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The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial-Day 2 "Jane" Testimony

Day 2 of the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial continued with testimony from Epstein's Pilot, which was pretty uneventful. He name dropped some people he had flown over the years. He named Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Itzhak Perlman, and Kevin Spacey. The pilot was clearly paid very well by Epstein for many years to stay quiet. He testified to Epstein having given him 40 acres of land in New Mexico, to build a home, in addition to paying for his two children's college tuition.

There was gripping testimony from alleged victim with the pseudonym "Jane." She stated she is currently an actress working in Hollywood. She stated that is the reason she wishes to remain anonymous, as there is a lot of victim shaming in Hollywood.

The Prosecution questioned Jane about the abuse and orgy's she was forced into participating in at the age of 14, 15 and 16. She shared that Maxwell was present and many times participated. I will not go into vivid detail, as it may be traumatizing to many. Truly harrowing account.

"Jane" met Epstein and Maxwell at the Interlochen School of Art, where Epstein had his own cabin on Campus called the Jeffrey Epstein Scholarship Lodge. After Epstein pleaded guilty in 2007 to soliciting underage girls, the name of the Lodge was changed to the Green Lake Lodge. It has since been renamed to the Stone Center Hotel.

After meeting them at Interlochen, Jane would return home to Florida where the abuse would last for years. They flew her to many of his properties, all resulting in the same sick abuse, including Epstein's New York property, Little St. James Island, Zorro Ranch. Jane's father had passed from cancer and the family was in a bad financial situation. Her mother welcomed the attention she was receiving from Epstein and the Elite's as they were really strapped for money. Epstein would eventually pay for her mother's apartment. This was the Epstein/Maxwell MO...lavish with gifts to make you feel you owed them.

The Defense tried to capitalize on this, making it seem like "Jane" was money hungry, and only made the allegations in 2020 when Epstein was arrested and there was something to gain. They also highlighted the fact "Jane" received money from Epstein's Victims Fund when he passed. This is how the manipulation works....I'm shocked the defense is using this tactic, as it highlights the monetary abuse and manipulation involved in grooming these underage girls, by using money and influence to silence them and blackmail them into doing things they did not want to do.

Jane didn't tell anyone about her experience, at the time. Not until many years later.

"How do you tell or describe any of this," she asked, "when all you feel is shame and disgust and confusion and you don't know how you ended up here?"

The Defense showed an application from Interlochen, and tried to make it appear like her and her mother were scammers, and money hungry.

On Day 3, we will hear from a witness named "Matt." One thing is clear, these people were very depraved and sick! Maxwell's lawyers have not proven anything of substance to disprove the victims testimony.

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01 déc. 2021

Thank you for keeping us updated on this trial!

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