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The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial-Closing Arguments, Leah Saffian of the Infamous Burger Leak Present?

The jury in the trial of Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell began deliberations on Monday, following six hours of closing arguments in the sex-trafficking case.

Federal prosecutors argued on Monday that Maxwell lured teen girls into Epstein’s circle. Prosecutor Alison Moe said that Maxwell would groom teen girls by gradually habituating them to sexual actions.

“Maxwell was a sophisticated predator who knew exactly what she was doing,” Moe told jurors. “She manipulated her victims and groomed them for sexual abuse.”

Laura Menninger, Maxwell's Defense Lawyer countered that testimony from some witnesses was based on “erroneous memories,” and alleged that the prosecution used her client as a substitute for Epstein himself.

“This has nothing to do with Ghislaine and everything to do with Jeffrey Epstein,” Menninger said. “Ghislaine Maxwell is an innocent woman wrongfully accused of crimes she did not commit.”

As the mainstream media seems to be pondering on the question of whether Maxwell is Epstein's scapegoat, or a sophisticated predator, those who have followed the duo for many, many years know the answer to that. She was Epstein's handler-the Boss, and she pulled the strings.

Only 4 of the "alleged" victim's were called forward to testify by the Prosecution, when there are thousands-this trial was very disappointing in the limit of scope and information presented. There was nothing new presented for the most part that is new. This trial presented a sliver of the crimes committed by Maxwell who works for MOSSAD, as did her father Robert Maxwell.

The closing arguments were more of the same-discredit the 4 victims, try to make Maxwell appear to be a saint. There were graphs, photo's and more that were not made available to the public. This trial was anything BUT transparent. Here is one of the demonstratives shown to the Jury, but not the public.

Seems like some mental gymnastics to me! Whatever happened to the "Me too" movement and believe all women?

That being said, the Jury was sent home for the night after about 1/2 hour left before the end of the day. It seems they will not be sequestered, which is curious. People around this elite circle seem to die mysteriously...I sure hope they are being protected.

The most interesting reveal during closing arguments for me was the presence of Attorney Leah Saffian who was seated in the front row gallery, beside Kevin Maxwell.

Twitter user @morphonios put together a great thread on Leah Saffian, and made many very interesting connections with the Lawyer and the Maxwell Family. For a more in depth look at his findings, I would suggest reading his whole thread.

My biggest question is whether she is the Maxwell Family's handler-she is at the very least, a very close family friend who defended the Maxwell brothers when Robert Maxwell died, and the brothers were being brought on charges relating to Maxwell's misappropriation of pension funds.

When photo's were leaked to the New York Post of Ghislaine Maxwell eating at a California In-N-Out Burgers, shortly after Jeffrey Epstein "committed suicide" the photos seemed to be a diversion about Maxwell's whereabouts. Attorney, Leah Susan Saffian, who lives in CA took the photo's and leaked them to the Post, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, another close associate of Robert Maxwell.

The dog w/ Maxwell in the Post photo's was Saffian's dog Dexter. The dog's photo appears on Saffian's various social media accounts. I did a decode at the time of all the symbolism presented in the clearly faked photoshopped photo's.

It also appears that Leah Saffian, in addition to providing cover for Maxwell with the shopped photo's, also gave Maxwell access to her social media accounts. One was Attorney Leah Saffian's instagram account le.ah254, which was following 126 accounts, including several belonging to Maxwell family members in the UK, and the UK royal family. Also Tiffanyandco... very interesting!

Turns out that Ghislaine & lawyer Leah Saffian go way back. Saffian used to practice in the UK and represented Ghislaine's brother, Kevin, when he was sued for helping Robert to raid 100+ million pounds in pension funds. Thanks to @morphonios

on twitter who provided this interesting information on Leah Saffian.

Not only was Saffian sitting at the Maxwell trial with the family in the front row, she has also been present today while the Jury deliberates. I wonder why she didn't testify on Maxwell's behalf?

Today, at 1:22 PM, Ghislaine Maxwell was brought back out to the Defense Table. She was seen conversing madly with Saffian one on one.

Despite this flurry of action, Maxwell was brought back to the holding cell. By 2:51pm, Maxwell was brought back into the court room as a note was passed from the Jury. The Jury had a question relating to FBI deposition 3505-005 submitted by the Defense. Deliberations went back and forth between Prosecution and the Defense. Eventually the noted response by Judge Nathan was agreed upon and sent back to the Jury.

The Jury deliberation continues.....

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