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Trudeau and Canada's Chinese Connections

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been under increased scrutiny about his ties to China in recent days. He's been very soft on holding China to account on many important issue's, including trade, the Corona Virus, and on negotiating the release of 2 Canadian prisoners being held in China. There's a reason Mr. Trudeau continue's to cave to China's will-China owns Trudeau.

China has infiltrated Canada over decades, possibly going back as far as Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau who was considered a "great friend" to China. In fact, Pierre Trudeau's first visit to China pre-dated his role as Prime Minister. He went to China as early as 1949.

As we're discovering, Canada is not the only country Western Country China has infiltrated. Thanks to Hunter Biden's Laptop, we're discovering just how much control China has over those in positions of power in the West. The prospect that many politicians in Canada are likely compromised through blackmail is starting to come together, thanks to Hunter Biden.

Justin Trudeau was elected into office on November 4, 2015. Barack Hussein Obama was the President of the United States at the time, and the two had a "bromance" according to the Press who gushed over both at nauseum.

Trudeau also had a close "friendship" with Hillary Clinton, who has extensive ties to Canada through the Clinton Foundation, Frank Guistra, Peter Munk, and the We Foundation just to name a few.

Obama and Trudeau first "officially" met for the first time following Trudeau’s election at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in the Philippines November 2015.

Interestingly, Trudeau attended a state dinner in Washington DC March 9, 2016. What were they celebrating? Also in attendance at the State Dinner-Mike Myers, Sandra Oh, and other Hollywood types. Was Joe Biden and Hunter in attendance? There are no photo's of the Biden's at this event.

A picture was just released of Hunter Biden, and Barack Obama in the Oval Office.

Note the date April 4, 2016. Less then a month after the State Dinner-backroom deals?

According to, Joe Biden was the real commander in the Whitehouse, during 2008-2016, not Barack Obama.

"During his time as Vice President, Joe Biden (along with his family members) brokered a 1 Billion dollar comprehensive deal between Whitehouse and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), with includes US selling out CIA agents in China to the CCP, and Obama looking the other way when CCP militarizing the South China Sea, and many others.

Much of the $1 billion paid by CCP goes to bank accounts controlled by Biden’s family members, with only a small portion of it actually goes to Obama."

This picture is taken from a video recorded by a hidden surveillance camera in the Oval Office, secretly installed under Joe Biden’s order. Barack Obama wasn’t even aware of the hidden camera, let alone the existence of the video."

On May 10, 2016, China's navy launched annual war drills in the South China Sea with one of its most advanced warships. The exercises include simulations for breaking an enemy blockade and reconnaissance drills with submarine forces. The same day, China scrambled two fighter jets, and 3 warships as the USS William P Lawrence sailed within 12 miles of Fiery Cross Reef. By May 13, Chinese Foreign Ministry said more than 40 countries support China's stance on the South China Sea Dispute. On May 17, 2016 two Shenyang J-11 fighter jets intercepted a US Navy E-P3 military reconnaissance aircraft flying in international airspace over the South China Sea. By May 26, Obama was calling for a peaceful settlement of the dispute in the South China Sea.

Perhaps, a deal was cut after Trudeau's little fundraising party with his Chinese Billionaire friends. It was on May 19, 2016 that Justin Trudeau attended a cash for access private fundraiser with Chinese Billionaires in Toronto, which brought up one of the first of many ethics violations, that have been following this Prime Minister since he was elected.

In attendance was wealthy Chinese businessman Zhang Bin who, with a partner, donated $1-million to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation weeks after the fundraiser. Mr. Zhang is a political adviser to the Chinese government in Beijing and a senior apparatchik in the network of Chinese state promotional activities around the world. The host of the fundraiser was Chinese Business Chamber of Commerce chair Benson Wong. Also in attendance was Shenglin Xian Founder of the Wealth One Bank of Canada along with 32 others.

I wonder what Trudeau promised....and who got their cut?

