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Hunter and Red October

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

As more information is being revealed about the corruption Joe Biden has allegedly been involved in with China, Russia, Ukraine, Khazakstan and many other countries, I recall the first time President Trump visited China from November 8-10 2017.  

President Trump was the first foreign leader to have an official dinner in the palace of the Forbidden City since the founding of the People's Republic in 1949. 

This date is significant.  The Communist Party won the Civil War in China, on October 1, 1949 having been heavily influence by the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. The years following World War 2 shaped geopolitics in a way the world could never have imagined.

Beijing labeled President Trump and President Xi-Jinping's trip to the Forbidden City as a “state visit-plus”, a term it has not used for any foreign leader since the Communist Party took power in 1949.

The Forbidden City is considered to be among the most important architectural and cultural monuments inside China. Designed to reflect the majesty of the emperor, the vast walled complex consists of over 90 palaces and courtyards of varying significance.

The Forbidden City and it’s Palaces were once known as the 'palace of blood and tears'. 

Very interesting to hear what Steve Bannon has to say, about the blood money the Biden Family stole:

President Trumps invitation to the Forbidden City was more significant than can be imagined.  They also took tea in the Bao Yun Lou, or Hall of Embodied Treasures, a Western-style imperial building erected in 1915 to store treasures from other imperial residences outside Beijing.  

Renmin University international relations professor Jin Canrong said, “having tea in the building could send a strong signal to the US government that cooperation instead of antagonism is needed between the two countries." I wonder what type of cooperation was negotiated?

The two couples later sat down for dinner in the Jianfu Palace, a structure that was destroyed in a fire in 1923 along with all of its treasures before rebuilding got under way in 1999 with the help of a Hong Kong-based cultural foundation.

The dinner also ran overtime. At the start of talks with Xi, President Trump stated the dinner was expected to last for about 25 minutes, but continued for much longer. “And I think it [had to have lasted] at least two hours and we enjoyed every minute of it.”

At a joint press conference with South Korea's MoonPresident Trump emphasized how important China was to the North Korea issue, saying Xi "has been very helpful."

"We'll find out how helpful soon," he said. "China's out trying very hard to solve the problem with North Korea. If we get China, if we get Russia...we think that things will happen and they could happen very quickly," Trump added.

At the very least, historic meetings with North Korea took place, causing peace in the region for the first time in decades.

Red October, as my favorite Anon has referred to in many posts, were thought by many to be related to Russia, and Tom Clancy’s novel “The Hunt for Red October.” The novel is set during the late Cold War era and involves a rogue Soviet naval captain who wishes to defect to the United States with his officers and the Soviet Navy's newest and most advanced nuclear missile submarine, a fictional improvement on the Soviet ICBM capable Typhoon-class submarine. A CIA analyst correctly deduces his motive and must prove his theory to the U.S. Navy before a violent confrontation between the Soviet and the American navies spirals out of control.

While Russia has played a very significant role, I believe there's a double meaning, and Red October actually refers to China.

In the beginning, the terminology The Hunt for Red October was used, while there was encounters with a Russian Sub. This has been touched on in a past Canuck News article.

"China has a small number of nuclear submarines at present, roughly a half-dozen attack subs and four ballistic missile submarines. While greatly outnumbered by those of the United States, China has plans to build many more nuclear-powered subs by 2030, including versions more modern than the Shang and Jin classes that are their current state of the art."

President Trump speaks alot about the depleted Military left by the Obama administration.  Depleted on purpose to weaken American defenses?

China has a Red October every year on October 1.  In 2019, China celebrated 70 years of CCP ruleCommunist societies such as China have a dual or parallel government structure. On one side is a normal government with a president, vice premier, cabinet ministers and other subordinate posts. 

On the other side is the CCP leadership consists of a General Secretary, Politburo Standing Committee, Politburo, and Central Committee.

The seven-member Politburo Standing Committee runs the CCP. The General Secretary is the single most powerful person in the leadership. The conventional government is controlled by the CCP, which holds the real power.  President Xi-Jingping has been a puppet for the Cabal.  There were 7 members Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Li Zhanshu, Wang Yang, Wang Huning, Zhao Leji, Han Zheng. It's interesting to note, other articles claim there are 25 members of the Politburo.

In an email released by Breitbart, it provided a list of numerous members of the Chinese Communist Party, some from the Politburo. "CEC’s leadership boasts numerous senior members of the Chinese Communist Party, including Wang Zhongyu (“vice chairman of the 10th CPPCC National Committee and deputy secretary of the Party group”), Ma Weihua (director of multiple Chinese Communist Party offices), and Jiang Xipei (member of the Chinese Communist Party and representative of the 16th National Congress), among others.

Indeed, the email boasted of CEC’s wealthy membership:

CEC’s current membership includes 50 preeminent figures such as: Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of the CEC, Legend Holdings and Lenovo Group; Wu Jinglian, Zhang Weiying, and Zhou Qiren, China’s esteemed economists; Wu Jianmin, respected diplomat; Long Yongtu, representative of China’s globalization; Wang Shi (Vanke); Ma Weihua (China Merchants Bank); Jack Ma (Alibaba Group); Guo Guangchang (Fosun Group); Wang Jianlin, (Wanda Group); Niu Gensheng (LAONIU Foundation); Li Shufu (Geely); Li Dongsheng (TCL Corporation); Feng Lu(Vantone) and etc."

The Cabal infiltration of China started in the 1800’s with the Rockefeller Family. In 1863, John D. Rockefeller sold his first kerosene to China, and presented his first gift to China missions. The Rockefeller Foundation entered China in early 20th century when the West was moving toward modern ideals of evidence-based medicine. This was in fact the date the Cabal began it's infiltration into China's Universities, and learning institutions. Sound familiar? The reverse is happening right now in the US and Canada. China has infiltrated our learning institutions. Same playbook.

Beginning in the early 1900s, Frederick Gates encouraged them to devote even more attention to that region. In 1908, five years before the Foundation was created, the Rockefellers funded a commission headed by Edward D. Burton, a University of Chicago professor of theology. He and other educators traveled to China to explore the potential for philanthropic work there. 

"In 1979, the Rockefeller Foundation came to China to reprise its historic roles, bringing resources to rebuild China's medical infrastructure and revitalize its life sciences, and to link China with global scientific networks." This is why all our medications were coming from China...and the Rockefeller's profit.

In fact, the Rothschild family also came to China in the 1830s, when it set up a small gold and silver trading business in Shanghai. In 1953, four years after the founding of New China, Rothschild was one of the first major Western banks to establish relations with the country.

Not only have the Rockefeller's and Rothschild families laid claim to China, the Royal Family has a keen interest in China, particularly Prince Andrew.

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, paid a state visit in October 1986, becoming the first British monarch to visit the country. Princess Margaret, the Queen's sister paid a visit in 1987. Prince Charles went to Hong Kong in 1997, but didn't come to the Chinese Mainland.

It wasn't until 2004 that Prince Andrew took an interest in China, and started visiting frequently. He visited in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2014 in his role as a trade envoy, and not a Royal. He was supposedly visiting to help build trade and economic links between the countries.

As more emails, and connections continue to be made, we are about to discover the web is all connected. Could it be Hunter's laptop that unravels the whole web?

With all of the Crimes Against Humanity that occur on a daily in China, we need to buckle up. There were very sinister things found on Hunter Biden's laptop. A person doesn't get that far in politics without a lot of blood on their hands. We are about to discover what it really means to be compromised.

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