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The Deep State NGO Scam-Now and Then

When it comes to Deep State scams, the Cabal has utilized the same playbook for decades, to achieve their long term goals.  The Cabal plays the long game, by generation. It’s how they’ve managed to infiltrate multiple countries from the inside. Their ploys have been wildly successful. Until now.  This is the story of a 12 yr old Canadian boy from Thornhill, Ontario.  His parents were both Teachers and Real Estate Developers. He came from modest means, and his parents Fred and Theresa were supportive of their son. One day, he read a newspaper article about a young boy in India being sold by his parents for $16.00 for Child Labor.   He decided he couldn’t stand by and watch. He needed to take action.  His parents supported the early stages of this young lads organization, headquartered in the family home. He immediately started petitioning to end Child Labor and poverty in Third World Countries like India, Asia and Africa.   As luck would have it, a young Craig Kielburger traveled to Asia with Alam Rahman, a 25-year-old family friend from Bangladesh to see the horrendous conditions of child laborers for himself.  While in Asia, they were so surprised to learn that Prime Minister Jean Chrétien was also travelling to Bangladesh. What a coincidence. It was Prime Minister Jean Chretien that carried on Pierre Trudeau’s legacy by setting up the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation using tax payer dollars.   Craig was miraculously granted 15 minutes of time with Chretien to advocate for Canadian action on the issue of child labour, making headlines across Canada and internationally. Upon his return, Kielburger attracted international media attention with features on 60 Minutes and the Oprah Winfrey Show.   Craig Kielburger interview on 60 minutes.

Craig Kielburger on Children’s rights.

Craig Kielburger-Lesson’s Learned from Oprah Winfrey and Nelson Mandela

In retrospect, after researching many NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) and the key players, knowing the atrocities committed, it makes my stomach turn.  Crimes against humanity, under the guise of saving the kids, all the while exploiting a chosen young person (likely in a CIA family, and groomed) to achieve their goals.  This is a tough pill to swallow.  

Oprah had young Craig on her show promoting his work, after he met with Canada's Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Oprah was heavily involved with Craig’s non-profit “free the children.”  through Oprah's Angel Network charity. In the time that’s passed, Oprah has been involved in very questionable conduct through her Foundations.  For instance, her involvement with John of God. Another scandal, there was a dead newborn found at Oprah’s school in South Africa. Here’s 10 controversies in relation to Oprah’s “generosity.” I think I'll pass.

People followed the "Stars" and wanted to be just like them. Oprah promoted her “Charities” so African children could have clean drinking water, and the cash flowed. Prior to Oprah, the cash flowed for Sally Struthers, and World Vision until that TV scam was realized. Craig Kielburger’s NGO “Free the Children” foundation was even promoted for it’s “Adopt a Village” Initiative on The Clinton Foundation website. Just ask Hillary Clinton about the initiative. She misunderstood what the program was about, and decided to TAKE many Villages from Haiti following the earthquake in 2010. Here is a clip from one of President Trump's electrifying roasts of Hillary Clinton during the Alfred E. Smith Charity dinner, with the Cabal in full attendance.

Who doesn’t want to help the less fortunate?  Sadly, that’s what the Cabal is counting on.

And President Trump knows all about the corruption. If you haven't already guessed, that's why the media and other corrupt Hollywood Stars, and Politicians are espousing such hatred. They have ALOT of money to lose.

Fast Forward 2 Decades later.  Climate change has become the new “buzzword” used by the Deep State to fill their own pockets for their black site operations.  If we don’t give money now, there’ll be no planet left! We must act now! Do you ever wonder how the Democrat Party in America always seems to have an endless supply of money to fund their candidates and initiatives, despite the DNC being almost broke? Once again, the United Nations is the main vehicle used to drive this climate “initiative” through their Agenda for Sustainable Development that plans on taking developed nations back to the stone age, in addition to disturbing goals to achieve depopulation. They needed a new inspirational young activist to pull at the sheep’s heartstrings, as Craig is now all grown up, and appears to have his own set of problems amidst the “We Scandal” with Justin Trudeau. Enter young Climate Activist Greta Thunberg.   She’s just an average everyday Swedish kid with Autism, interested in Climate Change and helping to save the world. Everybody can play their part, and make a difference, right? Who doesn’t want to save the World? And these “random” kids are so “inspirational.”

And now, Greta Thunberg has set up a non-profit organization, quietly in the midst of the pandemic, that’ll be a siphon for the Deep State Cabal, just like the “Free the Children” and “We” non-profit.  So grassroot, unfortunately so predictable.

These kids are being used by the Cabal to enrich themselves, and using their NGO’s as a way to launder money, and deceive the public at large into parting with their hard earned money.  It’s time for “We the People” to stop giving to these NGO’s and recognize what these organizations are being used for. It's time to find real solutions.


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