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The Nova Scotia Shooting-The Code

Article written April 20, 2020

We’ve learned much about the Nova Scotia shooter since his shooting rampage began on the night of April 18, 2020.

On the evening of April 18, 2020, Denturist Gabriel Wortman went on a shooting rampage, that has killed at least 17, with the death toll climbing steadily, on an hourly basis. This is the most common photo released to the public.

There’s an enormous amount of symbolism I’ve discovered. This is a massive false flag operation. A false flag operation is defined as, "an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on a second party." False flags are typically committed by Intelligence Agencies, political leaders for the purpose of offering a "solution" such as gun control legislation. Problem (an armed population who can defend themselves against government tyranny)-reaction (mass shooting)- solution (gun control legislation). It does not mean that the event was all faked, and people didn't die. They do.

April 18 is a significant date for the Cabal, and the incident also coincided with the New World Order Corona Virus extravaganza “One World-Together at Home Concert.” There are no coincidences.

It’s interesting to note, Lady Gaga performed Charlie Chaplin’s song “Smile.” The shooter was a Denturist who’s job it is to improve people’s smiles. In addition, he had a very creepy denture clinic with a massive “smile” on the outside of his clinic.

The Cabal always has to mirror what they’re doing to us. April 18, 19 are dates for human sacrifice, and relates to fire. Some of the most historical tragedies have happened on these dates, including the Oklahoma City Bombing, WACO, and many others. The Holiday demands Blood Sacrifice and Fire. The Nova Scotia shooting began the evening of April 18, and lasted well into the day of April 19, 2020.

Gabriel Wortman allegedly set vehicles and homes of his victims on fire.

The perpetrator, Gabriel Wortman had a hobby of collecting old Police and RCMP cruisers. The press put out on blast he was dressed like an RCMP officer (dressed in red) and in an RCMP cruiser marked 28B11.

So I started a search for the numbers 28B11. What I found is shocking. It has a patent, and is a human antibody.

So, I must clarify, the above link is to the patent, and the snapshot is another I found. 

I’m not very scientifically inclined, but I am versed on what these New World Order scientists have planned for us, and the human experimentation that’s been happening. So, my next step I went to You Tube. And found this video, 33 seconds long.

The Cabal is sending us a very direct message about what they have in store for us, with the Rona. They always have to tell us what they're doing. If we don't notice, or don't object, they assume it means consent. It has to do with their version of karma.

I noticed a you tuber had made a video, as he was also digging into their symbolism, and he found some very interesting details. I discovered much of what he had on my own, but he took a deeper dive into the science-the human antibody, which is exactly what I needed, as I am not scientifically oriented.

When this event first began on the night of the 18th, the first thing that drew my attention to the symbolism being displayed, was the shooters name. Gabriel...very biblical, an archangel. In my next article, I will do a deeper dive into the symbolism of the event.

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