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The Qurious Case Of Michael Cohen.

Article first written January 26, 2019

In a tweet dated December 3, 2018, President Trump shone a flood light on Michael Cohen’s father-in- law Fima Shusterman.

Imperator Rex did a very informative piece about the family, which encompassed all that I found in relation to Cohen’s connection to prominent Lobbying Proxies to Russia/Ukraine. Rex did an amazing job of piecing all the research together! Click here.

You can also watch @x22report , as Dave broke down Rex’s article very nicely.

6:56 mark X22 report.

For Shusterman, being such a prominent wealthy businessman, there's barely an internet footprint of him, like the information was scrubbed. No old Newspaper articles. Every MSM article seems to recycle the same tired info. There are huge connections between the Ukraine Lobbyists like Paul Manafort, and Tony Podesta. All, including Cohen were referred to New York for investigation of lobbying as unregistered foreign agents by Muellers Special Council.

These are the Qurious series of happenings from the whole Cohen Saga.

Between 2002-2005 Fima Shusterman acquired 3 apartments in Trump World Tower in New York. Fima and his wife lived there until they sold all 3 condo’s in June 2018. Remember this date. On April 7, 2018 there was a fire in Trump Towers in NY on the 50th floor.

Q posted information about the fire, in Q Post 1115.

What was strange about the fire? Michael Cohen. While the fire was burning, he texted his friend Dennis Shields who lives on the 42nd floor and told him to get out. Shields reported, “if it weren’t for Cohen, I’d still be in that building.”

How is it even possible Mr. Shields had “no idea there was a fire” until Cohen texted him? There were no fire sprinklers, fire alarms? Didn’t the fire alarms go off? Smelled like Sulfur?

Cohen’s Law Office, home and apartment at Trump Towers was raided Roger Stone style on April 9/18, 2 days after the fire.

QAnon Posted about the FBI Raid of Cohen’s home and offices. Q Post #1287

President Trump had strong feelings on the FBI raid on a lawyers office which holds sensitive Attorney Client privileged information. The interesting part-President Trump is NOT Cohen’s only client.

What other Attorney-Client Priveleged information was siezed in the raid? Surely Mr. Cohen had MANY other clients, as well as lobbying information on his premise NOT related to President Trump.

President Trump weighed in on NY AG Schneiderman on Twitter.

Why would Cohen be so closely associated with the swamp creature Schneiderman?

My FAVORITE part of the Michael Cohen saga, was his involvement with Tom Arnold and alleged "tapes" that Cohen had on President Trump.

Tom Arnold tweeted “I love New York” with a selfie of him and Michael Cohen on June 21/18.

Later that same evening, Tom Arnold appeared on CNN with Poppy Harlow. (This is my favorite)

This is a must watch.

Then Michael Cohen tweeted the following:

We are truly watching the greatest movie ever produced, a la carte with comedy gold!

Now, in an even more bizarre twist, Lanny Davis, DNC fixer began representing Cohen. The SAME Lanny Davis that was Harvey Weinstein’s legal advisor. The same Lanny Davis described as the crisis management spin doctor and close personal friend of the Clintons. How did Cohen obtain this legal representation?

Lanny Davis was the same Attorney that defended Donna Brazile about leaking CNN questions to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

Very questionable. If this investigation and Cohen’s “wrong-doing” had anything to do with implicating President Trump, why the crooked Clinton Cartel entourage? President Trump weighed in.

Michael Cohen was spotted after just being released from hospital for a supposed scheduled shoulder surgery. Only he had a left black eye, his arm in a sling and hands and knuckles very red. Did his handlers really just send him a message? Seems to be part of the black eye club!

With all the lies, spins, “fixing,” nothing is as it seems! President Trump knows ALL of the Deep State, and Cabal’s dirty little secrets. ENJOY THE SHOW!

We are witnessing the destruction of the Old Guard in real time!

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