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The Maxwell Trial Day 9 & 10 Annie Farmer Takes the Stand

Day 9 of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial was cut short, when one of the lawyers fell ill, and required medical attention. They did not disclose which lawyer, nor did they disclose the cause. The did indicate it was not COVID19 related. That was the only really interesting piece of information that surfaced on Thursday. Highly disappointing.

On Day 10 of the trial, witness and victim Annie Farmer took the stand.

Four alleged victims, two of whom were underage at the time of the alleged abuse (Due to Statutory Laws), took the stand to accuse Maxwell of grooming them for Epstein and pressuring them into unwanted sexual acts. Three testified under pseudonyms. The fourth, Annie Farmer, said that, when she was 16, Maxwell lured her to Epstein's New Mexico ranch and groped her.

Annie Farmer, the fourth witness for the Prosecution, detailed more sexual abuse at the hands of Epstein and Maxwell at 16 years old. Her sister, Maria Farmer has also been abused by the pair, but is not testifying in this particular trial. Maria is 9 years older then Annie, who feels immense guilt for ever having introduced the pair to Annie. Both sister's account of the abuse they both went through is harrowing.

Annie testified to being sexually molested in a movie theatre by Epstein, and given a "massage" while naked by Ghislaine Maxwell who fondled her breasts. In return, Epstein bought her an expensive pair of cowboy boots at his New Mexico Zorro Ranch. He also made attempt to crawl into bed with her to "cuddle." The defense again proceeded to poke holes in the witness testimony.

Annie, again testified the pair took advantage of the sisters, who's parents had divorced. They were worried about how to fund their education. Broken families were the pair's usual targets. She first met Ghislaine Maxwell, and felt more at ease around Epstein, who had made uncomfortable advances on her. She felt it would be safer, as Maxwell was a lady.

As with past alleged victims, it became clear that Epstein and Maxwell were also speaking with their parents, which is very disturbing considering what they were doing to the girls. Epstein spoke with Annie's mother about flying her to New York, as Annie's father also lived in New York, and they welcomed the chance for Annie to visit with her father.

Annie Farmer also spoke of traveling to Thailand and Vietnam for "cultural immersion" on Epstein's dime. Annie described having reported the abuse to her mother, also a boyfriend, the Media, FBI and Law enforcement-who did nothing about the allegations.

Annie Farmer's ex-boyfriend David Mulligan took the stand and confirmed Annie's testimony.

Next, Annie Farmer's mother Janice Swain took the witness stand. There were a few questions, but nothing earth shattering.

The Prosecution rested their case on Day 10, after having only 4 victim's testify, when there are THOUSANDS. This case is very limited in scope. The Defense will now begin their rebuttals next week.

Maxwell's defense attorneys will begin making their case Monday. So far, they have attempted to poke holes in the witnesses' stories and have suggested that Maxwell is being made into a scapegoat for Epstein's crimes.

Meanwhile, a twitter account named "Maxwell Trial Tracker" with over 500,000 followers has been suspended by Twitter.

In an attempt to distract from the Maxwell Trial, the extreme Left Wing publication "The Atlantic" published a feature by Kaitlyn Tiffany headlined "The Great (Fake) Child-Sex-Trafficking Epidemic" as the prosecution was making its case. The piece connected the increase in concern over child-sex-trafficking to conspiracy theories, rather than to real-life examples like Epstein and Josh Duggar.

"The Altantic" is owned by Steve Job's widow- Laurene Powell Jobs. Did I mention, she is great friends with Ghislaine Maxwell? No bias there! And to suggest Child Sex Trafficking is fake-when over 800,000 children go missing in the United States alone, is a very disgusting statement!

The thing perhaps most disturbing about this present trial against Ghislaine Maxwell, is the lack of NEW information. Everything being discussed, is not new information. We have known for instance, all of the Elites that flew on the Lolita Express-for years. We know Ghislaine Maxwell was invited to Chelsea Clinton's wedding. We KNOW all about Epstein and Maxwell's perversions, money laundering, sex trafficking, ties to the Science Community, including Bill Gates, as well as their ties to the United Nations and the Royal Family. That is what is NOT being discussed. Understand, what is on trial, is very limited in scope.

We need to keep pushing out information, and demand Justice from ALL involved. What has the media not been speaking about while this sham of a trial is taking place? The

fact that Kevin Spacey, close associate of Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein, is also having a trial, for allegations that he raped a 14 year old boy is also active. The only media that appears to be reporting on this is @innercitynews. Very disturbing.

Next week, my hope is that we learn something-anything we didn't know before. Maxwell's confidence on display is what is absolutely disturbing. They have gotten away with everything to date, and I would assume she believes she will have the same result this time. We will see!

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