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Red October-The Hunt for Deep State Canada

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Many Canadians have asked me whether Canada has allowed submarines from China to infiltrate our waters uncontested, which would pose a massive threat to the United States. Although this can't be verified, as it would be a matter of top classification there have been many events witnessed since President Trump's Presidency that would lead me to believe there's been an infiltration of Globalists who do not have Canada's interest in mind. China has been infiltrating Canada for many years, purchasing our resources, corporations, energy, and influencing Government Policy which is incredibly dangerous.

Seven documents were released by a Commons committee on Canada-China relations that was formed in January 2020 after opposition parties united to outvote the Liberal minority, which opposed the creation of such a committee.

The last of the documents described in a cover letter by Global Affairs' top civil servant as "a concise diagnostic for the incoming minister of foreign affairs to set the stage for strategic advice on how to approach relations with China". That paper, written in October 2019, warns that "while Canada has long framed its China policy through the lens of economic opportunity, it now needs to take account of Beijing's long-term strategic challenge to Canada's interests and values."

The paper cites the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as an example of how Beijing "promotes perspectives on governance, economic security and human rights that diverge in fundamental ways from Canada's."

The Trudeau government has bought a stake in the bank, committing to give it $256 million over five years.

"Canada-China" says that China exerts influence not merely to advance its commercial interests, but also to promote its authoritarian model of government. It describes the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Belt and Road Initiative as the means of pushing that model on the developing world. China has utilized these alternative forums to leverage its economic prowess to gain regional influence and export its model of governance around the world."

China's goals have worked, and under Prime Minister Trudeau's dangerous government it would appear plans have accelerated. Not only economically, Canada has become intrinsically dependent on Chinese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies. As I wrote in my article "Winnipeg Woman Sentenced for Purchasing Chemical Weapon from the Dark Web." there has been an increase of Chinese Spy activity on the US Via Canada. This should concern every Canadian.

Is it a stretch to think China may be influencing our Military activities? I don't believe it's a stretch. After all, when Canada signed the FIPA agreement with China, we allowed China full access, where they have more rights in this country than Canadians.

I hesitated in writing this, as it is a theory. I do believe this may become important for future events, as Obama Gate unravels, as well as other ongoing investigations and Grand Juries.

If you've been following QAnon, there have been many questionable activities happening behind the scenes. The future news unlocks the MAP. President Trump, who is not a Globalist, has done tremendous work at bringing down the Globalist system World Wide. If America falls, the rest of the world falls also. Every country has a shadow government controlling operations. China is no exception. President Trump and the Q Team have opened that curtain to give us a glimpse of the cesspool that lay behind.

In 2018, there was a series of events that I believe Canada may have been directly involved in. It began with the G7 Meeting in Canada on June 7 and 8, 2018. Canada hosted the G7 in Charlevoix, Quebec which included a group of 7 of the world's most advanced economies and consisted of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union.

President Trump tweeted the following:

It wasn't long before criticism of President Trump ensued. There was a "spat" over the recent US tariffs on steel and aluminium imports. This now iconic photo emerged of "negotiations."

It was reported the summit ended in disarray, as President Trump would not endorse a joint communique. The issue's were wide ranging, however President Trump wouldn't endorse the Paris Climate Accord which was a Deep State Slush Fund. He was right not to bend to this Globalist Cesspool.

When President Trump left the conference, Prime Minister Trudeau made many false statements at his closing press conference, including vowing to press ahead with retaliatory tariffs against the US on 1 July. Trudeau stated "Canadians are polite and reasonable but we will also not be pushed around."

While enroute to his next summit, President Trump hit back, with this tweet:

Notice the beautiful 17?

While AF1 was heading to meet Kim Jung-Un from North Korea at the Singapore summit,

President Trump and his Intelligence must have known about an impending threat, as they rerouted and didn't tell anybody.

At approximately 4:00AM Pacific Time, a photo was captured by

which is a local Washington State weather website that also runs a number of webcams located near Hanesville, Washington.

The site's cameras look across the Puget Sound at Whidbey Island from Skunk Bay and one of them takes time-lapses. Just before 4am on Sunday, June 10th, that camera captured a rocket launch that seems to be emanating from or near Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.

It was fired by anti-Trump forces in an effort to shoot down Air Force One, then on its way to Singapore for the summit with Kim Jong Un.

