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Wheels Up!

QAnon Dig-Completed July 13, 2019

I’ve been researching into the company “Wheels Up.” I’ve found some VERY disturbing people, photo’s and links under different hashtags, and people commenting. LOADS of references to FIJI water. Many links/video’s posted have been deleted...FULL SCALE PANIC! Q Post #3423

There’s a Fiji Water Bottle in almost every photo found-and lots of dogs in the pictures. The Cabal sure loves their dog comms! Canadian Businessman David Gilmour owns FIJI water. David Gilmour is the owner of Wakaya Island, for MANY years, and sold most of Wakaya Island to Clare and Sara Bronfman.

David Gilmour is definitely a part of the Cabal Elite, and nefarious dealings. Here’s his impressive resume and business connections-note Peter Munk, and Barrick Gold.

Seems Wheels Up LOVES Fiji Water. I’ll be posting a couple disturbing shots. If you are sensitive to these things, please do not continue. Understand, kids are currency to them.

In addition to using the Wheels Up hashtag, this one was also using the hashtag “the psychiatrist”. She had many you tube videos with deleted links.

Sadly, I did find one that was still active. I didn’t play it, because this is just nasty.

There’s alot of disturbed people that use this service.

Then I found some that broke my heart, as we know what these sick pedo's are up to.

This is also a very disturbing photo, another follower of Wheel's Up. Please don’t look if you are sensitive to grossness. The sick f’ that tweeted this lives in FIJI. Had several broken links, but had this photo.

It’s super disturbing, which is why I cropped it, but there is a man’s refection I can see?

Some celebrities found under the hashtag include Billy Bush from the Access Hollywood Tape, Kareem Abdul Jabar, and Tiger Woods.

They also have a “special” red plane. Red shoes anybody? The symbolism.

These people are sick beyond imagination. I’ll keep digging. Sadly, the Wheel's Up Passenger List Manifesto's are not available for view to the public. I would imagine a FOIA request would need to be filed. And when there's a scandal, why is this man always associated? Of course Bill Clinton is disembarking one of their planes!

One interesting post I found that wouldn’t display the photo was over Mt.Raniere. Ramtha cult anyone? 

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