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Trudeau, and Singapore Billionaires

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

While researching my latest article Trudeau and Canada's Chinese Connections

something caught my interest. While doing a search for Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden I happened upon a restaurant Singapore. The review was from November 20, 2019. This piqued my curiosity.

PM Trudeau attended three days of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and East Asia summits.  Canada isn't a member of either group, but he decided to attend and lobby for a seat to try to be more of a regional player in Asia on security issues. He was also trying to butter up the attendee's for a trade agreement with the 10-country ASEAN bloc, because he had no success to date. According to the website, Trudeau attended the 33rd conference in Singapore that ran from November 13-15, 2018.

An article from November 13, 2018 supports this timeline. And of course, Trudeau took "personal time" to explore Singapore on the taxpayers dime. At the summit, he boasted about having "Singaporean Blood" hoping to making connections to agree to have countries like China agree to enter into a trade relationship with Canada.

Trudeau said his family history emerged when his mother took part in a television show that digs into family trees. He comes from a bloodline family, the Sinclair family. This story is bogus, they are all about their bloodlines. “It’s a story that, for me, doesn’t just highlight the connections between Canada and Singapore. I wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for multiculturalism and I think that’s something that binds Singapore and Canada together.” he said.

The Prime Minister joked about "how locals could call him cousin, and he referred to his high cheek bones and ability to tan dark." He also spoke about visiting the city with his father saying he had a proper appreciation of his family history. He claims to be a direct descendant of William Farquhar, who is one of the founders of Singapore, Trudeau told a gathering of business representatives on Tuesday.

He ended the trip with a visit to his anscestor's gravesite for a selfie. Which resulted in this hilarious "doctored" photo.

So, it appeared he was not in Singapore at the same time as Joe Biden, who went to Singapore in 2013 with his wife Jill Biden, and daughter Ashley. Joe Biden and his son-in-law Howard Krein who is a plastic surgeon, or otolaryngologist stopped at the Adam Road Hawker Centre for a cup of fresh lime juice.

What do both Justin, and Joe Biden have in common? Having visited the same Hawker Centre in Singapore. A Hawker Centre is an open-air complex and food court most commonly found in Singapore. It houses many stalls that sell a variety of local and other Asian cuisines. They are typically found throughout the city-state, located near public housing estates or transport hubs

In Singapore, Hawker Centers are a dime a dozen. I find it very odd that both visited the same Hawker Center when there are many to choose from. This location has not only been visited by these two world leaders, but also many famous people while taking their trip to Singapore.

Who else visited the Adam Road Hawker Centre? Anthony Bourdain.

Now, it's really not so strange I suppose for Anthony Bourdain to be eating at a Hawker Centre in Singapore. He was the host of Parts Unknown, after all. It is strange however that he was always seen in these Asian Countries, like in Hanoi, Vietnam with President Obama. When Anthony Bourdain died, Obama stated this in the following tweet:

What did Anthony Bourdain have to say about Prostitution in Singapore?

He's not the only famous chef to have visited the Adam Road Hawker Centre. "Ramsay’s also a big fan of local cuisine, even participating in a cook-off a few years ago against local hawkers. Unsurprisingly, he lost the competition because even Ramsay can’t recreate local dishes better than our homegrown hawkers. But with a net worth of $70 million, we doubt he’s shedding tears over the lost prize. If anything, he’s doing just fine, even making occasional visits to Singapore to indulge in our best hawker fare. All to visit a Hawker Centre?

Hugh Jackman

Who are some of the celebrities that moved to Singapore?

Eduardo Saverin, the 38 year old Brazilian Co-Founder of Facebook who has a $10.6 Billion Net Worth. He received his degree from Harvard University. Saverin is the lesser-known co-founder of Facebook and was Mark Zuckerberg's classmate in 2004. Saverin is probably most noted for renouncing his U.S. citizenship in 2012 before moving to Singapore. He is one of the youngest billionaires in the world and has invested heavily in the burgeoning tech industry in Asia. However, Saverin also launched a venture fund called B Capital, which invests in tech firms with a global approach.

Singapore is home to 44 Billionaires. It should come as no surprise that all profited immensely through the Corona Virus Pandemic. That's an incredibly large amount of wealth for a very tiny city.

Of interest, Li Xiting, cofounder and chairman of Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics, is a naturalized Singapore citizen. He holds an undergraduate degree from University of Science and Technology of China. A surge in demand for Shenzhen Mindray’s ventilators and other medical devices sent its Shenzhen-listed shares soaring amid the pandemic, gaining billions through the Pandemic.

In 1998 Jackie Chan emmigrated to Singapore, best recognised as a Hong Kong martial arts star, is also a director and producer. In 2010, together with his good friend singer-songwriter Emil Chau (a.k.a. Wakin Chau), he purchased four apartments worth over $10 million at Centennia Suites. He's also become Singapore's first Anti-Drug Celebrity.

New Zealand-born businessman, Richard Chandler’s net worth is estimated to be worth US $3 billion by Forbes magazine. He was the former CEO of the Sovereign group of companies, together with his brother, Christopher Chandler. In 2007, the brothers split their assets and Richard Chandler went on to create Orient Global, which was eventually renamed Chandler Corporation in 2013.

This one is VERY significant, and perhaps explains the draw to Singapore by celebrities and billionaires alike. Jim Rogers, who is a business partner of GEORGE SOROS. It seems there isn't one country in the world this man hasn't infiltrated.

Now, a bit about Singapore and why this is all pretty significant. Singapore is a City-State, meaning it's both a city and a country. The government owns most of Singapore, including the surrounding islands. The government also owns not only the Adams Road Hawker Centre, but all of them.

It's also a major Port Hub. The Port of Singapore holds the title of world's busiest container port because it handles the largest amount of total shipping tonnage. It also tranships a fifth of the world's shipping containers and half of the world's annual supply of crude oil.

According to the US Government's Trafficking in Person's Report, Singapore is a destination country for women and girls trafficked for the purpose of labor and commercial sexual exploitation. U.S. State Department's Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons placed the country in "Tier 2." A large percentage of persons and children trafficked are done through ports in shipping containers. It's an issue that's never been tackled, stating there's just too many containers to search as they come through the ports.

With everything coming to light, especially considering Hunter Biden's laptop and connection to China, I believe Singapore is about to come to light VERY soon. The puzzle pieces are coming together, and what a large puzzle it is!!!

With that, I will leave you with a video of my corrupt Prime Minister Trudeau while visiting the Adam Road Hawker Centre.

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Jun 22, 2022

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