Whidbey Island is a long, rugged island in Puget Sound, north of Seattle. It’s 168 square miles, and has a population of over 80,000 people. Whidbey Island does have a naval base, and the Navy has a number of other bases in the area, including a base for nuclear submarines (along with thousands of warheads) about 60 miles south of that base, Naval Submarine Base Bangor

President Trumps public schedule that day stated he left the U.S. Saturday June 9 11:50 am EST He arrived in Singapore 8:35am EST, 8:35 pm Local time. He was airborne when this was witnessed.

On November 1, 2017 POTUS would be well insulated and protected on AF1 and abroad when operations would be conducted due to the nature of the entrenchment (of enemies). 17 exposed his password on May 19 showing that pain would be coming in 23 days.

on June 11, 2018. The exact same day as the Whidbey Island episode.

The main thing I've learned, is that mistakes don't generally happen-everything has meaning. Misspellings matter, and double meanings exist. Keep in mind, Justin Trudeau is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. If the White Hats had foreknowledge this was being planned, which I believe they did (FISA goes both ways) the 23 could be referring to Justin Trudeau.

Post 829 is a stringer, but clearly has the number 23 in the killbox. When you are in the killbox [insert name or number], that means PAIN is coming. It appears this stringer is not meant for Anons, however I do find it interesting 23 is in the killbox.

What was PM Trudeau's Itinerary on March 3, 2018? Personal Day. Personally plotting and scheming with the Deep State Cabal. Perhaps this is why this PM takes so many "personal" days. These are his shadow government op days. It shows the PM takes approximately 25% of his work year on personal days. There are no coincidences.

Post 1728 - the fact there was no Main Stream Media investigation into the Rogue Missile Launch. In fact, it was attributed by the MSM to a chopper that has a searchlight that was pointing straight down when the pilot took off -- and that's what left that vertical light streak in the sky.

17 linked this unauthorized missile fire back to the incident that involved the Emergency Alert System in Hawaii to issue an incoming missile threat which took 38 minutes for authorities to tell the populace it was a false alarm. It's no coincidence that President Trump and AF1 were re-routed on their way to Singapore. White Hats knew the threat in advance.

On June 12, 2018, 17+ who I believe is President Trump, sent the message GODSPEED ONE AND ALL. In gematria, the top search is "Guess who's back." President Trump has the best sense of humor!

An Anon questioned where the missile went, and 17 responded intercepted by F-16's.

At the time, it was not public knowledge a regular F16 possessed this capability. 17 responded it's capable with a classified specialized weapon's package. Since these posts, which critics of the movement argued vehemently that this is a bunch of BS, it has been revealed this technology does in fact exist. I’m always intrigued by black project technology, and revel in the fact President Trump is turning their own weapons against them.

Days later on July 29, 2018, Q claimed that none other than the creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti was privy to the plot. The cabal always has to let the public know what they are doing through symbolism, music, tweets and news articles.  Michael Avenatti is deeply entrenched in the deep state, connected to NXIVM, and since his pending arrest, money laundering and extortion.

An Anon put together this Proof on the 8 Chan board. These people really are stupid!

Now, the question at the time appeared to be, was this a DEW weapon, or a US submarine hacked to launch the missile from sea by bad actors? 17 has mentioned Red October in many posts. Anons theorized this was in reference to the 1984 novel written by Tom Clancy "The Hunt for Red October" which was set during the late Cold War era and involves a rogue Soviet naval captain who wishes to defect to the United States with his officers and the Soviet Navy's newest and most advanced nuclear missile submarine. What's most interesting, is "The Hunt for." There's three countries I associate with the color red-China, the Soviet Union and Canada. These drops always signified to me there is a "foreign" nuclear sub targeting the United States.

Given China's infiltration of Canada, and their presence in the Northwest Passage in the Arctic, but more importantly the Deep State has been conducting ops in the Northwest Passage for years. So much so, that Secretary Mike Pompeo stated at an Arctic Council Meeting that Canada's claims to Northwest Passage is 'illegitimate.' Of course, the Globalists at the meeting fought back, stating "Pompeo talked about Chinese investments in infrastructure in the Canadian Arctic, [but] there are none. That was a straight-out factual misstatement.”

Unlike the Antarctic Treaty, the North Pole is not ruled by such an agreement. As you can see by the graph below, there's a definite Russia threat to the North, however China has been vying for a piece of the pie, even though China does not have land connected to the Passage. I went through their efforts in this article

and the connection to Ghislaine Maxwell's company Terra Mar and her new huband Scott Borgerson and his company Cargo Metrics which claims to the be the NSA of Global Trade.

