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Twitter Has Permanently Suspended President Donald J Trump's Account-The Second American Revolution.

Social media has made the outrageous decision to permanently suspend the account of the President of the United States. Not the leader of Iran, who still maintains a platform. Not members of ISIS, nor Vladimir Putin. The President of the United States.

This is Technocratic Tyranny. They have become brazen and drunk with power. This is information warfare, and a modern day book burning.

In addition to permanently suspending the account of the President of the United States, they have also taken the liberty of deleting hundreds of thousands of Conservative twitter accounts, and Trump supporters. Social media will now be Socialist, a Liberal echo chamber. No dissenting voices. Welcome to China.

Many have taken to the Conservative platform Parler, however Apple announced today an ultimatum to implement a full moderation plan of its platform within the next 24 hours or face expulsion from the App store.

I believe no matter what your political affiliation, violence should never be tolerated. I understand a horrible incident happened at the Capital yesterday, and those involved should be held to account. Twitter took the liberty of deleting this video of President Trump calling for peace, and for his followers to disperse and go home. Will Joe Biden and other lawmakers be held to the same standard while Antifa and BLM burnt whole cities, and government building to the ground all summer?

That is not what this is. This is the last stage of the Coup by the deep state to take President Donald J Trump out of office. This is political persecution from Silicon Valley. Corporations have taken the place of, and control government. No matter what your political viewpoint, this should disturb everybody. Apparently, being a Trump supporter has just become a crime. Let that sink in-80 million people are being demonized and labeled for daring to like, and support the President of the United States.

Twitter just made the shot heard around the World. What they did, was silence 80 million Americans in one push of a button.

For those of you cheering this decision, just remember. The day is here..tyranny has taken arrived. Welcome to the Second American Revolution.

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