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The Denver International Airport. As Above, so Below

Article written March 10, 2019

QAnon Posted drop #2997 on March 7, 2019.

Why did Qanon Post this link to the Chive Article about the Denver International Airport? There’s been countless articles, video’s, blogs-you name it about the airport, referred to as DIA for short.

The Denver International Airport is a “conspiracy theorists” dream. It has so much New World Order Symbolism, that it makes me scratch my head. Why would they be so obvious? I know they like their symbolism, but this is overkill.

For more info on the undergound bunkers, there’s plenty of You Tube video’s to watch on the topic. I’ll do a brief rundown of the obvious symbolism that’s made this airport world famous. I pulled this info from the Chive Article Q referenced.

Blucifer is 32 feet tall and has red eyes that glow. Conspiracy theorists believe the statue represents the fourth horseman of the apocalypse , or that it’s haunted. It welcomes visitors to the airport. Nice welcome.

Luis Jiménez Jr. died in 2006 while creating the sculpture. Blucifer’s head fell apart, hitting him and severing an artery in his leg. Blucifer, from inspiration to an Artists Curse.

The Art Work inside the terminal...disturbing. There’s no doubt it would appear the artwork is Apocalyptic...their plan in plane site, with a Nazi twist? It’s downright disturbing.

Then, there’s the Capstone, donated by the free masons. It’s thought there’s a time capsule beneath.

Besides the fact that this dedication stone says it’s covering a time capsule for the people of Colorado, it also says the airport was paid for by the New World Airport Commission. The New World Airport Commission does not exist. Except that it 1994.

Montgomery, a spokesperson for the Denver airport described the Capstone as part of the airport opening festivities. "It's a time capsule that's sealed with two pieces of granite that the Masons made.”

We do have two Masonic symbols on here because the Masons actually made this for us. It's not uncommon to have the Masons to be a part of large public facility openings, like an airport."

Then there’s the runway, which is shaped like a swastika. Nothing to see here.

Now, the Denver International Airport has the acronym “DIA”

What other agency has the same acronym? Defense Intelligence Agency.

13 stars. 13 Bloodlines? In case you're unaware of the 13 Family Bloodlines, here's a link to the CIA Website with the list.

There’s no doubt the rogue agency the CIA has infiltrated most aspects of the US governmental systems. Could this be a CIA Blacksite that occupies the area beneath the airport?

The same DIA that received HUGE backlash following 911, with a massive Black Budget and ties to the CIA? With recent Q drops, it seems pretty evident the rogue CIA had infiltrated every aspect of government. Why would the DIA be any different?

At 33,531 acres, DIA is the largest airport in North America by total land area and the second largest in the world.

In 1993, the existing Denver airport was perfectly fine, but the city announced it was going to build a new one , conveniently located 25 miles from Denver. There WOULDN’T be more runways than the existing Stapleton Airport.

The airport was built 16 months behind schedule and $2 billion over budget. Where did all of that money go? Why was the airport so geographically large?

The airport has a fiber optic communications core made of 5,300 miles of cable. That's longer than the Nile River. That's from New York City to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The airport also has 11,365 miles of copper cable communications network.

The Denver International Airport itself has seemed to embrace the Conspiracy Theories, it’s Apocalyptic Artwork, Free Masonry, New World Order Capstone, and the Satanic Gargoyle’s throughout. The Gargoyle’s made their debut in a DIA commercial.

That being said, one passenger did notice something very odd about the parking lots and vehicles. “I've done a lot of traveling to dozens of even busier airports but I've never seen the sheer overwhelming quantity of parked cars always, always there. More than just a few thousands like normal high traffic airports, there are sheets and sheets as far as the eye goes. Never seen anything like it.”

“Many of these you also need special access keycards to park at. I've tried doing the math and honestly it's just not anywhere near proportional to incoming/outcoming traffic, workers (construction included), employees, flight attendants, etc.” a whole section is dedicated to promote the Conspiracy. After all, if travelers are busy marveling at the bizarre symbolism, they’re less apt to notice what may lay beneath. And less inclined to try to infiltrate, like many have tried at Area 51.

The website has quite a few “interesting” sections. It has a whole section dedicated to the “DIA’s Master Plan”

Curious, I decided to do a random sampling of other International US airports. Nope, No Master Plan- all are transparent, including the list of Board Members which are nowhere to be found on the DIA website:

The New World Airport Commission-In 2010, the CEO of the New World Airport Commission passed away. Charles Ansbacher CEO of the New Airport Commission. Ansbacher, who conducted orchestras for decades, was guest conductor in cities all over the world during the Clinton presidency, when his wife, heiress Swanee Hunt, was U.S. ambassador to Austria.

I’d like for just ONE time, for my digs to NOT lead back to the Clintons LOL 😂

Charles Ansbacher applied art to public policy making when, as a White House Fellow, he was co-chair of the U.S. Department of Transporation's Task Force on the Use of Design, Art, and Architecture in Transportation. He has Clown written all over him.

How does a Conductor become the Art and architect designer of the Denver International Airport? How did he become the CEO of the New World Airport Commission? Clearly, a Free Mason, whose son has ties to Hollywood-classic clown!

This is a big rabbit hole, and just gets more curious. On September 7, 2017 Obama was ordered to the Denver International Airport when it’s reported that Comet Elenin would hit the earth.

Obama had a trip to Denver, and kicked off his Denver trip with “Pizza, and Conversation with residents” of course he did. 🙄

There’s clearly a bunker under the airport. The question seems to be what was the New World Order has planned for it? Seems when Hillary lost the election, the 16 year Plan became foiled. The plan clearly doesn’t involve us sheep, if the art work is any indication....

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