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Nygard and his Quest for Immortality Amongst Sex Trafficking Allegations

Article written March 1, 2020

Peter Nygård is a Canadian clothing manufacturer and fashion executive, who’s accused of sexually assaulting 10 women at his Bahama’s mansion in what has been referred to as a “sex trafficking ring.

Peter Nygård is founder of Nygård International, a company based in Winnipeg.  Headquarters are in Toronto, and New York.  He was rated the 70th richest Canadian in 2009 with a net worth of $817 million. He has a sordid record as an employer.

In 1987, Nygård built a compound at Lyford Cay in the Bahamas. The Cay was inspired by the Mayan civilization’s architecture. He had massive Lion’s built on the property as he is a Leo, and I’m just guessing he thinks his hair looks like a Lion’s mane. 

Other notable Island compounds include Richard Branson (Necker Island), Jeffery Epstein (Little St. James), Aga Khan, Bill Gates (Bahama’s and Belize), Johnny Depp (Little halls Ponds Cay, Bahama's). Leo DiCaprio Blackadore Cay.

Nygard Cay was partly destroyed by fire on November 10, 2009.

Coincidentally, Richard Branson also had a fire that wiped out his Island Retreat at Necker Island in 2011. 

Nygard had a series of very strange disputes with his Island neighbor. Not so strange when you discover both men were paying off Politicians on both sides of the aisle in the Bahama’s. The Billionaire Battle in the Bahamas.

There’s more here then meets the eye, especially given both men are friends with the Aga Khan. Playing both sides of the Political Aisle for a win-win scenario?

The most obvious similarity to Epstein is the underaged models. Nygard also used the same recruitment “pyramid” scheme. Nygard would pay Bahamian(prostitutes)girls to recruit others.The more one recruited, the more they got paid. Nygard denies claims.

News outlets are even questioning whether Nygard Cay is another Lolita Island Part 2.

The other similarity is the company both Epstein and Nygard kept. In 2000, Andrew and Sarah Ferguson stayed at Nygard Cay with their daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie.

Others to visit Nygard Cay-George Bush Sr., Oprah, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Aga Khan, Prince Andrew, and many others.

I find George Bush Sr’s visit VERY interesting. Wherever Eugenics, Trans Humanism or the macabre is found, Bush Sr. seems to show up.

Like Epstein, Nygard had security cams everywhere, and kept a database. He was even called the Canadian Hugh Heffner of the Bahama’s by locals because everyone was recorded EVERYWHERE on his compound.

“Peter monitored everything with close circuit TV. Everyone could be watched. It didn’t matter who you were... a Hollywood star, a sporting icon or from the Royal Family, Peter could see and record their every move.

Whistleblowers that worked for Nygard in the Bahama’s came forward through the years with disturbing accounts of what was transpiring on Nygard Cay. Personal account from a whistleblower who worked at Nygard Cay:

There's no way to substantiate these claims as factual, but it does provide some insight into Nygard’s world. Especially when a video like this is leaked. Very disturbing.

The lawsuit alleges Nygard used yachts to transport drugs and liquor and kept a database with the names of 7,500 “potential victims” for decades. It makes one wonder if we may have discovered the same mystery owner of this yacht.

Nygard also had an obsession with immortality. He had a god complex, and was quoted during one of his rages as shouting: “I am God! Do you not understand!? This is my plane. I can do whatever the hell I want!” Nygard also owns 2 Boeing 727’s.

Nygard launched a biotech company and hired four scientists to do work on stem cell technology in the Bahama’s.

He boasted about his “personal transformation” He poured his money and his DNA into an effort to reproduce his own embryonic stem cells in a lab. He has been taking stem-cell injections four times a year.

“Nygard’s line of research, somatic-cell nuclear transfer, avoids concerns of embryonic stem-cell research as it doesn't require a pregnancy to harvest cells. The method remains illegal in much of the world, because it's considered a form of cloning.”

Like Epstein, Nygard, and Bill Gates, he was accepted into the Scientific Community as an “expert” with no experience. Nygard wrote laws on stem-cell research for the Government in the Bahama’s. The St. kitts Biomedical foundation invited him as a “scientific expert.”

As Epstein was obsessed about impregnating 400 women to spread his superior gene’s, Nygard was obsessed with remaining young forever.

Bahamas has one of the best gene pools in the world,” according to Nygard and based on the country’s per capita ratio no other nation has produced the number of Olympic athletes.”

Who REALLY believes Nygard was injecting himself with his own stem-cells? And where is he getting female eggs?

After all the research I’ve completed on both Epstein, Nygard and others, given their acceptance into the scientific community, I really believe they’re providing scientists with “human” test subjects.  This type of trafficking is the deeper level of depravity they don’t want us to find out about.   "The Men Who Want to Live Forever"

Look who else is funding anti-aging research-Bill Gates.

Epstein had served on the Advisory Board of the Lifeboat Foundation. I did a dig as it related to Epstein, in relation to his association with this foundation. Lifeboat is working hard at scrubbing their website. Nygard was also associated with the Lifeboat Foundation, but his information is scrubbed. The internet is forever Lifeboat, and Cryonics Institute!

Nygard was also featured and lauded for his stem-cell research advances. I found a Nygard connection on this page for Dr. Nuno R.B Martins, who is on the Lifeboat Donations Advisory Board.

Lifeboat Foundation has been very busy changing and scrubbing information. Same with Nygard’s connection to UNESCO and the United Nations. Luckily, the information still comes up in a search, just the link is curiously gone, as are the others.

I can safely predict we’re about to learn much more about Peter Nygard, his Island and passion for Trans Humanism and his quest for immortality. What is REALLY happening on these Islands and Compounds?

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