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The Waukesha Christmas Parade Killer

On Sunday evening, November 21, 2021 a man intentionally plowed an SUV into a crowd at a holiday parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It was reported on Monday that 5 people were killed at the parade, all ranging in age from 52-81. More than 40 others, including at least 18 children, were hurt in the rampage, some of which was captured on video by bystanders.

Disturbing images emerged immediately on social media, of a red SUV ploughing right through a Christmas Parade, where children and families were gathered watching. The Police reported just prior to the incident the suspect was involved in a domestic disturbance and left that scene before officers arrived.

Just prior to the incident at the parade, all eyes were on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in Kenosha Wisconsin, who was accused of killing 2 and wounding another during the BLM riots in the summer of 2020. He was provided with a not guilty verdict across the board by the jury after a year long saga where Mr. Rittenhouse was accused by the far left wing media of being a white supremacist, instead of a concerned member of the community who fought in self-defense when attacked by 3 felons, one with a firearm.

As many waited to learn the identity of the Christmas Parade Killer, there was speculation about whether this incident was perpetrated in retaliation for the Rittenhouse verdict. After all, just prior to the incident, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Ever called up approximately 500 National Guard in preparation for the Rittenhouse Verdict and the possible riots that may ensue.

After an exorbitant amount of time, social media was the first to identify the individual police had in custody, identified as Darrell Edward Brooks, I was the first to report his sexual offender status.

Luckily, another Twitter user located a video of Math Boi Fly trying to explain the Sex Offender Charges.

It didn't take long before social media and google erased all of his digital imprint. It turned out, they were not quick enough, as Darrell Brooks you tube account identified him as rapper "Math Boi Fly" who seemed to be an extremist rapper who hated white people, and Donald Trump. He was casually rapping in front of the same SUV that was used as a weapon at the Parade.

The suspect was on bail facing charges at the time of the incident for just days earlier trying to run over his girl. According to the Milwaukee County district attorney's office, the suspect posted a $1,000 cash bail on November 11 after authorities say a woman told police he ran her over at a gas station the week before. From what could be viewed on social media until of course Google and You Tube memory holed all of his info, speculation about Brooks being a member of Black Lives Matter began instantly-and rightly so given the Rittenhouse verdict days before.

It would appear that speculation may be fact, according to Darrell Brooks facebook page. He was a supporter at the very least. I have so many questions in relation to this odd event, like who was paying his bail, why was the bail set so low, and why was a criminal with a violent criminal history just posted bail? During the George Floyd riots, far left celebrities and politicians were posting bail for "protestors."

As you can imagine, the minute the perpetrators identity was revealed, far left wing media began reporting the massacre was intentional, but not domestic terrorism. If there was ever an example of domestic terrorism, this would be it. It dropped very quickly out of the news cycle.

Black Lives Matter Militant Group in Milwaukee already says Waukesha Christmas parade attack may be start of 'revolution.' In a Yahoo article, a Milwaukee BLM Activist stated, "I don’t know. Now we’ll have to wait and see because they do have somebody in custody. We may have to wait and see what they say about why this happened," Vaun Mayes said on Facebook Live on Monday. "But it sounds possible that the revolution has started in Wisconsin. It started with this Christmas parade."

Mayes is a well-known activist in Milwaukee. He describes himself as a "Battle rapper, Community activist, Songwriter, Tattoo artist, Militant," in his Twitter bio, which is accompanied by various hashtags, including "#BlackLivesMatter," "#BlackLoveMatters" and "#RBG."

The police still haven't released a motive for the terror attack.

A ring video has been released of Darrel Brooks immediately following the attach. In the video he can be seen asking the resident if he can borrow a phone, as he had ordered an Uber to the address and it had not arrived. The resident claims to have not known Brooks, however he can also be heard speaking about his ID, which police found in the red SUV.

The resident told NBC News that he invited Brooks inside, gave him a jacket, made him a sandwich and let him use his phone. Who called the Uber for him following the attack? What happened to his ID, and why is he asking this resident for it? Why did he make him a sandwich? All VERY strange!!!

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