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The Prince and The Pedophile

Article written November 18, 2019

Since Project Veritas exposed ABC for spiking the Epstein story, things have been “heating up” in the Jeffrey Epstein “Scandal.”

With Prince Andrew’s disastrous interview over the weekend, most didn’t even notice ABC, NBC, CBS didn’t breathe a word about the request Kevin McCarthy sent to ABC, demanding answers about the spiked Epstein Story.

For those who haven’t watched Prince Andrew’s cold interview, here it is. It was chilling. Prince Andrew believed he could put the speculation of his relationship with Epstein to rest. He was mistaken.

It was immediately evident Prince Andrew has no remorse, no sympathy toward any of the victims, and the horrific abuse they suffered. He was cold, and more bothered by how this would affect his precious Royal Family image.

There were several weird moments, especially when discussing Guiffre’s accusations against the Prince.

Asked why he’s been titled the “Party Prince,” Andrew responds by saying, “I don’t know why I’ve earned that title, because I don’t really party.”

Of course, the British Tabloids have been going into overdrive. Claiming this is the “worst” scandal the Royal Family has experienced since its handling of the death of Princess Diana in 1997.

In addition, Prince Andrew claimed Epstein’s behavior was “unbecoming.” He chose to stay at Epstein's home, the prince said, because it was "convenient" and "honorable." He gushed over Epsteins intellectual guests.

Randy Andy claims he and Princess Beatrice were at Pizza Express on the day Guiffre claims the incident occured. And just like that, we’re back to talking about a Pizza Place. Sounds oddly familiar.

Since the interview, Prince Andrew is clearly being sacrificed. Why else would he have been pushed into the spotlight? The Royals are usually insulated at all costs. The Queen did not approve of Prince Andrew's interview with BBC over Epstein allegations.

Prince Andrew's Epstein interview with BBC one of the 'worst PR decisions ever.’ And now, Prince Andrew’s PR advisor Jason Stein has resigned.

Now, leaks are starting to happen. Andrew was sloppy. “Prince Andrew used the N-word, former No 10 aide claims. Rohan Silva says royal used word in 2012 conversation at Buckingham Palace”

The accountancy giant KPMG isn’t renewing its sponsorship of Prince Andrew’s entrepreneurial scheme Pitch@Palace in the wake of his interview in which he defended his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.”

Not only was Randy Andy sloppy, but for the record sweaty.

The Royals will feed Andrew to the wolves in an effort to keep the lid on. Problem is, we haven’t forgotten about Jimmy Saville, and we won’t.

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