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The Month of AUGUST is Traditionally Very HOT!!!

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

It would seem the month of August is shaping up to be a very hot month-for many different reasons. As I completed my article yesterday, "Subterranean Tunnel Systems, Recent Fires, Explosions, and Odd Happenings. Major Trafficking Routes?" the odd spattering of explosions world wide seemed to continue.

As Q has stated in the past, "The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT."

(If you are unfamiliar with QAnon, posts can be found here for those interested)

Mount Sinabung Volcano in Sumatra, Indonesia, has erupted for the third time in 2 days.

The volcano, located on Sumatra Island, erupted on Saturday and again on Monday, "emitting a thunderous noise and turning the sky dark," Reuters reported.

Clearly, I am not suggesting a volcano eruption is occurring due to Sumatra Island being a Port, however I do find that fact interesting. Perhaps the gods are mad?

There was an explosion, and fire in Mina Abdullah Kuwait.

"Two workers have died in a horrific accident in Kuwait at a project site for imported natural gas, local media reported." The site was one of the constructing facilities for importing liquefied natural gas in Al Zour.

Mina Abdullah Kuwait is a major Port.

Volgograd, Russia reported a gas station explosion. "Eyewitnesses captured the dramatic moment an explosion occurred at a gas station in Volgograd, Russia, just 600 miles southeast of Moscow, causing a terrifying mushroom cloud of fire and smoke."

Volgograd, Russia is a major Industrial Port. In the map displayed below, this would appear to be quite significant due to it's location-very close to the Ukraine.

There was a gas explosion/fire in an apartment in Diyarbakır, Turkey. There is no mainstream media currently reporting on this blast. I still found it notable-many apartment fires are not reported in MSM.

It was reported on July 30, 2020 at least 9 ISIL suspects detained in Diyarbakır. In a statement, the Diyarbakır Governorship said the suspects were planning to carry out an attack during the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha. It said "police raided various locations to apprehend the suspects and also seized a large number of documents, digital material, a shotgun, and ammunition." Ammunition?

Although not a Port, Diyarbakır sits on the banks of the Tigris River.

In Birmingham, England there was an explosion at a Tyseley plastics factory.

A witness who lives near the factory said she "definitely heard a couple of explosions".

"We came out here to look and all we could see was smoke. It was curling out of the eaves, then the flames started and you could hear an explosion."

While the UK has 120 Ports, it should be noted that Birmingham is a major icontainer Port. Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry that flows through Birmingham.

In Baltimore Maryland, there was a gas explosion that leveled at least 3 Baltimore homes. It was reported there was one casualty, and 6 rescued. The explosion happened in the area of Reisterstown Road and Brookhill Road near Labyrinth Road. The gas infrastructure in the area dates back to the early 1960s and was last inspected in June and July 2019, Baltimore Gas & Electric said. Prior to Monday’s explosion, there had been no gas odors reported in the area.

Baltimore, Maryland is a Major Port. In this article, it states that sex trafficking is Maryland's dirty secret. Sex trafficking is Maryland’s dirty open secret.

Breaking News-The Generator building on fire at JFK International Airport in Queens, New York City. "The fire was reported around 8:30 p.m. and is believed to have started on the second floor of Building 49, a co-generator plant."

And yes, New York is a Port. In addition to being a Port, New York is also housing the most prolific Elite Pedophile, Ghislaine Maxwell.

The majority of incidents reported in the last week all have one thing in common-they are located at Ports, or on major water ways. This is where all imports/exports are delivered by sea. What else is being delivered? MAJOR HUMAN TRAFFICKING PORTS-DRUG RUNNING, WEAPONS, URANIUM.

Who had a submarine license? I am going to theorize something significant is happening behind the scenes...could Ghislaine Maxwell-who is MOSSAD and had a submarine license, be singing like a bird?

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