On November 7, 2016, Trudeau attended another cash for access event in Vancouver which drew more backlash when Prime Minister Trudeau's photo ran in a publication in Wenzhou, China. An obvious trophy shot for the CCP. They have no respect for Canada-at all.

“The fact that the photos appeared in the [Wenzhou Metropolis Daily] in China suggests that the people who participated in that activity must have been tasked by the Chinese state to try and promote the Chinese position with influential people in Canada. In this case, our Prime Minister.”

It would be difficult to forget Justin Trudeau's roommate, and lifelong friend from Vancouver Charles Ingvaldson. He was a teacher with Justin at West Point Grey Academy. They were roommates, and became lifelong friends. Ingvaldson was charged with importing or distributing child pornography. At the time he was charged, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested 11 members of the ring in three countries, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

What else is significant about both Justin and Ingvaldson's connection to West Point Grey Academy? The Founders of West Point Grey Academy are 4 partners from China. Dr. Peter Wong co-founded the school, and was also awarded the Order of BC. Peter Wong has been involved with a range of significant community organizations, including the Vancouver Police Board and the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver. Dr. Wong was also present at the questionable cash for access fundraiser Trudeau has been questioned about. Are we starting to see the 40,000 FT view?

Meanwhile, on November 8, 2016 the US Election took place. To the Deep State's surprise, Candidate Elect Donald Trump won. Panic set in, and spread like wildfire. President Trump is a true political outsider, and the Deep State knew that.

It was not long after the election, on December 9, 2016 that PM Justin Trudeau held a state dinner in Joe Biden's honor. During Biden's trip to Ottawa he urged Trudeau to "take up Barack Obama’s progressive torch on the world stage."

Biden stated at the dinner, “The progress is going to be made but it’s going to take men like you Mr. Prime Minister, who understand it has to fit within the context of a liberal economic order, a liberal international order, where there’s basic rules of the road, “Vive le Canada, because we need you very, very badly.” How badly, is what I want to know?

It was at that point Canada became the new defacto Globalist Base for the Obama/Biden/Clinton Administration to circumvent the Trump Administration and keep their shadow government running and funded. Understand, Canada has been used to launder money through Foundations, in the name of Philanthropy for decades. By this time, the Steele Dossier was in play, and was weaponized against President Trump, including spying through FVEYS with Canada's assistance. Guess who else was in attendance at the Biden Ottawa Dinner? These two sell-out's, and "great friends of China."

On February 11, 2018 Prime Minister Trudeau made an impromptu trip to California. He was filmed with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. What I found interesting-the photo's were taken in the Santa Monica Mountains National Park Range, in close proximity to Hunter Biden's stomping grounds, and where many of the photo's from his laptop were taken. Sure, it's a great tourist spot, but I can't help but wonder who else Trudeau visited. Nancy Pelosi? Diane Feinstein, also owned by China?

While in California, Trudeau also met privately with Gov. Jerry Brown and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom in San Francisco to discuss "economic, healthcare and environmental issues."

The day prior to meeting Newsom and Brown, the Prime Minister lobbied Silicon Valley tech companies to invest more in Canada.

Now an odd occurrence happened while Trudeau was prancing around California.

He spoke one evening at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. When Trudeau was leaving the venue , a California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer accompanying his motorcade was injured in a crash after Trudeau left the library.

The officer suffered a broken clavicle after being taken to hospital, but it makes me wonder if there wasn't something more to this incident.

The following week, Trudeau took his entire family on the nationally embarrassing trip to India that costed the Canadian Taxpayer 1.66 million dollars.

Another incident of interest occurred shortly after Trudeau's visit to California-Keith Raniere was arrested in March 2018. Perhaps Mr. Trudeau was trying to hide his ties to the NXIVM organization and his childhood friends, the Bronfmans. What other "business" could he possibly have as the leader of a country in California?

Trudeau has strong ties to the Democrat Party in the United States. In fact, he had assistance from David Axelrod to prep for his 2019 Election run. Trudeau's relationship with Obama's Democrat Party goes way back-and even solicited as far back as 2012 for his campaigning strategies. How is this legal?

