affordable Care Act won’t fix the underlying health-care issue plaguing Americans today." He stated the main problem is obesity.

In 2015, the Clinic's endowment stood at more than $12 billion. During the coronavirus pandemic, the Cleveland Clinic received a $199 million grant from the United States Department of Health and Human Services under the CARES Act, funding that was intended to prevent health care providers from going under. In 2019, the Cleveland Clinic reported having $7 billion in cash reserves, with investment profits of $1.2 billion.

It's incredibly difficult to find donor information to the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. In 1997, Al and Norma Lerner gave the largest single charitable donation made to the Clinic up until that point. The Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute, which conducts biomedical research was dedicated to the Lerner's.

Al and Norma Lerner founded the credit card company MBNA. From 2006 to 2011, Norma was a member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, and a member of its executive committee. Norma is president of the Lerner Foundation, director of the Cleveland Medical Clinic, co-founder of the Lerner Research Institute, and founder of the Cleveland Clinic Lerner School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University.

Their son, Randy Lerner is an American billionaire investor and former sports-team owner. He became the majority owner of the American football team, the Cleveland Browns, of the National Football League, upon the death of his father Alfred "Al" Lerner in October 2002. In August 2012, he sold the team.

Their other daughter Nancy Lerner is an American investor, philanthropist, and billionaire. She established the Partnership for Families program which pays for In Vitro Fertilization for couples who are unable to afford the procedure.

The Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute (LRI) conducts biomedical research in a 480,000-square-foot building that opened in 1999, following a $16 million donation from Al and Norma Lerner in 1997, the largest single charitable donation made to the Cleveland Clinic up until that point

Another interesting development that occurred in 2019. Cleveland Clinic received the largest gift in its nearly 100-year history with a $261 million distribution from the Lord Foundation of Ohio. The Lord Foundation-Biblical? In addition, the same was awarded to Duke University, MIT, and USC, for a total of 1 billion dollars. The late Thomas Lord led the family-owned company until his death in 1989. LORD Corporation is a diversified technology and manufacturing company that develops adhesives, coatings, motion management devices, and sensing technologies for industries such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and industrial. With world headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, LORD has approximately 3,100 employees in 26 countries and operates 19 manufacturing facilities and 10 R&D centers worldwide. As of October 30, 2019, the company has been acquired by Parker Hannifin.

More digging into this foundation is required. It would seem the Lord Foundation is set up in every city the massive donation went, for the express purpose of supporting the designated medical clinic, including MIT. It is very difficult to find information on who other donors of the Lord Foundation are...these are the only financials available online.

Lord Foundation of Ohio Financials from 1998

Lord Foundation Financials of Ohio from 1997

Hugh Lord started the Lord Corporation. He was a Patent Attorney in Erie, Pennsylvania. On the website, it states many of the products they have patented through it's years of operations. I believe it's safe to say this company is a CIA front. A front heavily washing funds through Medical Facilities .

It seems WW2 changed the company significantly. I wonder what happened?

Interesting company to fund massive medical clinics in the United States.

So, in 1988 it appears Jura Corporation controlled stock of the Lord Corporation. The odd thing about this, and I quote, "Lord’s estate plan created a holding company, Jura Corporation, which owned all of the voting stock and most of the non-voting stock of the LORD Corporation, as well as four foundations which, in turn, owned a significant part of Jura: the Lord Foundation of California, which supports USC; the Lord Foundation of Massachusetts, which supports MIT; the Lord Foundation of North Carolina, which supports Duke; and the Lord Foundation of Ohio, which supports Cleveland Clinic." Odd.

So, what does this have to do with the Cleveland Medical Clinic? It's important to understand funding sources, and the heavy influence of donors. Cleveland Medical Clinic also has many famous patients. Oprah, Robin Williams, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and LeBron James.

The other connection to the Cleveland Medical Clinic-Les and Abigail Wexner, the owner of Victoria Secret and L Brands and associate of Jeffrey Epstein.

According to reports Maria Farmer, Epstein’s first known victim, filed a complaint in New York City federal court alleging that in 1996, she was “violently sexually assaulted” by Epstein at the guest house in the Columbus suburb of New Albany, “owned and secured” by Abigail Wexner and her husband, Leslie.

Ohio State University shares many initiatives with the Cleveland Medical Clinic. After these allegations, the CEO of Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center resigned following criticism from doctors. Dr. Sheldon Retchin, CEO of Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center, resigned after doctors and professors wrote top university leaders saying they had no confidence in his job performance.

In 2012, the hospital at The Ohio State University became The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. The Wexner family also provided student scholarships through the Wexner Graduate Fellowship. Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus dedicated its Abigail Wexner Research Institute to honor their benefactor and supporter.

Abigail Koppel Wexner was born in 1962 to Mr. and Mrs. Yehuda Koppel in New York. Her father opened the first ticket office in New York for El Al Israel Airlines. She's best known for her charity work and marriage to the 413th richest person in the world, Les Wexner.

Mrs. Wexner Practiced Law From 1987-1992 Before Becoming The Founder And Chair of The Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence and

She serves as a board member for multiple organizations, including the Center for Child and Family Advocacy, the Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence,, KIPP Journey Academy, Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation, and the Wexner Center Foundation.

In 2012, the Cleveland Clinic and Ohio University opened a medical school extension campus in Northeast Ohio.

To this date, the allegations against Les and Abigail Wexner remain allegations. It is clear the relationship Jeffrey and Ghislaine Maxwell had with Les Wexner. It would seem we have an overlap of the relationship between Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, the Wexner and Bronfman family-NXIVM and Epstein collide.

How far would these organizations go to try to prevent President Trump from being re-elected? Given the Cleveland Medical Clinic's association with Chinese Spies, the Wexner Family, Maxwell's, the Lord Foundation, and the Clinton's, all options are on the table.

There were many people who had access to the President's equipment, microphone, debate stand, in addition to his water. As Nancy Pelosi said-nothing is off the table!

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