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Winnipeg Woman Sentenced for Purchasing Chemical Weapon from the Dark Web.

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

A Winnipeg woman was sentenced in Fargo, North Dakota for attempting to obtain a chemical weapon, and PPE equipment to enable her to handle the substance. She was caught purchasing the substance from the Dark Web in an undercover FBI sting. Her name is Sijie Liu.

The court documents state that between Feb 15, 2019, and March 5, 2019, Liu contacted an undercover FBI employee on the “Dark Web.” She then proceeded to cross the border into North Dakota to pick up the package from a PO Box. She told the Agent at the US Border she was “shopping for the day.”

According to plainclothes officers inside the business, Liu used a fake name, Julie Chen when identifying herself. The affidavit said she picked up six packages for Julie Chen and one for a “friend” Sijie Liu. The special agent said Liu was arrested upon her exit with a small flatbed loaded with the packages and transported to Homeland Security. Liu works for Boeing, as an Industrial Engineer and Project Manager. She received her Masters Degree of Science from the University of Manitoba in 2008.

When arrested, Sijie Lui gave a false name when questioned by FBI agents, stating her name was Julie Chen. Julie Chen happens to be an Omics Data Scientist with the Level 4 National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg. Is this Sijie Liu’s sister, or relative?

Sijie Liu was arrested in March 2019. Chinese Scientist Dr. Xiangguo Qiu was walked out of the Winnipeg National Microbiology Lab in July 2019. Is this how the RCMP investigation was triggered? What were these chemical weapons going to be used for? Who was going to use them, and for what? Hopefully the days to come will provide us with more answer.

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