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The Nashville Christmas Day Bombing

With public confidence in the FBI at an all time low, it seems they have done incredibly fast work at solving the mystery of the Nashville Christmas Day Bombing. They were able to identify through DNA forensic testing, the one individual who perished in the bombing was in fact the perpetrator, and that he acted alone. It's been 3 years since the Las Vegas MGM Shooting, which still hasn't been solved or a motive provided. In addition, the investigation into Voter Fraud for the 2020 Presidential Election-still remains unsolved and yet they were able to immediately identify this man despite there being no online footprint. It's almost as though this person never existed...or lived the life of a hermit.

Anthony Quinn Warner, 63 of Antioch Tennessee has been identified as the perpetrator. He was reportedly, heavily into conspiracy theories about 5G networks — and thought he’d be “hailed a hero” for targeting a huge AT&T network. He was also believed to be big into aliens. During a time when the Mainstream Media continually labels President Trump a Conspiracy Theorist, and is calling it "dangerous", you can see where all this is heading.

The 63-year-old loner — who died in his massive Christmas Day suicide blast — may have turned against the telecommunications industry after the 2011 death of his father, who worked for a company that later merged with AT&T. Warner was an independent IT contractor himself. His father, Charles B. Warner, spent his career working for BellSouth, which was acquired by AT&T in 2006. The dad — who was nicknamed Popeye, died in July 2011 of dementia, at age 78.

This is the only photo that exists of the perpetrator.

A real estate agent, Steve Fridrich, reached out to investigators after realizing he’d hired a “Tony Warner” to do IT work for him for the past several years — and as recently as this month.

The New York Post reported the FBI agent he spoke to asked if Warner was paranoid about 5G technology, Fridrich told NBC. Fridrich said he told the agents that Warner never mentioned being afraid of 5G.

“Nice guy. You know, he was a techie guy — don’t mean anything negative about that” Fridrich told NBC. “He would do this thing and leave. He didn’t bother anybody. He did his thing and left,” Fridrich said. The last time Warner helped him with an Internet issue, earlier this month, he spoke of his fondness for camping, Fridrich told the network.

A techie guy who had no online footprint? Rather strange. Warner also had a relationship with a 29 year old woman whom he transferred both of the deeds to his two homes to, by the name of Michelle L Swing. She would not comment on her relationship to the perpetrator.

Anthony Quinn Warner signed over property at 115 Bakertown Road on Nov. 25 in the Antioch area to Michelle L. Swing, Davidson County records show.

In January 2019, he deeded a house at 3724 Bakertown Road in the Antioch area to her, Davidson County records show. Michelle Swing did sign this quit claim deed. She denied knowing about either of the deed transfers, however you can see her signature quite clearly.

Records at the time listed an address for Swing on Westchester Court in Lenoir City.

The quit claim deed identified Warner as unmarried. It bears his signature, "Anthony Q. Warner."

Through a series of transactions later that year, Swing conveyed the property in March 2019 to Betty Christine Lane, records show. The document bears Swing's signature.

The property previously had been owned by Charles and Betty C. Warner.

But a new report claims that Warner informed Swing of the transfer in a letter last month, writing: 'The attic has plywood and lighting, take a look. The basement is not normal, take a look. Woof woof Julio.' In the letter Warner also shared that he 'intended to travel on Christmas Eve to spend a few weeks in the woods with his dogs'

One of the officers on the scene Officer J Wells Jr. reported seeing a man walking his dog just prior to the explosion. He also described the scene as something out of a movie.

Just another one of those darned coincidences....

Warning messages were sent to residents in the area to evacuate prior to the blast. There were no casualty's reported, except the alleged suspect.

Some residents, who were evacuated prior to the blast reported hearing gun fire prior to the bomb exploding.

An eye witness account, that also reported hearing gunfire:

In addition, there was music played over the loudspeaker, in between calls for residents to evacuate. The song Downtown by Petula Clark was being played over a loud speaker from the RV prior to the blast.

It isn't unusual for music this unsettling to be played during a horror movie. For instance, Tip-Toe Through the Tulips played at the end of the Insidious Movies, or Mr. Sandman at the end of Halloween 2. In fact, this incident reminded me of a creepy movie scene. One of the officers on the scene of the blast described the incident like a scene from a movie.

There's other video footage that is questionable, and doesn't pass the smell test when matched up with the "official narrative."

The RV is on the left hand side in this photo. The blast originated from the right hand side.

In addition, a second explosion can be heard. The targeted building appears to be an AT&T server site. Sunguard also seems to have been affected.

This is likely just a strange coincidence I'm sure.....

According to Bloomberg, Hootan Yaghoobzadeh worked as a Senior Vice President of Cerberus. Hootan is also a Board Member for Dominion Voting Systems. In 2006, Cerberus purchased the AT & T building.

I can't conclusively confirm one way, or another that AT&T had accepted a contract to audit some of the Dominion Voting Machines used in the 2020 Presidential Elections, but it would seem there are one of two scenario's playing out. This is true, and the Deep State didn't want those machines audited, or it is not true, but they needed a distraction from the damning evidence of voter fraud that's rapidly emerging. Either way you look at it, it's my belief Anthony Quinn Warner was set up as a Patsy.

Could it be a White Hat operation? It may have been, especially if they were aware of what was being planned by the deep state. @stormypatriot21 on twitter asks this very question. It's an interesting theory, given the only person that perished in this explosion was the alleged perpetrator.

Indeed, the main target appears to be AT&T's secret server location, which has been collecting phone, internet and email data for many years.

If this was a regular terror attack, there would have been mass casualty's, as that is usually the goal of a terror attack. The fact residents were warned, and evacuated just in time for the blast indicates it was a controlled operation.

This incident occurred at 6:30AM on Christmas morning. Why then, were phones, internet and 911 service not interrupted by the blast until 10:00AM that morning? Airspace was also reportedly shutdown over the area.

Will we ever learn the truth about the reported gunfire? Authorities said they believe Warner acted alone, and that there is no lingering danger to the public. Well, there you have and shut case. Explain to me how a propane tank from an RV did this sort of damage. Notice the hold in the street on the opposite side from where the RV was parked?

Exact same RV? You be the judge....

The other question I have, is where is the crater and remains of the RV? It would take an awful lot of explosives to eviscerate a whole RV, and blow out a whole building on the opposite side.

It'll be interesting in the coming days to discover more about this extremely strange incident!

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