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The Bronfman Family and NXIVM

Article written June 25, 2019

Coverage by the mainstream media has mostly focused on the NXIVM Organization which portrays the Bronfman sisters as “financiers” to the cult, who were smitten with Raniere’s charm and duped into cult membership. It’s a classic case of look here, not there. Make no mistake, the Bronfman's were much more than just two girls who fell for one man's charm. It started many generations earlier with Edgar Bronfman Sr, and the Seagrams Empire.

While coverage of how NXIVM operated is important, a key piece is being left out for a reason. NXIVM is just one cog running in a world wide wheel. It is connected to the Jeffrey Epstein operation, and many more. We must first understand the Bronfman family, who pulled Elite strings for decades in America, and Canada. Understand that families like the Bronfman’s benefited greatly from the NAFTA deal.  It enabled them to “play the field” in all 3 North American nations under the guise of their liquor empire.

The Bronfman family immigrated to Canada from Russia in the 1800’s as a Jewish family, in fact their bloodline comes from Romania. Here’s how Wikipedia describes the Bronfman family.  

That’s like saying the Rothschild’s own a tiny bank. The Bronfman family is always synonymous with Seagrams Co. however wealth, political influence and domination was gained through mafia activity, bootlegging, drugs and arms smuggling. They have ties to the CIA, and MOSSAD.

Samuel Bronfman who started Seagrams in Montreal with family, in a mafioso maneuver, forced his brothers out of the company after they did all the leg work. He decided Edgar and Charles, would be the only family to work for Seagrams.

Charles Bronfman stayed in Canada, controlling Canadian Bronfman interests, while his brother Edgar Sr. Moved to Manhattan, New York controlling US interests. Edgar Bronfman Sr. was chief executive of Seagram Company, until 1994. More significantly, he was the President of the World Jewish Congress. He “retired” in 2007 after a scandal involving “financial irregularities.”

Edgar Sr’s most famous campaign in this capacity was a struggle against the Swiss banking industry to win restitution of funds belonging to Holocaust survivors and heirs that were never returned after WW2. He was considered the “Prince of Jews.”

His actions led to criticism from within the Jewish community who charged that instead of fighting Anti-Semitism they were fostering it. Edgar Sr had tiffs with the Vatican-resulting in a breakdown of dialogue. As part of Bronfman’s globetrotting diplomacy, under the guise of the WJC, Bronfman conferred with the world's top decision-makers, including Margaret Thatcher, George Bush, Golda Meir, Bill Clinton-and Angela Merkel.

In fact, World Jewish Congress President Edgar Bronfman Sr. called on US President George W. Bush to pressure Prime Minister Ariel Sharon over construction of the Green Line separation fence in Israel. Who was pulling the strings?

The Bronfmans were never known as major participants in Jewish life, prior to moving to New York. Their evolution in adulthood as Jewish communal leaders leaves me with more questions then answers. My conclusion-it was advantageous to gain power, influence and financial gain.

Where you find money, the Clinton’s are never far behind. In 1996, then US president Bill Clinton presented Edgar Bronfman Sr with a Presidential Medal of freedom for his negotiations of Holocaust assets between Swiss banks, the World Jewish Congress and the US government.

In fact, the Clinton’s have an extremely close relationship with the Bronfman family, as I’m about to lay out for you. When Edgar Sr passed, Hillary provided the memorial in his honor. Hillary Clinton stated, “He exuded a confidence and honesty that won him the friendship and support of presidents and popes and people everywhere,” the former US secretary of state and first lady told a memorial gathering in Manhattan.”

After many years, Bronfman Sr perfected money laundering through massive corporations, acquisitions, LLC’s and foundations, making it possible for his kids to continue the illegal operations in the name of philanthropy.

Over the years, the American Bronfman’s infiltrated Hollywood as well. Given their obvious ties to the CIA, Edgar Bronfman Sr, started w/buying 15% of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Edgar Jr. continued the family CIA agenda in Hollywood. Edgar Bronfman Jr. never attended college, instead headed directly to Hollywood. This was no coincidence.

After losing his bid for control of MGM, Edgar Sr. sold his interests in the late '60’s. Jr. was the main force behind Seagram’s expansion into the entertainment industry and Hollywood.

At a young age, Edgar Jr became part of the Hollywood elite. By 40, as chief executive of Seagram Co., he plunged the $11-billion liquor giant into Hollywood by buying 80% of MCA, Polygram and Universal Studio’s.

He became close friends with big names like Steven Spielberg, Michael Douglas. If you want to understand the real backlash against President Trump, look no further then the Bronfman’s longtime association with the crime, corruption and blackmail in Hollywood.

After you give this article a quick read, things may become MUCH clearer. Notables in this article-Bette Midler, Rob Reiner and 1000 other stars attended this benefit premiere along with Edgar Jr. They were friends, and in the corruption business through their foundation.

Edgar Jr made some bad business dealings and ended up selling Univeral to Vivendi. He lost billions, and ended up having to witness a sale of the family's art collection, along with the Seagrams Park Avenue building, designed by Mies van der Rohe.

Bronfman is also a managing partner in the private-equity firm Accretive LLC, and teamed up with Silicon Valley investor Daniel Leff to co-found Waverley Capital, which “is making a planned $100 million worth of early stage media investments.

So, now that we understand that the Bronfman’s have “owned” Hollywood, and media, for many years, keep in mind this is a tiny portion of their investments.

Whatever losses they sustain publically, seems to not affect future billion dollar investments. In addition, there are hundreds, if not 1000’s of LLC companies-too numerous to mention, foundations, investment firms, oil companies, real estate-simply an exhaustive list. The most significant I found was Bronfman Rothschild (The name has now curiously been changed to “Wealthspire.”)

To understand the power this family wields, these are the holdings of Bronfman Rothschild:

This is a tiny sampling from a screenshot captured from the website on June 25, 2019:

One thing that caught my eye was a holding called Vanguard. I have to admit the stock market is not my fortay, but this caught my eye. Significant? “Vanguard” or Keith Raniere, was supposedly some mathematical genius. What if? This is the description of Vanguard.

Now whether this entity “Vanguard” is related to NXIVM activities-a way to launder their dirty money, I can only speculate. However, guess who owns significant shares of MSM Mockingbird Media, 4am talking point company Gannett?

Another piece of the puzzle, researched some time ago, but ties into NXIVM, is Cemex. We were first introduced to Cemex when a child sex trafficking camp was found on it’s property in Arizona.

I came across an article of a Cemex location in Monterrey Mexico, where the CEO had unexpectedly died. “Employees hold a photograph of Lorenzo Zambrano at a building of Mexican cement giant Cemex in Monterrey May 13, 2014.”

Who else had an operation in Monterrey Mexico? That’s right-NXIVM. Coincidence? What would one need a cement company for?

This leads us into the record of Bronfman Rothschild LP Contributions to none other than the Clinton Foundation (where there’s corruption, there’s the Clinton’s!)

In addition, Edgar Bronfman Jr and Chelsea Clinton have ALOT in common.

*Edgar Bronfman, Jr is a member of Hillary Clinton for President and Friends of Hillary organizations. *Both members of the Council on Foreign Relations. * Endeavor and Accel (Bronfmans) have been involved in investment schemes with the Clinton Foundation since 2009.

* Since 2011 Chelsea Clinton has been Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation.

This web runs deep!

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