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The Real Scandal behind the We Charity Debacle-NGO's

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

For those unfamiliar with the "We Scandal", this is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s third ethics investigation.  Trudeau had his feet held to the fire, after granting the We Charity a $912 million student grant program that would have seen the organization receive up to $43.5 million. We Charity was provided with 33 million dollars up front for the government grant, that has not been returned to date. It was also not disclosed that Mr. Trudeau’s mother, brother and wife had received payment at speaking engagements, as well as all-expense paid trips on behalf of WE.  

Finance Minister Bill Morneau is also under ethics investigation for his questionable travel funded by the We Charity. Mr. Morneau issued an apology, and was forced to pay back $41,366.00 in outstanding expenses. The organization covered two family trips in 2017. Morneau’s 2 daughter also have ties to the We Organization, one as a speaker, one as an employee.  Mr. Morneau stated he had every intention of paying for the trips in question, while We Charity stated that “from time to time, on a complimentary basis the organization has invited donors, and potential big donors to see it’s work first hand.

Bill Morneau’s wife has made $100,000.00 in donations to the We Charity in recent years. The WE organization has been struggling financially through the COVID 19 pandemic.

NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations) have become a massive power structure among the Globalist Elite World Wide, and are provided with preferential treatment for government grants, and funding with very little checks and balances. The NGO’s fund public programs, but a bulk of the money donated do not always reach the programs they were intended for.  We’ve been witnessing this for quite some time, and Canada’s loose charity laws have driven many Global Charities North as a way of "washing" earnings, foreign political donations and agendas. The United States has alot more public transparency in relation to the NGO’s, however they have also learned to use “Shell companies,” or LLC’s to play the shell game with their donations.  We were introduced to corrupt NGO’s after the Clinton Foundation fiasco in Haiti in 2010. The Clinton Foundation is not the only NGO that “pays to play.”  

We Charity has been struggling financially in the midst of the COVID19 Pandemic.

In the midst of this, there is now another crisis that's emerged which they struggle to maintain it’s “reputation” after Corporate Partners are beginning to pull support.

There are some independent news sites asking tough questions. Instead of being completely transparent, and explaining the information found, We Charity is doubling down and suing the online news outlet CanadaLand for Libel. For too long, large corporate organizations have gotten away without being asked tough questions, because they have the spending power to simply sue. It’s clear corporations, and government have become way too large, and We the People have no voice and are being penalized for asking tough questions.

To be clear, not all NGO’s are being used for nefarious activity.  Not all people who work for NGO’s are even aware of what those in power are engaged in. I’m sure there are thousands of individual’s who work for charity's to actually help those less fortunate and think they are helping for the greater good. That's what makes the weaponization of Charity's so heartbreaking. These injustices are being perpetrated by high level players including George Soros, The Clinton’s, Bronfman's and many other famous Hollywood Elite.  

A very disturbing picture of NGO's has been emerging regarding business ties with NXIVM, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and others involved in these sex trafficking operations. I hope this will lead to more disclosure and accountability.

The WE Charity started as the organization “Free the Children.” To understand the depth of what is happening, it's necessary to follow the money. A massive web of Foundations and Philanthropy all tie together through Globalist activities. The We Charity is no exception.

I’ve written an article about the “Free the Children” Charity and the Kielburger brother’s rise to fame with assistance from Prime Minister Jean Chretien, who was groomed by PM Pierre Elliot Trudeau.  The Charity also rose to fame with the assistance of Oprah Winfrey, and Oprah's Angel Network Charity.  They partnered in the early days with many Hollywood Elite, and the Clinton Foundation early, and the Royal Family.  

What is not being scrutinized, is the NGO's that were closely associated with convicted pedophile Peter Daglish who worked with the United Nations, as well as many other prominent NGO’s like Free the Children.  

Daglish is appealing the charges brought against him. Daglish worked with the UN Habitat in Afghanistan and the UN in Liberia. It should be noted, Alexandre Trudeau spent a significant amount of time in Liberia creating a documentary, at the same time as Daglish spent time there, and Bill Clinton was visiting Liberia paving the way for their work in Africa. In fact, one of Dalglish's lawyers is B.C. based Dennis Edney, who co-represented former Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Khadr. Khadr was awarded 10 million dollars by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

While digging into the “Free the Children’ and We Organization, I came across some ties to Royal Family Foundations.  One in particular called “The Prince’s Trust” which operates in Canada, and is run by Prince Charles.  