In fact, Trudeau was advised by Jen O'Malley Dillon who spoke at the Liberal Party convention in 2014. She was hired as a consultant for the 2015 Trudeau Election. Fast forward to March 2020, and Jen O'Malley Dillon has been hired to run Joe Biden's 2020 campaign.

"O'Malley Dillon spoke often with Katie Telford, now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's chief of staff, as the Liberal Party modernized its voter-outreach operations. Several members of Trudeau's entourage, speaking in interviews, recalled her appearance at a three-day strategy session in Ottawa in mid-2015 where she grilled senior staff about their campaign plans.

She told Liberals that one single organizer can shift 1,000 votes by assembling a grassroots team — she said local volunteers are more trusted, not only when they knock on doors but also when they post on social media." The Democratic Party influence and close relationship with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be heavily scrutinized, especially considering the corruption being revealed within the Democrat Party. It's being stated there are 1000's of incriminating blackmail photo's and video's that exist on Hunter Biden's laptop including compromat of Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

If this is so, what else are we going to discover on Hunter Biden's laptop? I feel it's only a matter of time before the dots are connected, and Canadian Leaders are implicated.

When Trudeau failed negotiations with China for the release of two Canadians being held prisoner, Brian Mulroney suggested Trudeau should send Jean Chretien to China to negotiate for the release of the prisoners. Brian Mulroney stated, "The government should enlist a former prime minister to lead a high-powered delegation to China to win the release of two imprisoned Canadians — but not him."

"What they might want to do is take a look at sending over someone like Jean Chrétien, who has a lot of respect of the Chinese," What he didn't say was that delegation should include Jean Chretien's son-in-law André Desmarais, the deputy chairman and co-CEO of Montreal's Power Corporation. Desmarais is also the honorary chairman of the Canada-China Business Council." Owned. All past Prime Ministers have been heavily involved in Montreal's Power Corporation that appears to have been compromised by the Chinese. This infiltration has been decades in the making.

When Joe Biden announced his run for President of the United States, the Canadian Press absolutely gushed over Biden, in the same manor they did with Trudeau and Obama's "Bromance." According to the Star "Officially, Justin Trudeau doesn’t have any favorites in the U.S. Democratic race, but it’s a safe bet that the prime minister would be delighted if Joe Biden ended up as that party’s candidate for president." I'm sure he would. Vive le Canada!

The Biden Campaign even used Compromised Trudeau and other Globalist Leaders in an attack ad against President Trump.

Blatant favoritism, not unlike when Obama endorsed Prime Minister Trudeau during the last election. Truly nauseating.

When the Corona Virus was unleashed on the World, Trudeau's incompetence started off very early in the Pandemic. It didn't take long for his soft stance on China to become even more apparent. In addition to sending Canada's reserve of PPE equipment to China, creating a shortage for Canada when the virus hit home, his refusal to shut down flights coming from China was scary in my opinion. His refusal to turn away "irregular migrants" was also infuriating when discovered he didn't close down Roxham Road.

As if the We Scandal hasn't been enough to remove him as Prime Minister, the York Regional Police busted an alleged high-end illegal gambling operation being run out of a mansion involving armed guards and human trafficking. The owner Wei Wei who was charged, had met Prime Minister Trudeau on two occasions back in 2016. Wei Wei is connected to high-level Canadian political circles advocating for Chinese interests, as well as the CCP. The bust was dubbed "Project End Game" by York Police. Dozens were charged in the bust with millions in property seized. I find the timing of this bust interesting considering what's being revealed about the Biden's and their connections to China.

MP Candace Bergen is beginning to demand answers of Prime Minister Trudeau about whether he is compromised due to his ties to the Communist Chinese. Canadian's need to know. Who is going to hold China accountable for the China Virus? Certainly not this Prime Minister!

I'm sure as more is released from the Biden Laptop, more connections to Canada will be made.

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