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The Nova Scotia Shooter-The Symbolism and Cabal Connections

When the Nova Scotia shooting first began on the night of the 18th, the first thing that drew my attention to the symbolism being displayed. Immediately, the shooters name stood out to me. Gabriel...very biblical, an archangel. The Angel of Revelation.

Wortman was first described by the Mainstreat Media as a do-gooder. As reports emerged, it was discovered he was on CTV in 2014. He provided free dental work to a cancer survivor. The headline-There’s an Angel Amongst Us h/t @maQi5er

The first victim reported was RCMP officer Heidi Stevenson, who was a 23 year veteran. Think mirror-23=skull and bones 322

A yearbook image surfaced of him, almost immediately. The yearbook image stated his future may include being an RCMP officer. What a coincidence, given the picture being painted of him being “obsessed” with police memorabilia, and owner of RCMP cruiser cars.

In the only image released of Wortman after being shot by law enforcement, he doesn’t appear to be wearing a law enforcement uniform. 

Neighbors described Gabriel Wortman as a jack of all trades-a mechanic, electrician and a carpenter. A carpenter-just like Jesus...the symbolism! It was revealed today he studied to be a Mortician. As above, so below. A photo of his denture clinic does have a mortuary kind of feeling.

He studied to be a mortician in college, but eventually became a denturist – running a business that made him a millionaire, according to neighbours.” h/t @worried_canuck

From the profile emerging of the shooter, I doubt he made his millions as a denturist. 

Wortman had previous encounters with law enforcement. In February, an odd article spoke to this, in addition-it disclosed his proximity to a Church. He didn’t seem too enamoured with the police, despite his reported obsession.

The Denture Clinic he owned in Dartmouth is definitely unique. It’s located at 193 Portland, and has “dentures” with a big smile on the side of the building. Besides being an eye sore, it happens to be located right next door to the historic St. James Church.

Given how saturated Nova Scotia is with Free Mason’s, the Church connection drew my interest.

The St. James Church in Dartmouth, NS is the very same church where historic human remains were found while doing construction. Nothing to see here. h/t @maQi5er

The Church is a denomination of the United Church of of many across all the country.  There’s alot of symbolism associated with this church. My gut tells me he is tied into this church in some fashion...time will tell.

As we know, Globalists love to hide under the guise of whatever will fulfill their agenda. And they love hiding under all religions, while injecting their symbolism into all area's of institutions. Sadly, many have become Globalist fronts for nefarious activities. 

I find it fascinating Mr. Smiley’s property backed right onto this church. All this Symbolism, and right in Mr. Smiley’s back yard! Coincidence?

One only has to take a brief gander through their website to see this is no longer a "Christian Church" but has turned into a new religion for “Social Justice.” Besides the rainbow’s everywhere, here’s a sampling of their daily sermons.

And yes, there is a Social Justice Committee.

It’s the new religion of the United Nations. The New World Order AKA the United Nations, injected the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development into Canada's religious doctrine. What better way to get the masses on board with the UN Climate Agenda then through our education system and places of worship! 

The UN 2030 agenda has been injected into the United Church of Canada.

The symbol for the Denomination was an immediate giveaway. Notice the ichthys? The same symbology on John Podesta’s hand?

We’ve been tought through centuries of Christianity it’s a symbol for the Greek word ichthys representing Jesus Christ Son of God Savior. It’s actually a Canaanite symbol used to represent fertility. Also used in ancient times as a pagan fertility talisman or amulet.

The X represents the 4 Cardinal directions the Cabal uses in many of their structures. The burning bush was also interesting. In the bible, the Lord appeared to Moses and gave him commission to bring Israel out of Egypt.

The symbolism is what is important...the bush burned, yet was not consumed. Chilling considering what transpired.

The dove which symbolizes peace, and the spirit of Jesus is seen descending instead of ascending to the heaven’s. Think mirror.

And of course the symbol of layered Alpha and Omega, more Greek symbology that can also pass for free mason symbology.

We can’t forget, the Queen herself sent a message to Nova Scotia, on her birthday no less.

So what does all this mean, and how does it relate to the shooter? This was a carefully crafted False Flag, complete with their symbology. The neighboring church Wortman lived next to, was just icing on the proverbial cake.

Besides satisfying their sick rituals, complete with fire and sacrifice, Justin Trudeau showed his disarmament plan, which wouldn’t fly in the midst of a Pandemic without a significant, triggering event. Problem-reaction-solution.

Wortman had an assault conviction in 2001 and was banned from owning a firearm. Despite this fact, of course the Globalist Agenda must move forward. The first thing the Nazi's did in WW2 prior to their crimes against humanity? They took away everybody's guns.

Wortman had to report to a probation officer at that time, and take anger management counseling. I wonder if he saw a psychiatrist and was on any medications?

As False Flag events in the past have been exposed, the new line we’re being fed by the government and the media is for us to not look into the perpetrator too closely. We don't want to give the shooter the satisfaction of making him famous. In other words, don't focus on all of the odd inconsistencies with the facts presented in the media.

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