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The Ghislaine Maxell Trial-Day 11 Mind Control Expert???

The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial is back after a 3 day hiatus. The Defense for Maxwell is expected to call 35 witnesses, and lost a plea to keep the witness names anonymous. Today, Judge Nathan announced the Defense proceedings would like close by Monday, December 20th. Seems doubtful 35 witnesses will be called-and Maxwell will likely not be taking the witness stand. This dog and pony show has already made too many allowances to protect the perpetrators, and discredit the victims.

A colleague of Epstein and Maxwell took the stand, and admitted she has signed a non-disclosure agreement. I wonder if all of Maxwell's witnesses have signed such agreements? I don't anticipate anything earth shattering to come about, although we may encounter names we have not heard of before.

It was very striking given the massive operation Maxwell and Epstein had, including ties to the Scientific community, the next witness was on odd choice. Had her services been used before by Epstein? He was very interwoven into the Scientific Community, and likely funded many unethical human experimentation. The Loftus testimony sounded like she was a mind manipulation, mind control expert.

Professor Elizabeth Loftus, a Psychologist from the University of California, testified on behalf of the Defense that people can confidently recall events that never happened and told the jury about experiments in which she and colleagues had successfully planted false memories in study participants' minds.

"Even traumatic experiences can be subjected to post-event suggestion," Loftus said. "False memories...can be very vivid, detailed. People can be confident about them, people can be emotional about them, even though they're false."

It was revealed by the Prosecution, that Loftus was being compensated $600 per hour for her time to testify. She has participated in many high profile cases due to her "expertise" including the notable cases of O. J. Simpson, the trials of mass murderers Ted Bundy, Willie Mak, Angelo Buono Jr., the trial of Oliver North, the trial of the officers accused in the Rodney King beating, the trial of Harvey Weinstein, the trial of the Menendez brothers, the Oklahoma City bombing case, and litigation involving Michael Jackson, Martha Stewart, and Lewis "Scooter" Libby. She gets paid $600.00/hour for a reason.

Being able to manipulate minds sounds like a very lucrative business model-and one the CIA has been running for many decades through their MK Ultra Program. I doubt the Defense thought of this prior to presenting her as a key witness in an attempt to discredit the victims who've experienced horrifying sexual abuse at the hands of these monsters. Loftus clearly has no bottom, since she is willing to testify on behalf of the most prolific pedophiles, murderer's and criminals of the past 4 decades.

The Prosecution actually did a solid job when cross-examining Loftus. Lara Pomerantz sought to portray Loftus' work as irrelevant to the Maxwell case-which she is.

"Have you conducted a study where you arranged for girls to be sexually abused?" Pomerantz asked.

"No, absolutely not," Loftus replied, adding that she had never conducted a study in which she attempted to implant a false memory of sexual abuse either. We also discovered Loftus has consulted the DOJ, and CIA...BOOM there it is!

The Prosecutor also asked Loftus a strange question about her experiments on people's minds, and memory.

There are picture's of Ghislaine Maxwell at Disney when she was young. I wonder if Ghislaine ever saw the rabbit?

Very interesting that Bugs Bunny was brought up during these proceedings. Many Pedophile's are seen in white rabbit costumes. The White Rabbit is also a symbol that means "Adrenochrome" which is the Elite's drug of choice. It is harvested from children.

Yes, John Podesta, Presidential Campain Manager of Hillary Clinton, made famous by Wikileaks, when discussing young children, and Comet Ping Pong in his emails, has a younger brother who likes white rabbits. Alex Podesta. His website is beyond creepy!

Cimberly Espinosa, a former Maxwell executive assistant from 1996 to 2002 took the stand. She testified that she never once saw Maxwell or Epstein engage in inappropriate behavior with underage girls. She also admitted to signing a non-disclosure agreement while in Epstein's employ.

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, Jennifer Araoz, identified multiple women in 2019 after Epstein was arrested, who had helped enable Epstein's sexual assaults. She accused four people by name of helping facilitate Epstein’s abuse of her starting when she was 14 years old. Cimberly Espinosa, who was described as a former executive assistant to Epstein was one who was named. It isn't surprising she testified to never seeing Epstein or Maxwell engage in inappropriate relations with underaged girls.

In another shocking turn of events, the Defense called Michael William Aznaran, an employee that worked for Customs & Border Protection. I wonder if it ever occurred to the Defense that it may not be smart to have a Customs and Border Agent testify on your behalf? The most Prolific Sex Trafficking Cases, possibly in history, and you call a person that likely enable the sex trafficking? Epstein and Maxwell didn't get away with this for so many years by acting on their own. They needed help-lots of it. Calling the Agency responsible for capturing and detecting child sex traffickers at border points, doesn't seem like a very smart strategy.

Next witness called was Dominique Hyppolite. He works at the Palm Beach school district. He coordinates the processing of subpoenas responses for student records. He didn't contribute much to the Defense case. He may be called back in the morning....another helpful person to have in such an operation. Can he make student records disappear as well? The Palm Beach School District....very interesting!

They didn't ask whether Ghislaine Maxwell would testify, although her brother Ian Maxwell said she would not, as she is too frail. This will be officially answered tomorrow. It seems there may be only 3 more defendants expected to take the stand....which is a far cry from the 35 they stated they would have. Then again, that is when they all thought they'd be protected by anonymity.

Why is this trial being cut so short? Why haven't we discovered, who Maxwell's co-conspirators were? I thought we'd be given those big names?

It sounds like the Defense may rest after tomorrow or Monday.

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