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Travis Scott and the Satanic Sacrifice

The Astroworld Festival tragedy — in which eight concertgoers died after being injured during Travis Scott's Houston show — is currently under investigation and multiple lawsuits have been filed.

This played out at NRG Park at about 9:30 p.m. on Friday November 5, 2021, the first of a two-day event in Houston, as a large crowd pushed toward the front of the stage for a reason that is still unknown. It's one of the deadliest crowd-control disasters in the United States. As information is unfolding, there are many questions in relation to the Astroworld Festival-that are downright creepy. His stage set up was an upside down cross which appears to enter the gates of hell.

Footage has emerged from that day, including pictures of the stage setup, and entrance depicting gate workers purposely tripping the concertgoers running into the event.

Travis Scott founded the Astroworld Festival in 2018, so it would appear this tragedy belongs to Travis Scott, who has said he didn't understand the severity of the situation, continued to perform despite cries of desperation from the crowd to stop. While people reportedly screamed, "Stop the show!" he commented on what he saw — “There’s an ambulance in the crowd. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Y'all know what you came to do" — he went on to perform for more than 30 minutes. After a weird apology issued on twitter, more questionable information began to emerge.

Not only did Scott keep the party rolling, it was discovered on November 9, 2021 that despite the tragedy, he stopped by Dave & Buster’s after his set came down, invited by special guest Drake, TMZ reported.

The Satanic Symbology in relation to this event cannot be ignored. Travis Scott is married to Kylie Jenner, part of the Kardashian Family. To kick off this Satanic Ritual, which was what the Astroworld Tragedy was, the iconic day of November 5, is the Kardashian mom Kris Jenner celebrated her 66th Birthday. Kris celebrated her 66th birthday on November 5, the same night as the ‘Astroworld’ tragedy.

Khloe Kardashian wrote, “Every single day I hope you realize how much you matter to us all. How much we cherish and respect you! How lost we would be without you in our lives. You are the belle of the ball! The queen of hearts! The life of every party! The gate keeper! Secret holder! My heartbeat! My teacher! My inspiration! My Queen! You are all that matters to us! You are the queen of dragons! The moon to my stars!"

The queen of hearts-nice reference to Alice in Wonderland. The gate keeper, secret holder-is that a normal sentiment? Queen of dragons, and moon to my stars? Bizarre! It makes sense if you are part of the cabal who belongs to the Church of Satan. Social media apps are working overtime to suppress anybody claiming this event was a satanic ritual. If that is not true, why work overtime to ban any video's providing clear evidence this was the case? Why would Forbes feel the need to write an article titled "No, the Astroworld Tragedy Was Not a Satanic Ritual."

In that same article, Forbes admits this...but no, definitely NOT satanic.

So, Forbes, why on earth would Travis Scott use Satanic Symbology if he is not Satanic? Why would his album AstroWorld feature a gold effigy of Scott on the cover? What does gold symbolize to the Cabal? The fact is, there is satanic symbology all over Travis Scott's albums, performances and more. People can see with their own eyes, and judge for themselves. Perhaps, if they didn't use Satanic Symbolism, ironically I don't believe people would be accusing Travis Scott of enacting a Satanic Sacrifice. It was in fact clearly a Satanic Ritual, live streamed for unwitting people to participate in. Gold has been used in rituals since the beginning of time, very important in Free Masonry, Occult Symbolism, Alchemy and the performance of rituals.

The George Floyd shooting was another Satanic Sacrifice and the world watched as George Floyd was transported around the country making multiple stops, in a solid gold coffin. Not only that, but he was memorialized in New York with a Gold Statue of Floyd, Breanna Taylor and John Lewis.

Why is this important? Because those who believe in occult magick tell you exactly who they are, and show you what they do to amass power, wealth and rewards in the afterlife. You may not believe in occult ritual magic, but the point is they do.

And Travis Scott was no exception. The cover of his album "Astroworld" shows a giant gold effigy of Scott, as children and families walk into his mouth to complete the ritual of them being offered to Moloch as a sacrifice. The concert itself was filled with dark imagery, which many described as dark, and the feeling of walking into the gates of hell.

One only needs to visit Travis Scott's Twitter account to see how mentally disturbed he is. One of the most disturbing posts shows a young man seemingly unconscious at Scott’s sold-out 2015 show at Manhattan’s Webster Hall.

“TO THE KID THAT DIDNT SURVIVE THE RODEO. UR A HERO IN MU BOOK,” Scott captioned the photo that is still on his page.

The image was posted the day after his show with Young Thug at the East Village venue. Just before it, he also posted a video of the crowd reacting to him playing his song “Quintana in NYC.”

At the AstroWorld Event, several people in the crowd (and at least one security guard) were “pricked” by a needle. Not only did these people get injected with an unknown drug, but these assaults prompted panic in the crowd which lead to people fainting and getting trampled. There were multiple cardiac arrests, people trampled including a 10 year old boy and at least 8 died.

As if this isn't creepy enough, Astroworld staff were told in the event plan to refer to possible dead fans as "Smurfs." Why smurfs? Is this due to turning blue by suffocation, or from a cardiac event? So many things are so bizarre about this event!

One of Travis Scott's music video's Butterfly Effect, is rife with Monarch Butterfly symbology, which is used during CIA MK Ultra experimentation.

It seems many performers are quite "normal" prior to marrying into the Kardashian family. That is when things seem to get "weird" for them. We saw this with Kanye West after his marriage to Kim Kardashian, and his very public breakdown from MK Ultra programming in 2018. He is not the only famous person to experience a full mental breakdown in front of the public, which resulted in him being admitted due to a "mental health breakdown." In 2016, Kanye was again, and forcibly taken to hospital after revealing that Jay Z is the illuminati. Preposterous right? Here is a photo of JayZ with Marina Abramovic, made famous for Spirit Cooking.

It seems once an individual becomes Kardashian, they are immersed in Satanic Symbolism. Her is a photo of Kylee Jenner, Travis Scott's partner:

Totally not satanic. Can you hear my sarcasm?

I'm certain more will be revealed in the months to come regarding AstroWorld. Travis Scott can't escape the lawsuits being filed against him, he currently has $750 million dollars in lawsuits filed in relation to the tragedy.

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