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The Maxwell Trial-Day 8 Unreleased Photo's Show Epstein and Maxwell at the Queen's Log Cabin

Never before seen photo's of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were recovered from hard drives and CD's at Epstein's New York townhouse when they were seized in an FBI raid. All of the photo's released seemed to portray Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell as a "loving couple."

It's a mighty big coincidence these photo's were released to the public, as the Prosecution is doing a good job of presenting evidence to show Maxwell and Epstein were in fact NOT a couple, but partners in crime. Of all the photo's seized by the FBI, I find it suspect these were the one's selected to release to the public. The FBI found boxes of CDs and nude photos of girls and women - including two who have accused the British socialite of serving them up to the disgraced financier when they were teenagers.

One disk was labelled Celina, AV Shoot 2. This is likely Celina, the Dubin's daughter, dated 08/12. You can't tell me these are all pure, wholesome photo's of children.

Yet, that is not what was released. These happy couple photo's are fake, phony. It has already been disclosed by multiple witnesses Epstein only liked women under the age of 18. When Carolyn hit 18 she realized she was too old for him. Epstein and Maxwell posed as a couple as part of their MOSSAD honeypot operation. It's as simple as that. Who took these photo's-and who are they trying to kid?

Agents also found a safe filled with more CDs, jewellery, hard-drives, loose diamonds, passports and a "large amount of US currency". Epstein and Maxwell were playing a role. They belong to intelligence, and the Court is currently running cover for them, which is incredibly disappointing. Prince Andrew has been name dropped by the victims many times throughout the trial. It is no coincidence very innocent pictures were released of Epstein and Maxwell taken at the Queen's woodland cabin in Glen Beg.

The public is already familiar with the photo of Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacey sitting on the Queen's throne. Who is with Maxwell and Epstein taking their picture during these "precious" moments?

In the photo's released yesterday, Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein are seen relaxing at the Queen’s log cabin on her Balmoral estate

The Queen has previously been photographed in the exact same spot having lunch with

her first cousin, Margaret Rhodes.

In this photo from The Telegraph, Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacey sit on thrones during a Buckingham Palace visit with former President Bill Clinton circa 2002.

It is unclear when the photograph was taken, although it has previously been reported that Maxwell and Epstein were personally hosted at Her Majesty’s Scottish property by Prince Andrew in 1999.

These photo's were absolutely laughable. Jeffrey only takes massages from women 18 and younger. Who's the other passenger that took these pictures?

Today, "Carolyn's" ex-boyfriend Shaun testified. He confirmed that his ex-girlfriend "Carolyn" worked for Jeffrey between the ages of 14 and 18.

Shaun testified he would often drive Carolyn and other underage female friends to Epstein's mansion. They would return with hundred dollar bills in hand.

Although Shawn said he never met Epstein or Maxwell, he further corroborated Carolyn's testimony earlier in the trial that she only called the latter by her last name, suggesting she "didn't have the reading ability" to say Ms Maxwell's first name, Ghislaine.

"She was a child," he said of his partner at the time. She "only had two jobs ever. She worked at Arby's [US fast food chain] and she worked for Jeffrey".

The court also heard from David Rodgers, a former long-time pilot for Epstein, who detailed trips from his log book under questioning from prosecutors.

Mr Rodgers said Ms Giuffre, one of Epstein's most vocal accusers, flew with him 32 times in the early 2000s, while another accuser Jane - who testified last week - was aboard at least four times.

Mr. Rodgers didn't contribute much to the discussion. He was well paid by Epstein and Maxwell to remain silent. He offered that most flights were between Epstein's different properties. Curious, as Epstein made many oversea's trips, as well as the Africa trip, where Bill Clinton rode with him in the Lolita Express.

All a cover-up, and a travesty for these victims. Even the passenger logs submitted to the Juror's today were all completely redacted. This trial is about protecting pedophiles, not bringing justice to the victims.

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