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The Jury Deliberates in the Maxwell Trial. Prince Andrew, Dirty Doxing and Isabel Maxwell's Pizza

The Jury is still deliberating on Ghislaine Maxwell's fate, as the threat of the Omicron Variant is causing some panic this will result in shutdown.

Yesterday, the Jury sent word that deliberations are going well, and they are making headway. Judge Nathan is still ignoring requests for a public call-in line, despite the rise of Omicron. The Jury is not sequestered, which is problematic in my opinion. The Jury seems to be dictating the hours for Deliberation, including on holidays.

The Defense is moving to have this weekend off, but Judge Nathan is saying no, the Jury will deliberate over the weekend, unless a Jury member has an "unmovable conflict."

The Jury has already asked for further testimony this morning from Shawn, Cimberly Espinosa, Amanda Young, then Jason Richards. There was one name Judge Nathan couldn't read, as it was illegible. It was confirmed it was that of false memory expert Elizabeth Loftus.

There was a dispute already it seems about redacting part of the testimony of Cimberly Espinosa.

Judge Nathan: She said, "Seems like they started dating other people, Ghislaine just moved on. Then there was an objection. Let's be sure we send the right one back."

Given Judge Nathan let the Jury know they will be working through the weekend until a decision is reached, perhaps today will be the day.

In addition, it would seem Prince Andrew is contesting Virginia Giuffre's address in Colorado, The dirty part of this, is the doxing of Virginia Giuffre's address by putting into the Pacer Docket her voter records, and more.

I believe all of this doxing from Prince Andrew, and Ghislaine Maxwell during this trial is absolutely dirty pool, and victimizes the victims even further and puts their very lives at risk for speaking out. Why is Judge Nathan allowing this?

Prince Andrew is buying voting records from a privately owned genealogy website, and putting them entirely unredacted into PACER. This is not affording the victims the same level of protection as say Prince Andrew, who's name has been redacted throughout the Maxwell Trial. These Elites are being protected, while the victims are being doxed. Color me shocked.

To be clear, Prince Andrew is actually trying to get his sex abuse case thrown out, because Giuffre now lives in Australia. Not so fast Randy Andy!

Meanwhile, yesterday while leaving the courthouse, Isabel Maxwell was carrying a pepperoni pizza while waiting for her UBER. One journalist asked Isabel Maxwell the questions people want answered. Her response-gives the journalists the pizza. Hmmmmm..... This case gets more strange by the day!

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