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The Maxwell Trial-Day 4 "The Lady of The House"

Earlier Thursday, psychologist Lisa Rocchio testified that child sexual abusers often groom their victims in a progression that includes giving presents, building a sense of trust and gradually introducing more sexually charged talk and touching.

Before the trial, Maxwell’s lawyers tried unsuccessfully to block Rocchio’s testimony, saying it didn’t have enough scientific grounding.

Rocchio's testimony was very effective in explaining the grooming process to the Jury. Rocchio explained that giving massages, and gifts could be part of the grooming process.

A former housekeeper Juan Patricio Alessi testified Thursday that two women who have accused Jeffrey Epstein of sexually abusing them as teens were repeated visitors to his Palm Beach mansion, summoned by Epstein or his associate Ghislaine Maxwell.

Alessi worked for Epstein from 1991 until 2002, overseeing the cleaning, maintenance, and shopping for the house, as well as handling the gardeners and pool staff. He said he met Maxwell early on in his tenure there and that his instructions came primarily from her. “I understood she was the lady of the house,“ he said, describing Maxwell as “the girlfriend of Mr. Epstein,” when he met her and saying she told him that she was going to be “the lady of the house.”

Juan Patricio Alessi said that one of her accusers, who testified under the pseudonym “Jane” earlier this week, initially visited the house with her mother and later returned several times alone. She went to the movies and took a plane trip with Epstein, Maxwell and their guests, Alessi said.

Alessi said he sometimes picked up “Jane” from her home, on instructions from Maxwell or Epstein, and would bring the visitors to Maxwell at her desk.

After that, it was “not my job to see where they were,” he said.

Alessi portrayed Maxwell as “the lady of the house” handed out a 58-page booklet with rules for staff on everything from how to address her and Epstein to what types of notepads to put on their desks.

“Checklists will assist you in making sure every task has been completed and not even the smallest detail has been overlooked,” the book said, instructing employees to “try to anticipate” Epstein and Maxwell’s needs and to “see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing” except when spoken to.

“I was supposed to be blind, deaf and dumb and say nothing of their lives,” Alessi said.

Alessi described a panicked process of preparing for Epstein’s arrival. He said Maxwell would give the staff notice ranging from a day to just a couple hours in advance. He described an “extensive preparation”: cleaning the house, changing sheets in Epstein’s bedroom and all the guest rooms, doing the shopping, and making sure Epstein’s cars he kept at the property were stocked with cash, specifically “100-dollar bills in every car,” Alessi testified.

And then he was questioned about personal items, sex toys and other things Alessi was made to keep quiet about through a non-disclosure agreement with Maxwell and Epstein.

What else were staff forced to clean up, and not say anything? Money can only buy silence for so long. Oh....

The Pope, and Fidel Castro? Maxwell and Epstein sure made the rounds.

In another interesting turn of events, it was revealed today that Epstein visited the Clinton White House 17 times. Imagine if that had happened at the Trump White House?

As the Maxwell Trial was going on, information was released that The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was aware that at least 10 members of its staff allegedly committed sex crimes against children, though only one employee was ever prosecuted, according to released documents. And they say this is all just a conspiracy theory, just like they did for many years with Jeffrey Epstein. Conspiracy no more!


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