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The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial-Day 1

The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial began November 29, 2021. The opening statements were presented once Jury Selection was completed.

The opening statements revealed a lot about the direction the Defense and the Prosecution are going to go with the trial.

Maxwell’s defense attorney Bobbi Sternheim argued that her client is merely a "convenient stand-in" for the deceased Epstein, whom she cast as the true criminal. They argue that Ghislaine is on trial only because Epstein is deceased, and they need to convict somebody. She described Epstein as a pro manipulator, who manipulated Maxwell.

Bobbie Sternheim also sought to undermine the coming testimony of the alleged minor victims in the indictment, calling their stories "thin" and suggesting that the accusers had been influenced by lawyers, media and money. "False memories can be created," she said, and each accuser has "shaken the money tree" of Epstein’s estate. Sternheim attempted to paint Maxwell as a rich socialite, who is being taken advantage of due to her relationship with Epstein, all for money. The Defense opening statement was very weak. They are counting on the testimony of a "False memories" expert who has been allowed to take the stand and testify against the alleged victims. Loftus, a professor at the University of California has testified at hundreds of trials, including as a defense witness in real estate heir Robert Durst's murder trial and former movie producer Harvey Weinstein's trial on rape and sexual assault charges. Both were convicted. This tactic will serve as very weak. Instead of trying to produce evidence of Maxwell's innocence, they clearly have nothing except attacks on the alleged victims, making them appear to be liars. That's a lot of liars!

Meanwhile, the Prosecution presented a very powerful and damning opening statement. Multiple victims provided detailed, credible and corroborated information against Maxwell. The prosecutors accused Ghislaine Maxwell of grooming and sexually abusing teenage girls, alleging she ran "a pyramid scheme of abuse" with Jeffrey Epstein.

Pomerantz said Maxwell and Epstein targeted teenagers who were vulnerable, alleging they even looked up the backgrounds of their family members, and lured them in with promises of scholarships and shopping trips before Maxwell brought them to Epstein for sexual abuse. She said Maxwell used her identity as an adult woman to normalize sexual exploitation. "She used the same excuse over and over to get the girls to touch Epstein: 'massage,'" Pomerantz said. It was very powerful, including telling the horrific story of "Jane" a victim, who's real identity is being protected.

The first witness that was called in Day 1 of the trail was Epstein's personal pilot Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr., who was hired by Epstein in 1991. When asked about the relationship between the late pedophile and his longtime alleged madam, he described it as “more personal than business.”

“I wouldn’t even categorize it as romantic,” he said, noting it was more “couple-ish.” Visoski, who goes by the nickname “Larry,” said he never witnessed them kiss or hold hands. He testified that when he met Maxwell, she managed Epstein’s many households, including hiring staff and decorating his residences.

Visoski flew the now famous private jet, the “Lolita Express,” for over a quarter-century, reportedly shuttling high-profile figures including Prince Andrew, Kevin Spacey and former president Bill Clinton. His testimony will continue on Day 2 November 30/21. He described all of Epstein's properties.

It must be said, the Epstein enterprise, ran by Ghislaine Maxwell, had the exact same pyramid structure of abuse as the NXIVM organization. Both ran pyramid recruitment schemes to provide a steady stream of victims for Raniere, and Epstein.

What did we not see yesterday? Maxwell's "secret" husband Scott Borgersen, CEO and Founder of Cargo Metrics. He was mysteriously absent yesterday. Is he no longer married to Maxwell?

In the mainstream media, several people who have been accused of sexual abuse via the Epstein enterprise came out in support of Maxwell on Day 1, claiming she should have been afforded bail. Alan Dershowitz, the lawyer who defended Jeffrey Epstein in 2008, made this argument on Newsmax, defending the alleged Madam and prolific serial abuser. Geraldo made the same argument on "The Five" Fox News. Pay attention to those who scream the loudest-they are panicking!

Video of Alan Dershowitz rant can be found here on telegram:

Geraldo making his disgusting comments, defending Ghislaine Maxwell:

Of course, other media pundits tried to tie President Donald Trump to Epstein all day long, while ignoring the fact that Bill Clinton visited Epstein's Pedo Island 27 times. Times President Trump went to Epstein Island-zero.

You just can't make this stuff up!

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Dec 01, 2021

I actually was watching The FIVE when Geraldo was boastfully defending her. I was in shock! I’m glad that you brought light to it.

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