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US Attorney General Bill Barr Sends Message to Alaska, the Cabal Playground

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Article written on June 2, 2019

On May 30, 2019, US Attorney Bill Barr made an impromptu visit to Alaska. Alaska, which borders Canada's north has been for decades an important State for the Cabal, due to it's proximity to the Arctic and it's ports. Chinese corporations have purchased significant companies in Alaska, which is a resource rich state.

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska-the one and the same Senator who was bullied during the Kavanaugh hearings by Senator Feinstein, who had a Chinese Spy in her employ for 20 years, brought AG Barr on a little tour of her state.

"Attorney General Barr visits Alaska to discuss public safety and law enforcement." During the trip, the Attorney General participated in an Alaska Native Justice Roundtable in Anchorage; and met with Alaska Native youth and elders in Galena, Alaska.”

The Attorney General traveled by boat with Senator Lisa Murkowski to visit the remote village of Napaskiak. I don’t believe she had a choice.

If you don't follow Bruno Barking on twitter, you should! Amazing resource on Cabal Symbolism @bruno062418 did an AMAZING thread on AG Barr’s visit to Alaska, the symbolism, and human trafficking component which is spot on!

It was clear Murkowski was one Senator that still being controlled by the Deep State. Her state-Alaska-is a Cabal, Deep State playground, with it’s isolated location, proximity to Russia, and the North Pole. Also home to very highly classified Projects among other things.

In addition to AG Barr’s visit, further attention has been paid to Alaska this past month. On President Trumps visit to Japan, he made a stop to refuel in Alaska.

The Governor's office says Gov. Mike Dunleavy also met with the president onboard the plane. Dunleavy and the president talked at JBER "on a number of Alaska focused priorities, including resource development, streamlining regulations directed at growing Alaska's economy."

“The President made no prepared remarks, but said he loved Alaska, and mentioned the soon-to-come F-35 fighter jets.” Nice!

Couldn’t have come at a better time, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated in a speech in Finland for the Arctic Council meeting on May 6, 2019 due to the threat China poses in the Arctic. #TrustKansas

Coincidentally, Sen. Lisa Murkowski was also in Finland for the Arctic Council meeting. She subsequently attended another Arctic conference, held in Shanghai which downplayed the significance. 

Besides being a very resource rich State, Alaska is known for many things. Of interest, as it relates to human trafficking, Alaska has approximately 2000 people go missing each year.

Since 1988, 60,700 people have been reported missing in Alaska. That’s five people reported missing every year per 1000 residents. Each year, an average of 2,250 people disappear in Alaska, twice the national average.

In fact, so many just disappear into thin air, including aircraft. Alaska has been compared to the Bermuda Triangle.

There’s an area where planes disappear/crash and people go missing, never to be found again.

In a state with just over 670,000 residents, that figure averages out to about four in every 1,000 people. It is interesting to point out that Alaska has so many Ports to Import/Export goods. Seems excessive. Here is the map. Compare to the “Bermuda Triangle.”

While the rough terrain can be accounted for some of the disappearances, most of those exploring/adventurers are found. That accounts for a very small percentage.

19) In addition to the missing people in Alaska, it is home to HAARP, conveniently located right in the Bermuda Triangle Coincidence?

This picture says it all. Symbolism will be their downfall.

It appears the Whitehats are taking care of business in Alaska. Nowhere to run, Nowhere to hide. NO DEALS-the Honey Badger’s coming for you!

He’s making his promise on law and order, and sending more money to assist with funding for victims of crime, as well as to assist fund the police.  

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