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President Trump Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Big Tech

In a huge announcement made this morning from his golf course in Bedminster New Jersey, President Trump announced he was filing a massive class action lawsuit against big tech.

President Trump is suing Twitter, Facebook, and Google for suppressing conservative voices, and inviting others to join in the suit who has had their voices suppressed and blacklisted from the internet for simply being Conservative and engaging in "wrongthink." This is a big step for the protection of First Ammendment Constitutional rights.

Big Tech has been drunk on power for many years, but amped up their censorship with the election of President Donald Trump in 2016. Not only did they engage in the censorship and banning the President of the United States, but also millions of his followers. In an extraordinary move, they banned a sitting United States President from their platforms, deployed "fact checkers" with disclaimers on his, and many other Conservative influencers that had the audacity to challenge the Democrat Party agenda.

Big Tech should not be the arbiters of truth online....that should be left up to the courts to decide. Who else has big tech suppressed and banned from their platform? Hamas? ISIS, have they taken down child pornography, and human trafficking schemes on Twitter and Facebook's platform? No, they have not. Perhaps they shouldn't be as concerned about protecting the Democrat Machine's narrative, and instead work harder to protect children online.

The Mullah of Iran, and ISIS Leader's accounts continue to thrive on both platforms, and consistently call for death to Israel and America, and yet the President of the United States was banned from speaking to the American people, and the World. This is what is dangerous, in my opinion.

If you have been silenced by Big Tech, you can join in the class action lawsuit by going to to join the lawsuit, or share your story.

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