Would it be theoretically possible for the submarine used to launch the missile at AF1 be a Canadian sub? Would it be possible that Canada allowed China or Russia (2 countries both run by the Globalist Deep State) the access for this missile launch to occur?

After researching, not only is this possible, but probable. Canada has become the headquarters of the Deep State, since President Trump became elected in 2016, and slowly cut off their access to finances and intelligence. PM Justin Trudeau has been sending ridiculous amounts of money to foreign foundations, so much so that Canada is becoming bankrupt at a rapid rate.

Canada's Defense System has become so weak, I had to question whether Canada even has their own submarines, let alone with nuclear capabilities. But indeed, they do.

"The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN; French: Marine royale canadienne) is the naval force of Canada. As of 2017, the Royal Canadian Navy operates 12 frigates, 4 attack submarines, 12 coastal defence vessels and 8 patrol/training vessels, as well as several auxiliary vessels."

What's even more curious, is the fact Canadian Submarines have been inactive since 2018. Canada's subs had a very busy 2018, with "The Chicoutimi having spent a record-breaking 197 days at sea in 2018, patrolling the Asia-Pacific region from its home port in Esquimalt, B.C. The deployment was the longest ever for one of Canada's Victoria-class submarines and also marked the first Canadian sub visit to Japan in 50 years."

This article goes on to state "this also marks the first time that any of Canada's four Victoria-class submarines have ever entered the Asia-Pacific region. The overseas mission is scheduled to last until March 2018. This would mean Canada's subs were in the Asia Pacific Region when both Japan and Hawaii were forced to use their Emergency Broadcasting system in January of 2018. Is this how the deep state was planning to pin the missile attacks on North Korea?

Now, you may be saying there is no way on earth Canada would EVER be engaged in this kind of activity against our neighbor to the South, who is a very strong ally. I want you to expand your thinking. Canada's government has been infiltrated by foreign actor's-Deep State Globalists. Canada and the US have been run by Globalists for decades-until the election of President Trump. Justin Trudeau is a puppet, and clearly not President Trump's friend. He's proven to be a backstabber, and an embarrassment. This is very clear. This is a war between Globalists vs. Patriots. Good vs. Evil.

June 11, 2018, alerted us to the fact that Rod Rosenstein was in Canada for meetings.

What was this meeting in relation to, so soon after the Whidbey Island incident? FVEY's spying on President Trump's Campaign, or something else? I find the timing VERY interesting.

In addition, Q posted this in response to the password that was exposed in the post where the tripcode read "NowC@mesTheP@in----23" Multiple meanings exist, however I strongly believe this was directed at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 17 stated the password was exposed on was a clear message to 23 IMO.

Now, onto logistics. Would it be possible for a Canadian submarine to launch a missile from Whidbey Island? Would this be alarming to Washington State, or would they be used to having an ally at their base?

Look who has been stationed at Whidbey Island from 2015-2021?

"2015 saw Leader Collins appointed as Commanding Officer of the Canadian Detachment at the Naval Ocean Processing Facility Whidbey Island (NOPFWI) in Washington State. This will be his penultimate posting before he retires in 2021.

LCdr Collins holds dual Canadian and British Citizenship.

This is how close in proximity Canada's Maritime Forces Headquarters which houses Canada's submarines in comparison to Whidbey Island. Very close.

In fact, information was put out in 2018 with a warning the East Coast of the United States is NOT safe from Russian and Chinese Submarines entering US territory. It was chalked up to Russian Propoganda, however I'm not so sure.

Anon's were asked to do a reverse image search of the photo. It would appear the missile launch may have been a hack from a foreign entity. The question is from where?

Who may have easier access to this information? The CIA, think Russia via

Canada? When a reverse image search is completed, several articles explains how Chinese hackers stole highly sensitive weapons system information from Navy contractors. Which begs the question: Was the missile launch the result of a foreign government hack, or someplace a little closer to home?

There's alot of information to suggest Canada has been allowing Russia at the very least to access our Northern Territory for many years. I believe this is why 1 7 dropped "The Hunt For" from Red October. Red October is right next door, thanks to Canada. A Canadian Forces College Student, wrote a very interesting paper on Canada's Submarine's and how our future in under the ice.

Hopefully, we will obtain the answers to these questions at some point. I have hope we may, as it would appear the arrest of Chinese Spies in the US is increasing.

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