It should be noted, although Canada was given “Political Independence” in 1982, Canada is still very much owned and controlled by the Royal Family. The Royal Family owns 92% of all Canadian Land, and our Prime Minister reports to the Royal Family on all decisions made. This is hardly the Independence promised to Canadians. The ten provinces of Canada each have a separate Parliament and administration, with a Lieutenant-Governor representing The Queen, appointed by the Governor-General in Council, at the head of the executive. There is a legislative assembly in each of the three territories. The territories do not have a Lieutenant Governor but, rather, a Commissioner. The Commissioners are not the direct representatives of The Queen. But our Governor General, and Prime Minister are direct representatives of the Royal Family. The Queen has residence at Rideau Hall in Ottawa, quarters shared by the Governor General. The illusion of Independence.

Is it coincidental there were 5 countries given “Independence” from the Monarchy? Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. All FVEY countries. In light of what's been revealed about #ObamaGate, this should worry everybody no matter what your political leanings.   

The Prince's Trust is a charity in the United Kingdom founded in 1976 by Charles, Prince of Wales to help vulnerable young people get their lives on track. It supports 11 to 30-year-olds who are unemployed and those struggling at school and at risk of exclusion. Many of the young people helped by The Trust are in or leaving care, facing issues such as homelessness or mental health problems, or have been in trouble with the law. The Chief Executive of the Prince's Trust Group (covering the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States and International) is Martina Milburn from the BBC joined the organisation in 2004.  Her current husband Keith works for the Crown Prosecution Service.

The Princes Trust is notable, as are all Royal Family Foundations especially since Prince Andrew has been tied into the Epstein/Maxwell scandal. Prince Charles, is also not free from scandal. His best friend and confidant Jimmy Savile was also a known sexual predator, who committed atrocities including necrophilia.

It would seem the Royal’s have associated themselves with some individuals of ill repute and are not appreciating the criticism. They do NOT like being questioned about any of their foundations, or otherwise.  Prince Harry and Prince William’s charities have been under scrutiny in the UK due to a questionable transfer of funds between both brother’s charities. Charity watch group Republic discovered the transfer.  Prince Harry’s lawyers have responded.  “Harry’s legal team will formally write to anti-monarchy group Republic to contest its claims.  In a strongly worded statement, the duke’s lawyers said his charity work was "his life's focus" and Republic's allegations were "deeply offensive".

It went on to say: "The duke has not, nor has he ever, had any personal financial interest in his charitable work." After all, it’s simply preposterous the Royal Family would be involved in anything nefarious.  

I wonder if Prince Andrew would care to comment?

The Prince’s Trust appoints “celebrity ambassadors” who help raise awareness of the work that is done by The Prince's Trust in young people's lives, much like We Charity. Celebrity ambassadors also involve themselves by visiting the young people during courses and programs, host and help fundraising events and additionally start and support campaigns for the Prince's Trust.

Current Celebrity Ambassadors in the UK include: Phil CollinsPhillip SchofieldGary LinekerJeremy IronsTom HardyRita OraGeri HalliwellBenedict CumberbatchIdris ElbaGemma Arterton and Sharon Osbourne.  Idris Elba, was involved in the “We Charity” event with Sophie Trudeau.  Following the charity event, Sophie Trudeau came home to Canada to announce she had tested positive for Coronavirus.  Idris Elba also tested positive, and alluded to having caught it from Sophie.  

Prince Charles celebrated his big Gala evening via big screen in Canada.

Charity’s have attempted to gain public trust by enlisting Hollywood Elite, and other famous personalities like Sir Richard Branson, who has been entrenched in the NXIVM scandal, owns an Island close in proximity to Little St. James, and has ties with Ghislaine Maxwell. After many of these revelations, trust is at an all time low with Philanthropists and celebrities.

I discovered the Prince's Trust, when I discovered Marc Kielburger was on the Board of Director’s.

Also on the Board of Director's with the Prince’s Trust is Malik Talib, President of the Aga Khan Council for Canada.  The very same foundation that paid for a family vacation for the Trudeau Family and raised the first Ethics concern. Also on the Board of Directors for the Princes Trust is the Honorable Hilary M Weston, the 26th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Order of Canada Recipient, and in addition to being connected to the Royals, is the Director at the Aga Khan Museum.

The We Charity celebrated the Princes Trust awards for 2018, and presented the award winner's with honors at We Day.  

Why am I drawing attention to The Princes Trust?

Corporate partners of the Prince's Trust include Boeing, Canadian MSM, and large Canadian Banks. All recipients or giver's of large corporate bailouts by the Federal Government, all associated with The Prince's Trust. Coincidence?

Peter and Camilla Dalglish were Patrons of the Princes Trust. Not to be confused with Peter Dalglish, arrested in Nepal of Sexually Assaulting 2 boys from Nepal. Camilla Dalglish is a Weston.

In fact, Prince Harry has also provided donations to the Free the Children organization.  

Prince Harry was also a speaker at We Day in Toronto 2017.

The Canadian Government seems to also enjoy giving large sums of tax payer dollars to all of these foundations. This past grant from the Canadian Federal Government was not the first time the Federal Government has given preferential treatment to the We Charity. It is the first time they’ve ever been questioned.

Free the Children was also a partner organization with Peter Dalglish’ charity Street Kids International.  The same charity that partnered with "Save the Children" who also seems to have an issue with Pedophilia.

What I’m finding incredibly disturbing as more individuals being implicated in sex trafficking, drug running and organ harvesting in places like Haiti, Africa, India and China, the more we are discovering all of these organizations are connected to scandals.

Questions need to be asked.

Free the Children, had quite a big role in Haiti, along with the Clinton Foundation and Oprah.  Free The Children, Adopt-A-Village Education Program.

Free the Children has also received grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this one in the amount of $200,000.00. This should come as no surprise.

In fact, more Liberal Connections to We Charity continue to pile up.

Here is Craig Kielburger with the Dahli Llama, who has been scrutinized due to his involvement in the cult NXIVM.  The Dahli Llama was also paid $1 million dollars to speak at a NXIVM event.

To begin to understand the depth of the Globalist Power structure, and all they’ve done to ensure a Globalist New World Order, we need to understand how they've infiltrated all financial and power structure’s that exist within Canada. Corporations, banking systems, and these NGO's which fund Globalist agenda's, have all been infiltrated. These NGO's are running the world, and yet are not elected officials. NGO's are driving elected officials and program's in countries around the world with little to no oversight. Given these organization's ties with prolific pedophiles, and sex trafficking organizations like NXIVM, Epstein and Maxwell these NGO’s need to be further scrutinized.  

The CEO of We Charity is Victor Li. Before joining WE, Li worked at a number of companies including one of the largest steel companies in China. "With his leadership, WE built the financial resources and processes that allowed WE Charity to grow." His family has had great wealth and influence in Canada for decades.


For instance, it would appear many Canadian's caught in these scandals have been become “Order of Canada Recipients.” These are all Order of Canada Recipients with very questionable activities and ethics. And yes, I am adding Royal Family to this list, due to their links to Jimmy Savile, Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

Samual Bronfman-December 22, 1967

Pierre Trudeau June 24, 1985 recipient

Charles Bronfman-Order of Canada Recipient April 30, 1992

Brian Mulroney May 6, 1998 Architect of the NWO with best friend George HW Bush

Queen Elizabeth-The Queen Mother August 1, 2000

Aga Khan lV recipient October 29, 2004

Jean Chrétien May 3, 2007 20th Prime Minister of Canada, created Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation with 125 million Canadian Tax Payer Dollars.

Leo Kolber-2007, he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada

Connected to the Bronfman family, taught Canadian Politicians and prominent philanthropic families to divert their funds into offshore accounts.

Marc Kielburger April 11, 2008 Currently serves on the advisory board of the Leaders' Debates Commission.

Craig Kielburger April 11, 2008 Currently serves on the advisory board of the Leaders' Debates Commission.

Peter Munk-October 23, 2008 Haiti Scandal, Uranium 1 Scandal, friends ranged from Brian Mulroney Prince Charles to the arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and French billionaire Bernard Arnault

Peter Dalglish- Order of Canada awarded in 2016

Charles, Prince of Wales May 11, 2017

Roxanne Joyal, Marc Kielburger’s wife, and CEO of Me to We also received the Order of Canada in May 2017.

Raymond Chretien- December 27, 2019 Jean Chretien's nephew, named Special Envoy to the U.N. for the Great Lakes and Central Africa.

Justin Trudeau denied under oath that he has a “friendship” or outside relationship with the Kielburger brothers, however in 2012, they were among the first to donate to Justin Trudeau’s election campaign, along with Stephen Bronfman.  Very telling.

Craig and Marc Kielberg serve on the advisory board of the Leader’s Debate Commission. Considering their donations to PM Trudeau to finance his run as Prime Minister, and Government Grants received for programs, this is a massive conflict of interest. They are clearly "friends" despite the PM's statements indicating otherwise.  

Indeed, it’s been questioned about whether “We” has become a cult, there is that much fervor among youth. As expected, it is a large part of the indoctrination process in Canada as it teaches our young and has for years social justice and socialist indoctrination.

This is just the beginning of this scandal, and much more investigative journalism needs to be done, to expose further corruption that may exist. It seems the $200.00 fine issued to Canadian Politicians who break ethics laws is clearly not enough!

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